Singapore Airlines NEW A380 Suites (First) Class Review SQ232 Sydney – Singapore

Airlines: Singapore Airlines (SIA/SQ)
Flight: SQ232
Origin: Sydney Kingsford Smith (SYD)
Destination: Singapore Changi (SIN)
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Registration: 9V-SKU
Class: Suites/First Class (6 Suites Configuration)
Suites No: 1F and 2F


iu6 says:

Great video!

Grant Foster says:

Thanks for the enjoyable video. Could you tell me if you are collected at the gate and driven to passport control or to a connecting flight. I’m booked for June with a tight connecting flight.

Joshua Fleming says:

Why where you completely ignored upon boarding ?

Muhammad Nimji says:

This beats Qatar and Emirates! Very refined in is aesthetic appeal and form. Sleek yet elegant without the hype. its like being at home!

max c says:

Great new product,hope they fly to LAX, will definitely try it .happy new year

Protocol Officer says:

The very tiny windows make claustrophobics like me avoid the 380 like the plague. Same with Concorde! Your video was great but the plane and your suite, unimpressive!

President Oxford says:

First class w’ cheap food.

james737 says:

So much classier than all of the tasteless walnut and bling on Emirates!

Urban VIII says:

Heavens! @ 8:58, it looks like $300 worth of caviar.

M Scott says:

I don’t care for the ‘private pod’ way of flying now. I know a lot of people prefer it, but I find it claustrophobic. The old, spacious first class cabin, maybe with half a dozen or so seats suited me much better.

Incog Nito says:

Congrats. Yours is the first passenger video of the new suites uploaded!


Well, this was like royal family member I guess! Just FANTASTIC, but, this is SIA and other than this we cannot expect!
You got my red-button click! 🙂 Let’s support each other… Cheers 😉

rod mcintosh says:


VinylLounge says:

Why does the bathroom look like its been dusted for finger prints?

Captain Steven Markovich says:

Nice video. One of my favorite airlines.

GayFaggot 69 says:

Its exterior looks like Etihad’s apartment, but more expensive than Etihad’s apartment…

It’s still amazing nonetheless…not as good as the residence, but still better than most suites

fly guy wales says:

Great video. Would love to review this suite too one day. All the best from fly guy wales

Laid-Back Flights says:

Truely an amazing product! The cabin looks way better as the first product from Emirates with all the golden bling around 😀 Thumbs up

AMateen Aviation says:

excellent stuff mate..A big like and subscribed.. sub back please if you dont mind.

max c says:

Great new product,hope they fly this new A380 to LAX soon, or retrofit their dated 777, will definitely try them, happy new year everyone

kevinc1218 says:

Dislike because menu footage too many parts cut off

Tjitte Kamminga says:

beautiful presentation, very civilized, but I miss an accent in the suite: whether it comes from the light or the lighting; it is a bit ‘sad’ while it should cause euphoria.

Ginger Around The World says:

What a product, I love the double bed in First Class!

Dhruv Saxena says:

Ethiad residence is way better

Tom Whearner says:

I don’t quite understand where the bed is in relation to the seat? I see the seat swivels but where’s the bed?

Panda Tran says:


benee56 says:

sorry but please loose the music… the natural airline background is better… also too many pictures… just saying… thanks

sunkkist says:

Did you happen to notice the brand of cutlery? So elegant and strikingly beautiful. I can almost make out the label, but not quite. 10:30 Thank you.

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