Hello guys, here is another trip report from Istanbul to Luxemburg . Complete overview of the cabin, the service of the flight TK 1353

Aircraft specs : A320-200, REG : TC-JPK Turkish Airlines, seat 8F, Economy Class.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this review.
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Camera : Canon 600D 18-55mm
Editing software : IMovie (I’m using Final Cut Pro X now)
Music : “Karmacoma” by Massive Attack – “Home” Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zero

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pepetti bonardo says:

best airline in the world

Airline Spotter says:

Massive attack – “Karmacoma” and “Home” – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Thanks for watching!

Fun Video says:

what kind of camera did you use on this video..??

MBM MBM says:


Ariel Tabilin says:

Very much enjoyed u’re video and lovely cuisine,,,

THYeiro says:

My kind of trip report: my favourite airline…two of my fave countries (LU and TR)…thanks!

dromedarisd says:

uuhh u eating this crap bah

sjuwhsbys1234 says:

airline spotter I’m want to ask you something when the plane take off in how minute ago they give meals ???

Félix Maltchinski says:

You welcome.

zainab hammoud says:

btw i always get the seat beside the wings

yunxiao liu says:

the music sucks

Omid Gola says:

I thought they used a321 on IST LUX routes. 

sjuwhsbys1234 says:

hey Airline Spotter are you like Airbus A320 or Boeing 737

zainab hammoud says:

i love this airport!!!!!

JackTed91 says:

Great flight and great video. I hope I could fly with TK one day.

loch70 says:

Nice video and a very nice landing. I like to fly boeing. Not so much Airbus. But SAS is going to buy some A350s (I usually fly with SAS.) . I think they look really nice and comfy for the passengers. 

stoika angelova says:

OK <3

Félix Maltchinski says:

I watched your other videos to it was nice to see it.

Airline Spotter says:

Thanks for your kind compliment. The Breakfast was very tasty. Look forward too for tour next video.

Airline Spotter says:

Thank you so much, stay tuned for my next report. Glad you enjoyed this video 😀

Luft Handsy says:

Great video! We love Turkish Airlines too! http://theleisureclassy.com/2015/07/18/they-dont-hate-you-thy-voml/

Misty Mutus says:

What happened to the video’s.  Turkish Airlines said that there no flights from my city’s airport.  I have pay for my Turkish Airlines and my Air Canada flights separate ly example from Windsor, Ontario YQG-YYZ and return have to be paid separately.

Tal says:

nice report!  i am from astana kz, so flying out more often than not involves flying with turkish airlines.  you got the better part of the deal there, for the most part their flights to central asia are cramped, not ventilated properly, and the service is atrocious.  but they are always the cheaper alternative

Airline Spotter says:

Thanks a lot!!

Midala40/ D and A's Food Review says:

nice video, simple. sucks the leg room was so bad. keep them coming

jiten patel says:

Thanks…best  video…jzpatelut..

Craig Simons says:

Very enjoyable video – “like”! Nice, fun views and minor details were shown. Your breakfast didn’t look very interesting, but perhaps it was tastier than it looked! Carry on the good work and look forward to your next upload!

Malik Aliyev says:

Yashasin Turk hava yollari

Airline Spotter says:

Haha! Thanks to you THYeiro 😛

Christian Zamroud says:

the a321 is better. ife in all classes

Karrmelovaa says:

So clapping in the end it’s not only the polish thing. 😀

Jay Rodriguez says:

Nice video! I was wondering, are the seats on the left hand side aligned with the seats on the right? I was hoping to select seat 7A so that the window is perfectly positioned but not sure if it will be, as TK seats are not symmetrical if you know what I mean?

Félix Maltchinski says:

I enjoyed the video.

Giray Akgül says:

Do you like İstanbul are you at the asia side?

Gregori Quirós Dos Reis says:

Vraiment super video comme d’hab 😀 je ne savais pas que TK et Luxair partager leur codes , enfin bref , j’espere voir plus de vos videos a destinations de LUX ou depuis LUX … Bonne continuation !!

Arda Ildız says:

Hey, What İs Your Camera

Darkray8000 says:

when you were getting off their was a song WHAT WAS IT CALLED? please tell me

CTgaming says:

Great video made me more comfortable about my flight in 2 weeks

Sarah Hamdani says:

Hey! im going on a trip this summer and I was wondering if i wuld have the mini entertainment tv thing.. im going for 13 hours… so yea!

Amina Delic says:

Im going to turkey from connecticut in about a week an a half, will i have wifi? 

Gregori Quirós Dos Reis says:

12:06 Vueling at Luxembourg 😀 Airbus Power !!

Jakovó Páizli says:

Çok Güzel !

Daniel says:

Take Off Take Off one after another

good night good luck says:

hey mate….u know what…thats nice u showed whole flight…but before…record a video about flight u should got permission from company….couse..its safety procedure….there are flight attendants etc…u cant share on youtube without permission….OK?u can ask the company before flight…if i record ur video anywhere and share ur pics or videos…without your permission…all web…what would you like to tell….

sosa hillz says:

going next month to mauritius economy turkish airlines! cant wait!

Suhail Shafi says:

The catering looks superbly presented. 

Ray Karaoz says:

All airbus planes seats are less comfortable than boeings..

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