Top 10 Best Premium Economy Classes on Airlines

Here is another video within the ‘series’ of top ten travel classes. Since both of my videos have proved to be popular, I have decided, yet again, to upload a premium economy version. Here are the airlines in order with their websites:

10 – Virgin Atlantic:

9 – British Airways:

8 – Cathay Pacific:

7 – Etihad:

6 – Air France:

5 – Japan Airlines:

4 – Qantas:

3 – ANA:

2 – Turkish Airlines:

1 – Air New Zealand:



Brian D Fitzgerald says:

Now a bit outdated – 2018

Reid K Hester says:

Air New Zealand no longer has the “space seats” in premium economy so you might want to re-evaluate your ranking.

xxmail says:

Have a look at Jet Airways premier economy. It’s completely flat bed. Most comfortable. Almost a business class at little higher economy class fare.

shiva mehrad says:

..Lufthansa should be 3, not ANA

Xxnitrobeastgames says:

Eva air and emirates should be the best

Kazi Luvab says:


Mini Surf says:

Turkish and NZ are Economy plus? Really? How much extra are those??? Damnnnn

Sunny Boy says:

Nonsense….Etihad doesn’t have premium economy cabin….their tiers are economy business first and on selected routes a super first called residence

Friedrich Manderla says:


RenMan in Japan says:

JAL seats are way better then ANA!

John Gabriel Herrera says:

Air new Zealand’s premium economy looks like business/first class

crimdell says:

I call bullshit. These are business class.

Sierra's Travel says:

Emirates A380 coach was pretty good…for coach.

photojohne says:

Hopefully, Delta is watching this! Step it up FFS.

Gaurav Rana says:

Where is asiana

Samsul Alom says:


Đức Nguyễn Trọng says:

Where is the Vietnamairlines

Wenbo Guo says:

I should totally fly with air New Zealand



Ali & Eman says:

Pia (Pakistan International Airlines) Premium Is Also Superb

Sellho Horizont says:

In the airline Qantas, the author showed the seats of the business class salon.
And in general the video is not very correct and truthful. Very subjective.

Kazi Luvab says:

Air France is to higher

michele endrizzi says:

Sorry, but Etihad doesn’t have it.

Dalila Dautovic says:


Jesteria78 says:

The music sucks

John says:

Doesn’t # 5 Japan Airlines look like a transformer toy?

Bearded Swordsman says:

Delta is pretty close to these

Margaret Gracie says:

I have travel on Emirates Business Class & it definitely do not get the # 1 rating..Its totally something that is quite puzzling.Infact the other two Middle Eastern Airlines—Qartar & Etihad out rated them.,through my experiences.

Declan-Kayode Keegan says:

I wonder why no US carriers ever make it to the top list of airlines!

phildoc73 says:

Singapore Airlines?

Samantha Milner says:

Cathay Pacfic from Sydney to LHR in Premium is not Premium. It is awful and a waste of money. You are better with an exit row in economy.

IMdany says:

It is true. Turkish airlines is the best that I tried. They treat economy class like bus. Or 1st class. I will always use them for my upcoming trips.

Pat Andrews says:

It sure is! Air New Zealand is definitely Number one❤️

Jose8090 says:

That looks like business class 4:07

DDD BBB says:

You misspelled “Atlantic” only six seconds into the video. I stopped watching at that point.

gomme1982 says:

Virgin PEY is much better than BA

lynette N says:

Strangely the amount of leg room in most of these is what peasant class used to have!

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