Hey guys, here is my new trip report from Luxembourg to Istanbul. Complete overview of the cabin, the service of the flight TK 1354
Aircraft specs : A319-100 Turkish Airlines, seat 16A, Economy Class.
I’ll make an other trip report of the A320-200 Turkish Airlines in a few weeks.
Stay tuned for this trip report and for the Trip Report with Qatar Airways.
Big thanks to all of you!!!!!!

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this review.
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Camera : Canon 600D 18-55mm
Editing software : IMovie (I’m using Final Cut Pro X now)
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Yamin Ahmed says:

Hands down best airlines. food is great, airlines crew is excellent and service is awesome. 

Jonesmclaren says:

let’s say they gave you a seat you didn’t like.  could you have chosen another one(provided they where unoccupied).

David Billa says:

Better than shitty air india

Bulent Kara says:

Very poor video recording skills dude. You should improve.

nik_worldwide says:

I hate peopel, who are clapping after landing!

AviationMe says:

At first well done mate, it’s quite nice and different. How you could see the Atatürk Airport is pretty old and busy. I think the new airport will be awesome. If you’ll fly there again, enjoy it. This are the last years of this airport.

Malinda Rajapakse says:

Nice trip report! Turkish has certainly expanded over the years, saw a 773ER on finals at LHR this morning. Waiting to fly with them someday

olcay deniz says:

nobody know what they doing. couldnt speak English and so on

Airline Spotter says:

Yes it was my final destination. 😀

Amjad Bukhari says:

very nice >>> THANX A LOT .

Murat Yağmur says:

yes,A319 is an old aircraft and you flown with economy class…try new aircrafts of our fleet…there’s tv’s,digitalized seat tables includes movie selections,musics and etc…A319 aircraft we’re flying local fligths…

Flugzeug Dokus says:

I hate it that all A319 of Turkish Airlines have no IFE

Saam Golmoradi says:

I just bean in this flight

Murat Yağmur says:

by the way,smooth landing or smooth touch of gears depends on the talents of captains…:) so,A319 is hard touch landing aircraft…:)

Airline Spotter says:

Thanks THYeiro!!

Oliver Aoun says:

I love this video but next time if you fly with turkish airlines please put the registration of the aircraft but although the video was so good and nice

Suellen Pavez says:

Are Turkish cabin crew kind and lovely?

Brown Traveller says:

Hi, I feel like you keep saying Passport Control, the Custom. They are two different things dear. Did I get the right feelong?
In another video you said the same pass through customs and later you picked luggage, You pass through customs with your checked in luggage in hand. Similarly if there will be a custom check that would be before you check in and not after. After that you simply go to passport control. 🙂

Airline Spotter says:

I never fly air india, i can’t make un judgement… :/

Airline Spotter says:

Thanks to you Amjad!!! Stay tuned for my next report!

Saam Golmoradi says:

no I hate it

joshua noya says:

hi i need to know some thing ther

Dj Den Kot says:


Flight Mania says:

He said there are 4 exit but A319 has six exit 🙂 where are two gates dude?

Mert Mert says:

the people applause because the flight was without a problem

Félix Maltchinski says:

You finished in Istambull. Vous avez fini à Istambull.

Egyptian Doctor says:

Snowy Landing at Istanbul Atatürk Airport (Turkish Airlines cabin) 13 December 2013 (HD)

Herrmert says:

Can you do a Trip to Lux-SAW?

Leon Tsunehiro Yu-Tsu Tai says:

Nice video!!! I loved it. 

Velican Elden says:

Good landing not hard 🙂

Airline Spotter says:

So sorry Felix but I don’t know, but your probably right!! Thanks a lot for your compliment!!

Luke Martin says:

What airport ?

Airline Spotter says:

haha!!!! I can’t do anything this…

Dudley Curtis says:

Very nice show more of your country

Gbomba Sahi says:

j’aime bien cette compagnie

Airline Spotter says:

I’ld love it. thanks for your support. As you say it will be awesome!!

Mohiuddin Mohin says:


THYeiro says:

This is a very interesting trip report!

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