Here is the Turkish Airlines new Boeing 737-900ER new economy class flight review.

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Flight : TK1354 LUX – IST
Seat : 5F
Aircraft : Boeing 737-900ER
Airline : Turkish Airlines

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Camera : Canon 600D 18-135, Gopro Hero 3 Silver
Editing software : Final Cut Pro X
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Benny Kahumbura says:

thanks that was a relay good video

KhunPaulTravels says:

Great vdo. B739ER is new plane. Lucky you. Delicious foods. Great seat view and amazing sound from takeoff. B739ER is my fav plane ^__^

Rofi Teksound31 says:

Great flight report and Hey guys my second video of my flight report now is in youtube . You can click here ( https://youtu.be/NsTOUR0p_H8 ) . Dont forget to like and subscribe !

Andrew Anane says:

I love Turkish Airlines, and they always land smooth. Nice review man.

pround22 says:

Thanks. Very informative.

plutoamor says:

A.Spotter you do wonderful TRs..It really feels like we are the ones flying on those planes!You got lucky with the new 739ER!It’s the only narrowbody aircraft type i still haven’t flown with!I recently did my “virgin” first trip with THY to IST,with a A319, SKG-IST.Ours was a very short one, 55′..and 20′ holding pattern over Ataturk because of traffic..My seat was 5A but it was from a business class configuration so legroom was huge for economy..Still though THY has good legroom.Iberia,SAS are the worst.Keep up the good work mate!!we look forward to watching new videos from your flights.Thanx!! 🙂

Okan Firidin says:

The Bonus was absolutely great ! Now i miss my country more ;( 😀

The Kebab says:

This was economy class rihgt? that Tv remote thing u had was it jsut for ur seat?

Global Travels says:

I just love the aviation industry’s community. When a pilot lands, everyone starts to clap. What lovely support from the passengers and crew.

Andrea Slovakia says:

If you want nice flight you must buy the first class ticket….

Fatma Time says:

Is there in Arabic?

THYeiro says:

I like all of your flight reports, especially those of TK!

J A TAJIK says:

What’s that camera called the one which was attached to the window for recording?

ma ta says:

I think it is the best airlines, newest planes food is fantastic

MrUndertaker80 says:

Heyy…Very nice video….At the end of the video you see Marks Spencer..Bagdat Street…My home is near at that building 🙂 See you

Airlines Spotter says:

I am from Turkey. I flüt with Turkısh Airlines. Its good.

Jason Barnes says:

I love your trip report. Really excellent quality too. What cameras did you use?

Donna Doyle says:

Turkish Airlines can have all of the new planes that they want, that certainly will not make them a good airline.  With their poor to nonexistent customer service, the new planes are like putting a band aid over a large wound – it does absolutely no good.  I would rather walk than ever fly Turkish Airlines again!!!!  But, if you like to be totally ignored over issues which are very important to you, than Turkish Airlines should receive an award!!!

Dina Albadree says:

very nice vedio its agood airways

Suhail Shafi says:

The inflight product of Turkish Airlines looks just incredible, especially for such a short flight. The boats in Turkey look like aircraft from the inside and the city of Istanbul looks absolutely gorgeous. I pray for the day I will be able to visit this unique country.

Zeeshan Shakil says:

Nice Video. Very informative


i think turkish airline have the best safety video

Yousif Ahmed says:

Please reply! Was there anything like a USB port so you could charge your phone?

louol LP says:

I have a question: when was it? In summer???

3 Visions Studio says:

i love this! think i’ll take this plane to travel next time…

levent levo says:

woowww thanks for the great video , love it

Ling Fu says:

why were people clapping when it landed?

Anduena says:

What’s the song that they use on the plane when boarding

RPG Graal says:

Do all turkish planes have tv s? I’m flying from London to istanbul next week and could you tell me if all of them have tvs?

Ramesh : Falak - Al Comm. Est. says:

First time seeing Turkish Airlines, UNCLE! Really Excellent and Awesome… Also thanks for your Replay and I subscribed your channel… Nice Video.

Anas Moh says:

Very nice video 🙂 i like your channel Keep it up bro !!

uddi _ says:

This is a very nice video . Love it so much . Your videos are the best . Of course turkish is not the best or has no mistakes. But i am in love with turkish airlines . And of course turkish does mistakes or is not so perfect for everybody…. but just keep in mind : turkish airlines is Europe’s best airline for the 4th time for the last 4 years . So i think turkish is very good and i always love flying with turkish .

By the way . I agree with your comments in the video . Only 1 thing . The landing . It doesnt look like it is so hard but if you said it was not the best landing i agree of course . Just to keep in mind . Usually turkish pilots are very good . I alwayd had a perfect landing … i think it was really because of the wind . So thank you so much for this video liked it so much

Murat Can says:

Goog jop.. I liked that..fantastic.

Flugzeug Dokus says:

I love the 739 😀

Uh and ofcourse TK and their great service

walkin999 says:

PERFECT!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Elos fro says:

I will fly by thy too next week actually i flied before but the cabin crew unhelpfull hope next is not

Che Guevara says:

Great Video ! Subscribed!! 😀

Saradi108 says:

Thank you very much for your reports.

Bidjo777 says:

Very good video.Thank you! Turkish Airlines is the best! This is my flight with TK

Richardt Graakjær Bostrup Møller says:

Nice video report…..But dosn’t think the landing was bad.

SkyWaffleGames says:

Apart flr the go pro, what is the camera u use on this flight

ismail ibrahim says:

Nice turkish Airlines

Kuzey Doğuş says:

Turkish airlines is the best airline of eutope

Henry Steppel says:

nice video sequences! Very good! What Hotel was it in Istanbul?nice as well…………..Thank you for showing!

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