The Most Luxurious First Class Airlines

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This particular video will probably make you feel really, really poor. But at the same time, will give you a new lease on life and goal to achieve. Flying first class is always an extra luxury that people with money can enjoy in their air travel. You can’t beat first class with the wider seats, the beverages, better food, and service that makes you feel like you’re royalty. If you’re flying across the country, then first class is definitely more comfortable, and you rarely have to deal with the tiny seats and being forced to be in closed quarters with complete strangers. But there are airlines who have taken the concept of first class and bumped it up a notched. Here are some of the most luxurious first class sections in the airline industry. The cost? Well, let’s just say you’ll probably have to save your salary for the next several years to be able to afford it.
For $13,000 you can be a premiere passenger on an Air France flight, which includes a space where you can store all of your valuables, along with a bed, a reading lamp, and curtains so you can have some privacy. Quantas Airlines has a set up similar to that and puts it on steroids. If you’ve ever wanted to have the feeling like you’re on your very own jet, Quantas is the way to go with your own privacy pod that comes with its own suite, as well as a common area for wealthy passengers to get together and mingle. This can be all yours for $13,500.
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be tucked into bed by a flight attendant? Well, Singapore Airlines does just that. You’re immediately given pajamas that are designed by Givenchy, and toiletries by Ferragamo. Your seat can also be transformed into a fluffy bed, where the flight attendants will see to it that you’re tucked in and comfy. Tickets for this experience starts at $15,000.
For $25,000, you can have the ultimate first class experience with Cathay Pacific Airlines, where you can have your own pod. This includes a chair that silently transforms into a full length bed. The pod is also adorned with a vase with orchids, so you feel a bit more at home and close to nature. Lufthansa has taken the first class game and improved it. Not only do you get a big comfy chair, but you get a bed as well. The chair is pumped with gadgets as well for your enjoyment. You don’t even have to worry about breathing dry air, as the cabin is pumped with a humidifier. Tickets for this experience starts at $27,000.
Finally, these last two airlines are basically like flying hotel rooms. Emirates Airlines offers a private cabin with a mini bar, adjustable lighting, as well as a full shower with a marble sink. So if you really need to freshen up, it’s a lot better than the tiny bathroom in coach. They even have a communal lounge where you can enjoy drinks and hors d’ouerves. All of this can be yours for $30,000. Finally, we have Etihad Airways, who have diamond first class suites with three room cabins. These cabins also include a full size bathroom with a luxurious shower. You can even have your own butler! What’s the cost? $43,000.

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samcad2013 says:

Such a lot of money for sweet fvck all

amialRBLX says:


JGamer101 says:

*Am i the only one who’s middle class?*

Kid Messi says:

I`d only get the first class flight if its a long flight, otherwise what’s the point?

Underground Rider says:

It doesn’t even cost that much I’ve looked several times

Isabella Andrews says:

10 minutes later

Marta Tozer says:

We have to think about how everything gets cheaper and this will probably be nothing in the future

Isabella Andrews says:

looks in wallet. slams body into wall

Billy P says:

How do u think any WHORE gets on this plane?? Ahhhh you got it!!!!

YouTUBE PRO says:

Second is so cheap

Eduardo Totoy says:

Demasiado, ostentoso

София Черноморова says:

Я в этот летала с парней .

Hi Patel says:

Cricket have been on a first class Ethad flight and it was amazing

TEAC Fan says:

If a person is going to spend that kind of money for a long flight in luxury, I sure wouldn’t want to sleep. I’d force myself to stay awake to experience the entire flight rather than sleep $30,000 away. Wouldn’t want to miss taking a shower at 35,000 feet.

Aleksandar Popovic says:

It’s unrealistic for poor people (not me)

Suha Riaze says:

Buys his subs and views haha how sad

Crumply Rogue says:

*etiihad airlines*

mihira venumuddala says:


Lucy Chen says:

Now Casey neistat is in my recommended

Aleksandar Popovic says:

3:18 this is space

Jessica Cooper says:

And then there is turbulence in these beautiful bunks and all, that money wasted

_ _ Kawaii_Doughnut_Queen_ _ says:

If a airplane has wifi that’s my first class

david rostami says:

They only way I fly first class and pay that much money is if they provide bunch of good looking bitches to suck my dick during flight

YouTUBE PRO says:

The first one is SO CHEAP

Angie Berrio says:

if they have good food and wifi = happy person hahaha

Nirvana Al-Azraq says:

Better than my house xD

Isabella Andrews says:

stays undercovers with a bag of crisps and chromebook with a face of dissapointemnt


I never flew on first class but my friend did they said better off flying regularly cuz the flight attendant was just staring at him…O.O

Guadalupe Salgado says:

So fancied

Aboobakker Siddique says:

I ride first class airline and

Zenaida Alcantara says:

Wut bout Trumps?

Adam James says:

I don’t really have a problem with flying 3rd class

Madison Films says:

you broke you cant oford a mic

Keila Gaming says:

Ive been in a first class plane when i was heading back to texas i loved it i was fun

Nekochii Chan says:

So….Can I have that type of living style? Except it’s on the ground and the room is adjusted to make a house instead?

Mats says:

rip if it crashes

Elora Febres says:

My friend gets this stuff for free because her dad is a owner 🙂

신비 says:

one word,useless

TbhFrog says:

*looks around house for money*

*finds one dollar*

Grass Finn says:

Is this the new barbie toy trailer

AuraGamingFTW says:

That moment you hear horr doofs

Yang Loza says:

wow.. amzing I love to take my first flight there. awesome!

Hi Patel says:

I mean I

Slime ASMR says:

Do you want your ears not to hurt use nasal spray spray your nose and it will not hurt

Tom Lasky says:

Makes me wonder how these aircraft even fly

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