The Economics of Airline Class

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Sombra Dark Productions says:

Wait, business class? I’ve never heard about it

smithraymond09029 says:

Let’s discuss the economics of airline class by using a non typical example.

Kleine B says:

British airways runs a a318 in business class only confit between London to New York seats only 42 people

soon says:

fly volaris its hella cheap lol

bestamerica says:

never need put currency numbers in here video…
not important to know…
dont be nosey

Ivan Forry says:

Pricing from what I understand is tickets get more expensive as the plane gets fuller. So figuring how much the airline gets would be highly inaccurate by a single search.

Trey Mohr says:

I wonder where Virgin America falls in this conversation. They only have 8 first class seats in the whole plane (2 rows of seats). The rest are main cabin.

Alexander Lehigh says:

So, Business Class is the new First Class

DaveKarl says:

This is a nonsensical concept.
Of course economy make the airlines money. Your assumption is made on premium and business class being fully booked. Since when are they ever? A full economy section pays the cost of the flight. They are very much needed. The first class couldn’t exist without them.

Çŏsa ŊosŧЯǺ says:

In other words, the suckers (or “privileged”) who pay 2 or 3 times more for a business or 1st class ticket are making my flight (in economy) more affordable. I guess it’s reason to be thankful that there are people out there that are willing to pay that much more to make a 7 hour flight more bearable for themselves by having a few more inches of space and a better meal.

Nathaniel Webb says:

restrict extra creation neighborhood behave reach computer community question.

BadgerCheese94 says:

Here’s my thing with first class… it’s expensive and not worth it. I’d rather just take a cruise if I want the luxury travel experience. I don’t go on a flight cuz I wanna look at clouds, I go on a flight cuz I am going somewhere I either cannot drive to, or do not have the time to drive to. A flight is the same to me as a bus, just faster and nicer. I don’t care for the luxury because its only a few hours and even its a LONG flight like half a day or more, its likely that I’m paying a lot of money as it is. First class has a limited appeal. As mentioned, I’d rather spend that money on a cruise ship in the Caribbean with a pool and water slides and island stops.

Sue B says:

Saying that a first class flight and an economy flight are the same product is like equating a Porsche to a Toyota. Sorry, it’s just not the case. Also, not all seats in the same category costs the same.

Griffin Sutherland says:

Delta has a first class cabin, right?

Wendover Productions says:

Sorry for doubling up on aviation videos! Normally I wouldn’t do two videos of similar topics back-to-back but the video I was going to do just ended up not being interesting enough so I scrapped the script. I didn’t have time at that point to do a research-intensive video so I decided to do this topic that I already knew a good bit about.

Also I know this is a pretty loose interpretation of economics, but hey, I liked the title.

Also, one clarification on something I realized might be confusing during editing: airlines absolutely had first class in the 60s and 70s. It just wasn’t anything like the long-haul first class’ you see today. It was pretty much like domestic US first class today. The impact of the Concorde was the perceived competition it created for the highest-class of traveller. Some airlines decided to close their first class cabins and not compete while others improved their cabins in order to compete. Lie-flat seats or even angle-flat seats really didn’t become ubiquitous until the last 10-15 years with the demise of the Concorde.

Also, first.

Trident Studios says:

Load of whack! Majority of Business and First class seats that are occupied are from free upgrades

B Razvan says:

i was watching cat videos and i got here, i dont know how but its pretty entertaining

Calum Mcloughlin says:

The Concord wasn’t economically viable? Ha! At one point a few concordes (British airways fleet) accounted for 30% of their profits! It absolutely was viable but governments alternate agendas, coupled with the post 9/11 slump in travel and several fatal incidents led to the tragic demise of the concord as a passenger jet and it is mourned to this day!

Paul Leidsman says:

I used my frequent flyer miles to upgrade from business to first class on a flight from AMS to BKK. And it’s just like the video points out, the difference was so small, compared to the difference between economy and Business, that I don’t think it’s worth flying first class.

Cristi Cristi says:

laundry money

rk2596 says:

Hey, brainless, why don’t they just fly just business class and first class? Ever heard of contribution margin?

KingOf TheCreepers says:

I love Wendover productions, they smartly think about things!
Edit: I was just talking to a pilot about ETOPS and I showed him your ETOPS vid!

Adam says:

How does the price decrease if you’re connecting.

MkPlays says:

but flying with coach then should be just good for us, never ending cheap as long as airlines dont bankrupt.

fane babanu says:

This is only true with the trips between “fancy” destinations… most routes have little to none customers that fill up expensive sections and the economy class is paying for the trip… not to mention the low cost companies that only have cheap seats, not only in the back.

36814 says:

You said $550,000 but it’s only half that per direction as you quoted round trip prices.

HamzahGaming says:

Very interesting

beastlyboys says:

if you pay in advance for the airplane ticket as mentioned in the tourist class or the economy class, the airlines can roll your money to make more profits. That is the reason why some budget carriers can offer dirt cheap tickets to early booking customers.

bala ghiridharr says:

appo enda dash ku da economy avalo kasu vanguranga , innum kammiya kudukalam la..

el gran master says:

My company only bought me an economy flight and a cheap hotel. And it’s a BANK. Lol

Heya Xoxo says:

Wendover productions? More like”Bent over productions” huh? Hahahaha

Excel Coananda says:

Another request on avation videos:

Why some airlines (example: Singapore Airlines and Emirates) operate all wide-body aircraft, even on low-demand routes?

No debating says:

why not make all planes with premium economy class. comfortable. cheap-ish. makes sense to me

DaveKarl says:

9:19 – What kind of an idiot would pay $14,000 for a flight ticket ??? Some rich people are soooooo needy.

Eduardo Garza says:

If I understood right, you’re saying that airlines pretty much live off executive class. However, I think you’re not taking into consideration free upgrades awarded to frequent flyers. For instance, in a trans Atlantic flight on united I took recently, out of the 39 seats on executive on a 767, 16 were given to premier Passengers. If 40% of your seats are being awarded for “free”, how do traditional airlines still have frequent flyer programs? (considering figures you’ve given). I feel like you could make another video for frequent flyer programs.

Chee Tang says:

I got lost half way through the video. Seemed like I was in class.

TitanicMan says:

You should make a video of different airlines and their cabin configurations

Yvette Baker says:

if I had a dollar for every time that worked I would be one rich son of a bitch #hatemyfuckinlofe

! ObamaTookMyCat ! says:

DC as a high income city? HAHAHA Maybe in a 1 mile radius around the national Mall! You go to to south east or north east DC, and its worse than Detroit with the crime!

Ajay Chaubey says:

please watch and share

I have a YouTube channel Just so I can comment says:

This video explains perfectly why air canada doesn’t do first class

onenickelmiracle says:

My brainwashing is in process.

Ryan Suatiz says:

I absolutely love your vids!

Adam Australia says:

It’s great to see a channel that makes such high quality, well researched content. Kudos!

marvin pagard says:

Every plane should have bussieness seats.

Paul Cheyne says:

Subscribed. This video was impressive.

Simon Scammell says:

Music annoying. For that reason I’m out!

Moe tabf says:

Can you do a video on the economics of Persian Gulf Airlines (Etihad, Emirates, and Qatar Airways)? I really want to know why they can afford all those A380s and B787s while also maintaining quality and being able to afford all those fuel cost? Basically I want to know why they have a huge advantage over US Airlines, is it quality and oil money alone, or is it because Warren Buffet owns a controlling share in three of the biggest US airlines? – thanks

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