United Airlines Trip Report – IAD – FRA – Economy Class – Full Flight

Welcome aboard this United Airlines 772 from Washington Dulles to Frankfurt International Airport. Get the entire trip from terminal, boarding, taxi, departure, inflight, landing and de-planing.


YoutubeAviation54 says:

Did you arrive at Z? I arrived at B once for some reason…

Christian Sandoval says:

Do the seats have pluga

Thomas Stevens says:


Avgeek Productions says:

Many adults complain about legroom but I’m only 12 so I always have a lot of legroom another cool thing about being a child like that time in American they gave me free headphones

Karla Airgela says:

+averflavour did they ask for your ticket and/or passport when you entered the plane…?

TennisKorra says:

Did you have to pay to watch the on demand TV? +averflavour

Jus Pro says:

Hey peeps just a q.i would like to know if the boeing 777-200 normal economy not plus have a tv screen infront of every seats?

YoutubeAviation54 says:

On this flight

Debra Nyame says:

Nice video

Flight Experiences says:

Nice video! I just did a trip report on UA804 from SIN to NRT. Hope you’ll check it out! The salad looked huge compared to mine btw haha. 🙂

Sarah McFarlane says:

“Caleb Tyler, STUUUP!”

Clone trooper Gamer says:

It’s worse than air canada

Marcus Enriquez says:

were you sitting in coach

Syandallae says:

What the fuck…. Emirates is way better…

Jus Pro says:

Does economy normal have the tv

Govind Kakkad says:

Was there free alcohol

Elia Bordin says:

Thanks for sharing the experience with us. If I can tell you, your video lacked of in-flight information such as how is the legroom, IFE, staff on board, and the most important thing for me: FOOD! Food is very interesting, always, and I would advice you to add more details about it and about the other things above mentioned. But thanks very much, I enjoyed the experience!

LetsJamFunk says:

what flight leaves the US in the daytime and arrives at FRA at night?

Neeyalyn Kamelo says:

Can u charge ur phone ?

BenG HD says:

Im going to San Francisco on the 25. have to wake up 5:30 in the morning, grr, but I will be in a 777, flight UA931. Im glad they have a tv screen for every seat

Diego Pizarro says:


BatMan says:

anyone know which seats are the window seats?

Dan Barker says:

Any tips to a guy that’s never flown international and doesn’t like to fly

Will Hurley says:

Was there food and drink whenever you wanted throughout the flight?

King Slayer says:

I don’t know why I love this airlines so much every time I travel I go on it

Sheamus Walsh says:

flying to frankfurt on the 11th of febuary I fly from indianapolis to Philadelphia from Philadelphia to frankfurt main on American airlines

Dan Crowe says:

Not smokey star buddy :’) water trail as result of engines from the ground 😉

Omead Nazamyar says:

Glad you enjoyed your flight

Cesar Mieses says:

I was on a United 777-200 this past August and was not impressed the least bit! United really needs to modernize the interior of their international aircraft if they wish to be competitive in the international market. The interior layout, features, and AVOD system in United’s 777/747 are extremely dated. :-/  

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