United Airlines B787-9 Dreamliner Polaris Business Class from Paris to San Francisco

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Compassionate_Traveller says:

I always spend time to admire the views out of the window. Where else can you get those kind of views

Ian Simpson says:

So because your first flight had a female captain you, now, always fly United, by the way the interior looks cheap and scruffy, the food looks boring and dull, the toilet like a charter flight. You’re not american by any chance??

gomphrena says:

I’ve scanned the comments and am a little disappointed with the spirit in which some of them were written. They put everything down from the menu offerings (they look great to me) to your captions messing up their video viewing experience (what?!)! With all due respect, you go to a lot of trouble to chronicle these for us. I love going “with” you, and seeing through the camera lens the same things you do. On a much grander scale, being able to afford to fly with such niceties is indeed a great blessing. People would do well to remember the vast majority of the world’s people do not know what and how they’ll be eating their next meal. These “airsnobs” need a reality check.

Ajaay Krishnamurthy says:

Your new camera quality is wonderful

homer3152 says:

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful trip report..5 stars! Great cam work (for me the stabilizer worked fine), very systematic and nice music arrangement (which is rare on such reports..would you mind sharing with me the piano link used at the beginning?). Soo much loved the first scene with the piano on this ICONIC people mover in CDG..wished the scene had been longer:) Product looked nice..though 2-2-2 is below par. Food looked good..wine list not convincing as usual on US carrieres..but at least they do have one now. I loved your informative comments and the outside views..specially over Greenland. I also observe that your window was kept open..so I assume they did not automatically close it like on most US carriers? So a clip on AA where they automatically dimmed it..I would never fly an airline which does this. Again..great video..and would love this piano peace some time myself, if you dont mind.

RJ Mac says:

Gosh I thought the new Polaris seat would be in a new bird such as a 789.  United has had a bad rap lately but I have experienced their Polaris product across the Atlantic and it is pretty good.  Also had a female captain from Zurich to IAD on a 764.

gppick says:

Do I check for turbulence? NO. Why, I’m not flying the plane andnothing you can do about it as a passenger. Looks like a UA ad gimmick.

gomphrena says:

I very much love the window seat – or else why fly? Anyone can watch movies at home, any time! I flew a lot before the advent of modern electronics, so the window (and well-worn in-flight magazines) were the only visual offerings. Still, I’m like a kid (at 61), pressing my nose against the glass while oohing and aahing to myself. Many times I secretly wished the pilot would announce landmarks, state lines, etc. That would have added to my delight! Where else can you see the world from several miles up? I would be so disappointed to fly above the clouds and kept watching for that “break.” Like you, I’m a wee bit uncomfortable over water, but it’s a necessary evil. I love your videos – they are very thorough, steady, and seamless. Thank you!

Ryan B says:

No I don’t look for scenery because it is only water Melbourne to lax or lax to Melbourne

Leviathan 7337 says:

Why are there less female pilots? Quite simply because females aren’t up to the job. Women are inferior in almost every way in comparison to men, hence why they require quotas and lower standards in order to be able to compete. Becoming an airline pilot is one of the few careers where a company cannot afford to risk lowering standards, as a result women tend to be less likely to be competent enough to qualify for the job.

Finlay Hedderman says:

Definitely notice new camera

Horacio Olivares says:

great video love it and thank you for posting it

Wojciech Dimmich says:

Earth is flat

Plane Sense says:

Your reports are great! However I feel like there are too many comments on the bottom, too many words, it takes your eyes off the video too much, but great content

Noel Santos says:

I’ve flown United times, once to London and back, to Hawaii and back and to LA and back…and all 3 flights are just ho hum, nothing to brag about service and the legroom is horrible compared to American Airlines or Delta. I kid you not…even the stewardess have an attitude. Asian airlines services are way way above United. Never again will I fly United.

Raging Heretic says:

Was this video taken before or after they punched you and dragged you off the plane?


I ALWAYS look outside the window. I will never understand people that spend a whole flight with the shade down. So much awesomeness down below! Beautiful views of Greenland and you are very lucky the crew didn’t blackout the windows because they can do it. Also, it’s a United poilicy to not film crew and passengers on board 🙁 I just wanted to let you know..

Sean Coleman says:

Terrific review and I’m impressed with United’s biz class product. I grew up in San Jose, went to college at Berkeley and lived for a time in San Francisco with my father. I especially enjoyed your coverage of the approach to San Francisco.

