TRIPREPORT | Gulf Air (Economy) | Dubai – Bahrain | Airbus A320

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Airline: Gulf Air
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Registration: A9-CAF
Seat: 18F
From: Dubai Intl.
To: Bahrain Intl.
Date: undisclosed

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Glimey Boy says:

Is it only me or is the intro a bit to fast this time ?

Lucille Medina says:

I thought the thumbnail is a Whole gold plane! LOL!
Like if that happened to you too.

Abhav Ola says:

It doesn’t go out of India

G D W I Z A D says:

Dubai terminal D feels always empty

Hassan Abdul Raheem says:

Please make a trip report on Saudi Arabian airlines and jet airways

Adde Labokas says:

Plz fly SAS

Umer90o7 says:

Guys Gulf Air is an okay airlines compared to the standerds of other airlines

AA — says:

I’ve been to Bahrain but not on gulf air I went on Lufthansa

Norrish Zackharry says:

Selamat petang ni.

Yaniss Atlas says:

Such a smooth landing, realy smooth

zeb aurang says:

I want to see pia business class

sarvesh sendhil kumar says:

I am liking to fly in gulf air

Shay Shoshani says:


Ene Ikohainen says:


Fidgetmidget 747 says:

Dubai int is beautiful ain’t it

I am a Minion says:

24th February is my Birthday Day! 🙂

Abhav Ola says:

It’s India

Captain Brae says:

I love love airplanes!! I like your trip reports.

sultan Alinak says:

Turkish Airlines

Mia Irmia says:


EB Vlogs says:

you make such good AirLine videos. And I’m excited cos I’m going to Australia on the Emirates and Qantas. Then after Australia I’m going to Thailand on the AirAsia, then I’m going to Dubai on the Emirates all in August and I’m gonna be so tired. So while I’m waiting I watch ur videos and also while I’m on the airplane I’m gonna watch ur videos

CIO CVM says:

like if any body saw spicejet

Abhav Ola says:

See the spice get

Joao vitor says:

naoeo a320 bir avião

송보경 says:

Alr b

Jena veluppillai says:

simply can you go a time with air transat i like that airline from amsterdam than plz 🙂

boombercross 125 says:

Beautiful video

Raj M says:

and also i live in bahrain

JKB says:

He was going on a Date… Hehe
Nice viceo 😀

Jay 12 says:

so nice

Sucheta Bhaumick says:


OverGlow 5 says:

I saw a philipine airlines and I was born in the philipines and I am know at the U.S.A

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