TRIPREPORT – PRIVATE JET EXPERIENCE! | Boutique Air | Pilatus PC-12 | Oakland, CA – Merced, CA



Airline: Boutique Air
Aircraft: Pilatus PC-12
Registration: N476SS
Seat: 2 Right
Flight Time: 0h 50min
From: Oakland International
To: Merced MacReady Field
Date: August 2017

Cameras used: Canon G7X Mark II
Additional equipment: Joby Bendipod

This video does not contain product placements. The airline was neither involved nor informed about the production of the Tripreport. The ticket fare was paid by ourselves.




Nate Medeiros says:

The PC12 is not a Jet it’s a turboprop.

Mauricio Bogo says:

Little Pilatus? compare with? a Cessna 152?

Shitij Sablania says:

Interesting fact: The entire PC – 12 aircraft is made in India at TATA Advanced Systems Limited. From building the fuselage to assembling it and finally taking off.

AAYAN The Gamer says:

I am biggest fan of you plzzzzz pin me first plzzz

Windows says:

Im from Asia and im going to America next year and im excited to see a 737 in person for the first time

Expoxsed says:

Was you with family members?

Peter R says:

you’re in oakland at 5am? brave boy

Docter Switzerland says:

Ride China Airlines!

agus agus says:

What a unique video you have

asd dsa says:

Well yes

Simple Maker says:

Even a Big Momma like dat Southwest Airlines, still awaits for this lil’ Boutique Air for Takeoff

How mesmerizing :3

Mathéo says:

Denny’s is sooooooo good !! I ate there some pancakes when I was on my way to San Fran from LA. Damn I wanted to make a U-TURN to grab more

Kenneth Alarcon says:

DAMN $40 don’t mind if I do!

The Hockey kid says:

Sits down YES I GOT A WINDO SEAT!!!!!

Michael Macco says:

Really cool video. One correction, however. Merced’s IATA code is “MCE” not “MCD”.


i can hear the gpws callouts at 9:45

Swiss39 says:

I remember being at the Albuquerque sunport and saw a separate area of the terminal for boutique air

EDXT Media says:

You need to fly with YourWays as well 🙂

RealisticFSX pilot says:

That’s better than a fucking a380

Willy Wonka Aviation says:

If I went on spirit I would call this plane and rig it for myself lol

SleepingWitheSirens says:

How can that thing Fly with only one Small Propeller ? I feel like i can make my own Jet too 🙂

Garuda 001 says:

U need 1mil subs m8 :DDDDD

macquah1 says:

Sooooo I have a couple questions. U mentioned in this video to get some boutique tickets for a day trip. Is that what U Do, just take a flight somewhere for the day or maybe a day or 2 then return home or do u fly so much because U have a job that requires you to travel so much?? Where/how do u find cheap tickets?? I really want to do what u do, fly here and there for a day or 2 just to have a ” mini” vacation if u will. Actually, for me it would be more about the flying than the destination as I absolutely LOVE flying/aviation. I live and breathe aviation and want SO BAD to do EXACTLY what u do and just take a flight here or there, BUT I can’t be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to do it so how or where can i do this and not have to take out a small loan to fly somewhere. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

CubasGD says:

Before I Was Watching This I Got An Ad From Embraer

Saadkhan Niazi says:

How is it a private jet?

Bartek Kurowski says:

Pozdrawiam Dawida z simply aviaton

AlexPlayzGames says:

Looks fun

Neo Android says:

Private *jet* experience

zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl says:

How would you describe the actual flight? I’m concerned about flying on these smaller planes.

Azfar Zaim says:

0:58 privat-jet?

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