Troy Macgyver says:

Plenty of diversion places should you have trouble from SFO to Hawaii.

Tony Owen says:

Really liked your shots of Greenland. I was amazed at how far back the glaciers have retreated. There is one rather large rectangular looking field of glacial ice around time – 20:06. Impressive. I would agree with another previous comment – if you’re sitting by a window, the REAL show is outside, not on the flat screen in front of you. The physical world, when viewed from above is a fascinating place to behold.

Scotrail 170460 says:

I always look at all the outside scenery when flying- I flew to fuerteventura and back in july and on the return seeing lisbon at night is quite breathtaking.

zakelwe says:

Lovely video, thanks. Can I ask what you changed the LX15 to? They get good reviews so surprised the IS is not that good, definitely something you would need.

suthersan venugopalan says:


Chuck Luke says:

nice video just subbed

Finlay Hedderman says:

Great video

Tamir says:

Hey there! I wanted to say that I’m really starting to see a pattern in ur website… u create “top 10 list” for hotels, and ***EVERY*** time, for EVERY city u do, the top hotels are the hotels u visited… or in some places in paris (that u didn’t visit) it seems like u went mad. I mean u put the peninsula paris and shangri-la at first and second and Le bristol at seventh???? Crazy. Same with Hong Kong where u did the same… shanghai… etc. I can assure u that the park Hyatt Tokyo is NOT a third place, maybe eighth to nineth, Amani really is first place and again, andaz is no where near 2nd… u just put the hotels u got to experience in first places even tho it’s OBIOUS they aren’t! Or in paris where u haven’t tried (to my knowledge any of them and put them in TERRIBLE order which seemed to be based on pictures you saw rather than experience and u can trust me I fly 4-5 times a year to paris for work and stay at this hotels)

Vistamister says:

I enjoyed your video and comments very much. I enjoy taking in as much scenery as I can when seated at a window. With the full roll-out of Polaris, United will have stepped the business class experience up quite a bit. I flew business class once from LAX to SYD in the 1990’s in the upper deck of a B747-400. It was exhausting and uncomfortable by today’s standards and aircraft, but still a rare experience to be savored. Not everyone has the opportunity to do something like this which, when you think about it, is still quite remarkable.

Amtran727 says:

Very nice video, I really enjoyed it! Regarding your comment about being the only person to observe the fabulous views, I agree with you. What is wrong with people? It seems more and more on flights, people want to keep the window shades down. I feel like I want to see the world going on around me! my personal opinion is, in this increasingly tech, social media world we live in, some people want to be in their own world. But when you are on a long flight over fantastic scenery, you can still do that while opening your eyes and seeing the world around you!

Jorge Salini says:

A lot information don’t allow to enjoy the video. Anyway thanks from Buenos Aires Argentina

Andrew Feldman says:

This is not Polaris business class, just the standard 787 business setup. Polaris has only been installed on recently delivered 777-300ERs. The remainder of the United fleet will see staggered retrofits over the coming decade.

Phonse Gallito says:

Great video!!! Keep it going!!!

Salvator says:

thats amazing how an aircraft can fly that far. How much fuel does it hold if anyone knows?

Félix Maltchinski says:

United airlines have the 787-10 on order and they serve Paris from Houston.

gppick says:

AC has many female pilots. What a rude and discriminatory remark made my Leviathan! And yes I’m a MAN. Women can fly a plane just as well as a Male!

Dylan Pleban says:

How do you get that earth thing with the route when you start the video?

Vito John Amato says:

Enjoyed ✈️

Sandsculptor says:

In 1969 & 1970 I was in the US Army stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco. At 23:27 you can see the Presidio (Spanish word meaning Fort), it’s the big green area to the right of the Golden Gate Bridge. That area was the 6th Army Headquarters and I was in Army Aviation at the Crissy Airfield that was on the Bay, that sandy and grass area to the right of the GG Bridge. I lived on base housing in Marin County, so I drove across the GG Bridge twice a day for nearly 2 years. SF was a beautiful place at that time. The 6th Army moved to southern California and surrendered the Presidio to the state to be used as a State Park. I now live in Pennsylvania, retired.

Dream Skate says:

this flight report is gorgeous <3. I do love looking out my window when flying, I love to see and learn how the world looks from the sky. thank you I'm really enjoying your video!

jetcrazy777 says:

Noice reduction is amazing in this flight.

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