Top 10 Ultra Luxury Airlines and Jets Only The Richest People Fly In

Next time you fly, spare a thought for the richest millionaires flying in ultra luxury aircraft. The world of first class plane travel is certainly a decadent one. If you’re seriously loaded, you could get a private jet. Here’s our top 10 ultra luxury airlines and jets only the richest people fly in.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 ultra luxury airlines and jets only the richest people fly in! Air France – When you think of France, you think of style, elegance, that ‘je ne sais quoi.’ Travel on Air France’s ultra-exclusive La Premiere service, and you get more je ne sais quoi that you’ll know what to do with. Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong’s national airline, Cathay Pacific go for quality over quantity, which is why their First Class cabins only have 6 seats. Qatar Airways – Named ‘Best Airline In The World’ by aviation magazine Skytrax in 2015, Qatar Airways’ First Class service has a reputation for luxury, and some amazing designer freebies. Emirates – Skytrax’s ‘Best Airline In The World’ for 2016 was Emirates, taking Qatar Airways’ crown, and you can see why. While most other airlines give you a seat, with First Class on Emirates you get your own private cabin. It has its own flat bed, with vanity table and fully-loaded minibar.

Etihad – If you’ve ever wanted to travel in your own private plane cabin which is probably bigger than your house, then The Residence from Etihad Airways is the choice for you. Singapore Airlines – Singapore Airlines ‘Suites ’ class also offer travellers their own private space, with extra wide seat, big TV and more. But what if you’re travelling with your partner? Well, you can retract your privacy wall, and fold out your two seats to make a big double bed. Private Jets – Once you’ve decided even your own private apartment on an airline isn’t luxurious enough for you, it’s time to start looking at private jets. The Big Bunny – Probably the real-life equivalent of Austin Powers’ plane, The Big Bunny belonged to Playboy Founder, Hugh Hefner. Bought in the late 1960s, The Big Bunny was a modified DC-9. Boeing 747-430 owned by Sultan of Brunei – He’s worth $40 billion, so you won’t see the Sultan of Brunei flying economy class. Ever. Why would he need to anyway? He has this bad boy. Airbus A380 – The Airbus A380 is the largest and best-known commercial airliner in the world. It can hold around 850 passengers.


Lysia Walton says:

If my sisters were a few years older I would’ve got a free first class airplane ride

Rojina Kc says:

So much fun I love it

fortnite ! says:

i have a CJ 4 airplane

Lion2008 Omba says:

The qatar airways isnt good because it looks like it was made in 2013 mostly everything is destroyed inside it
Edit: just realized that he is talking about the first class seats

Demir Alic says:


Akarsh Kollu says:

Wait. I am not rich but I will fly on Etihad Airways tomorrow.

O&H Warren says:

I wish I could afford that!!

Julian Is The Best says:

1 year old today

musicalys tropical says:

My God I almost died at 3:34

Rizwan Khan says:


Daywith Salman says:


Ju ju says:

I’m gonna be honest… sound creepy, and btw if I had a jet and a fancy house I would let all the broke people ride and stay over……unless their stalkers or creeps

Wekiji i says:

Ho is on uae i never tried that

Adeloju Temitope Bamidele says:

I love to fly someday

Christopher Thorkon says:

$28,000 for a round trip. Shit. People dying from famine every day. But no, let’s let them starve…because spoiled rich assholes need their fucking first class seats.

charmander Plays says:

You can ride my jet for free…

Justin Carawan says:

Proof some people have too much money!

keith russell says:

TAP Portugal gave me a free upgrade in first class so if airlines have these hefty price tags then a free upgrades are great

Sportymorgs 2010 says:

I have a private jet

Syphax Aloun says:

I have been in the emirates plane – the cabinet was amazing

Anna Kalmár says:

cool air plane

jacob fischler says:

I own a private jet.


Fire and Water says:

Who else is like me flying first class

Katie Kabob says:

I agree, Emirates is probably one of the best airlines I’ve ever traveled on. I could make a single complaint about it, even though I was pretty broke after the airline. I would definitely recommend Emirates to anyone who needs luxury.

Brinda Krishnan says:

i in hong kong and is going in first class

AIN TUAH says:

Be amazed is the waiter in the thumbnail lol he will get rich luxury waiter

aashish kumar says:

even middle class people can afford in some cases,not only the RICH

Rojina Kc says:

We road Qatar airway

best moment times says:


חיים מימי says:

Great . Jussst great .
And i am trying to survive from god damn scratches.
Rich bitch .

Shashi Chatterjee says:

A swimming pool and seats that fold into bed’s

Rex CHEUNG says:

very proud to seeing that hong kong flag again, and “national airline” as well lol

Alfred Tam says:

I got in a cathay pacific but I did not know it was so luxurious (probably because I only ride the economie

Maya Malfoy says:

I’ve flew in Emirates but the ecomnomy…

Caroline Koh says:

I didn’t know this about Singapore Airlines even though I take it almost every year. Yes I’m a Singaporean

Sophia Abraham says:


Karmen Naser says:


Denise Leslie says:

I’ve been on airfrance

Eddy B says:

5:18 anyone see the smiley face on the top left?

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