SWISS Boeing 777-300ER Business Class Zurich to San Francisco: a trip with the kids

Read my review of this Swiss B777 flight experience here:

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T T says:

Those kids are the cutest! And so well behaved.

Yash Hathi says:

Why do you fly like every month uf your scared

DannyBaby1512 says:

I do nothing before a flight. The one time I patted the outside of the plane we had to do a go around.

Leonard Meschaninov says:

The review was, like always, great! :))))
The idea to travel business on Swiss with your children is really nice…
I always fly with my children to the Maldives or Dubai or to USA.
The next time I will fly with them business too.
Thanks for the inspiration. ;))) I hope, you will fly with your kids, the next time again.

Jason Unboxed says:

A350 and A380

mtascp05 says:

When I’m boarding, I’ll pat or rub the airplane with my hand and ask for a smooth flight. =)

Ivan Thy says:

keep calm when you are on a plane close the window don’t think about anything

Eliza's sammour says:

Ye I do touch the plane before u enter

Scott McClellen says:

I loved the great quality of your video. and it was great fun seeing your kids show the features of the plane!

Jason Le says:

Cute kids, she must be lucky to fly business class 🙂

R. E. Bruce Martin says:

Re your fear of flying, from Camada…

I don’t myself have that fear, however I am aware that many do. there arere many videos on You Tube that deal with it.

First, if there is any possibility that you may have some physiological challenge that may be a contributing factor, have a doctor do the forst check. If there is nothing there, ask a psychiatrist if he knows of any existing physiological posychiatric conditions which may exist in a subliminal state that could also be a contributing factor without one’s knowledge. If so his training may enable him to prescribe one or other sort of psychotropic medication to alleviate. Since the dose of many mediucations are sunject to qualitative differences in results due to pharmacokenetics, the psychiatrist is the likely one to make the best of that.

Folowing that you might want to see a psychologist to ask if there are any common underlying causes or contributing factors to fear of flight that would sit in the overall spectrum of personalty disorders, yet not be what we think of usually as personality disorders, and as such could exist unawares.

Also, think for yourself, can you remember any traumatic episode in your (possibly distant) past that may also be a subliminal contributor? This also would be of concern to a psychologist to evaluate.

Above all, professionalism has a high price, but not every high priced professional is with his asking price. Caveat emtor.

Hopefully this “checklist” will be of some help to let you “fly higher”.

Missbirdie93 says:

Maybe Hypnose for the fear of flying? I know it works for one of my friends.

ConnollyCove says:

looks awesome..Thanks for sharing. 🙂

olivier oudsen says:

So cool that you fly and make video’s about it while you have fly fear! the native language is flemish. I know that because i’m dutch and there is a different between dutch and flemish. Nederland de beste!!! (Netherland the best!!)

Lawrence Gabriel Bautista says:

Lovely and adorable kids you have! They are so well behaved for their ages. It is also good for them that they are bilingual. The earlier you expose them to other languages, the better.

Joseph Raiti says:

Fear of flying? Don’t look out the window and look down!!!!!! Or just take some deep breaths and think it’s going to be fine. I bet everybody has a fear of flying.

Khalid Haris says:

Nice video once again and an awesome job, Olivia is such a cutie pie, God keep her safe

nanajodi201 says:

oddly enough I don’t suffer from a fear of flying – a fear of airplanes just sitting around where they are not suppose to be yes, flying no. I love to fly, but don’t get to nearly often enough, for this reason I watch videos and more videos! I truly enjoy others sharing their experiences!  Perhaps someday I will get to fly wherever, whenever I want!

Ethan` Ang says:

Don’t pick window seat

Christian Smith says:

Oh I what it is it’s Danish

bijah100 says:

if u don’t like fling don’t do it for a living.

R. E. Bruce Martin says:

Olivia and Viktor’s native language? In Schweiz, it could be several, but most Europeans are polyglots anyway, unlike North Americans. so It would not surprise me if they spoke about 6 languages, Schweiz-deutsch to start! Personally I speak English (native) French strong second, and Spanish third. Living in Montreal, I don’t have to travel the world, here the world comes to me! 80 or more languages in the streets in a day! fun!

Christy Krohne says:

The only advise I have for you is to get drunk and pass out.It works for me every time…Ok just kidding. Perhaps avoid a window seat. I’m also a nervious flyer, but nothing stops me from getting a window seat.I guess it has something to do with adrenaline.

DiamondBlobfish says:

I dont know why, your childrens native tounge sounds like Hungarian to me 🙂

Jack Hossain says:

ur kids is so sweet and talent.and ur little princess so beautiful

Cris Yorke says:

Of course you guys speak German. You guys are Swiss German, can you guys speak French? And what is your occupation?

Alex Fleming says:

Makes me remember when by first business class trip was, it was Emirates when I was 3 😀

Wildman Wilder says:

I have a tip when you have a fear of flying.

I fly a lot and I have a few turbulent experiences but I always think when I have turbulence I think their like ripples on the ocean

Sasha Kapsoff says:

737-800 split scimitar

Jason Le says:

Never flown business class with Swiss Air but have flown Air Canada, Lufthansa, Singapore Air and United. My fav plane is also 777 and now 787. I am looking forward to flying the A350 from Munich to Singapore in Feb and A380 back to Frankfurt. I do like the ‘Throne’ seat.

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