SWISS Boeing B777 Business Class San Francisco to Zürich

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David Cole says:

When one is compiling a trip report featuring a 777 aircraft, all one has to do is capture the beautiful spool up sound of those magnificent engines and the rest is gravy! Nice work.

Aaron Roosing says:

Good old Air New Zealand aye. They new livery is pretty good and so Kiwi!

Swedish FlyerHD says:

Best report beautiful video

James Co London says:

Hey, I wondered if we traveled through SFO the same day! I actually had passes to the UA lounge but couldn’t make it… however after seeing your footage, maybe I didn’t miss so much… 😀 Def. beautiful plated foods despite being a bit plain in faire – and the flight itself seemed *very* stable. Very Swiss. Excellent scenery quality.

Nicktapus says:

Make a video on your top five favourite airlines.

Yardan Sheikh says:

4:43 it says 747-400ER but it’s isn’t 747-400er but a normal 747-400 , 747-400ER we’re only 6 built in number and all were delivered to Qantas

88Meava88 says:

at 20.46 i can see my country. or a part of it.

Raoul Bocchi says:

Can we just say it plain and simple? US airports, lounges and airlines SUCK! They always have and they always will.

WEOK says:

Read magazines to track their trends, yes. But many times it is something so popular inside so it is not inspiring to read

alexlondonaviationlover says:

Very good video looks so perfect hope you enjoyed the long trip back to Zurich, Switzerland

Steve Wood says:

Great video! To answer your question: the shoulder harness is required to prevent head strike to the seat shell in front. Inflatable seat belts perform a similar function. The decision to use a shoulder harness vs. inflatable depends on how the seat was certified.

Ajaay Krishnamurthy says:

What a beautiful landing (could say gliding) it was.

Michelle Tabisula says:

Well done.

Pritam Koli says:

Five star coverage

Ashwin Krishnamurthy says:

I want those cookies

Victoria Corcoran says:

Melon and prosciutto for starters, macaroni cheese and potato for main…can only imagine what rubbish the economy passengers are being served up.

rivox1 says:

I have to say, the “buffet” in the United Lounge looks skimpy, but those chocolate chip cookies are some the best I’ve had, lol!!

The Young Wolf says:

I’ve started studying extra by 2 to 3 hrs, thanks to ur videos.

gjmob says:

I guess that you don’t need a shoulder belt in economy, as you are packed in like sardines, whereas the was a lot of room and you could hit your bonce in business class.

JeffreyVinca says:

Seats very boxy looking, similar to work cubicles. Pegboard panels remind me of those found in garages used for hanging tools. I would personally choose an alternate airline for this route.

Jade Ansell says:


Bruce Sumter says:

swiss is so cool airlines have fun there 🙂

David Wolf says:

I got a chuckle out of that “throne” seat discription! I rarely read the inflight magazines… unless I’m REALLY bored. Like yourself, I really do prefer the 777, although I’ve only flown one on a few occasions domestically i.e. 777-200. It was also nice to see that they offer several types of single-malt scotch, at least with Swiss on this flight. I don’t see that very often. Another great job with your video production.

Aizhan Yermekbay says:

Hi Fred,
I have a question ( not related to this vid), whenever I stay at luxury hotels I get a bit uncomfortable as giving tips seems to be expected. I’m not a cheap person, I just always get confused how much I’m supposed to tip. Can you share your own view on that?

Aayush Bajoria says:

What are your views on the privacy of the cabin? I feel like the Middle East and South Asian carries and a few others give much more privacy in Business than European carries.


Love it the seats pocket

Coleen West says:

Wow. The best part was the farmland going into Switzerland. Is it really as nice at it looks? Is it freezing cold in the winter like most of the US East Coast from DC Virginia to PA and New England??? or is it warm. I would love 50 acres of land with a house and traditional timber framed buildings for equipment and some horses. But I don’t do winter anymore if it is long and snowy and cold. Preferably between some mountain ranges so I don’t have to hear or see city traffic. I don’t mind driving an hour of a few hours even to get into a reasonable sized town/city. Just leave me, my dogs, horses, F250 pick-up and Massey 5410 tractor the hell alone. That’s happiness for my family.

Nicktapus says:

You should review Garuda Indonesia’s first class one day, I would love to see that on your channel.

Logo Bagus says:

nice video, thank you

alfaquimica bondi says:

Diference Boeing 787 and 777

CBT19601 says:

With a smooth landing at that! 🙂

ricky Kraus says:

boy looking at those “huge” meals j’ll still be hungry

Philip Robertson says:

Very uncomfortable business class. For the price, it isn’t worth it. However, the service is good

Jade Ansell says:

OHHHHHHH I LOVE A340-200-300-400-500-600 AND 777-200

Tasneem Shaik says:

Spectacular landing!

Ginger Inmexico says:

Shorts? Really?

Leonardo Rigon says:

Try Alitalia’s business class!

matthew kluge says:

Maybe some of the nicest countryside for any landing I have seen . I enjoyed the production !

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