Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite London to Singapore (PHENOMENAL!)

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Skeptoptimist says:

I would rather fly business class and donate the difference to charity

Angelo Antony says:

cant wait till i reach the stage in my life to fly in first class. God bless

Mike C. says:

Drink more whiskey…

Fritz Mercer says:

Very well done!

sledge hammer says:

I can’t even begin to comment on this. It blows my mind. About half the times I’ve been in an airplane I was jumping out of them, and none had any hot looking women or gourmet food to dine on!

Richpilot Moore says:

I just subscribed & i am loving this – – i’d love to work this airline honestly !! – – continue publishing these wonderful videos sir whoever you are & whereever you are at this moment – – – you probably can’t work OR don’t work in a typical 8 – 4 or 9 – 5 job i guesd right!!? haha

Abaxces says:

Waaao nice video

Jontra Volta says:

Well… still die if it goes down!

Joe Hart says:

Surely the Dom Perignon isn’t complementary?

Andrew Evanoff says:

You could have packed a dozen of African refugees into that room.


tim says:

I’m quite sure that adult elephants weigh more than 1 ton…even Asian elephants weigh between 2 and nearly 5tons

Mateusz Wiśniewski says:

Kruszwil płakał jak oglądał

Bibek Mukherjee says:

Watching these videos make me realize that Western airlines don’t have shit on Asian and Middle Eastern airlines.

77th says:

Сука…шоб я так жил!!!!!!!!!!

gedstrom says:

The ONLY way I will ever fly first class is if somebody else is paying the bill!

ltyr2002 says:

Am I supposed to be irritated?

Ric Bakar says:

Its a shit gift.

Edwin Jansen says:

What is impractical about showering in an airplane?

Michael Bruchas says:

Great video but what is the annoying clicking in the soundtrack?

Davide Maggi says:

1 adult elephant 1ton? I think you never seen an elephant… 4-5-6 tons!

john bumptybump says:

i’m just contrasting this transport experience to what you get on a bus in sheffield city centre, england….. lol

rochem2011 says:

5:55 very beautiful

Michael O'Loughlin says:

Love it I’m going from Honolulu to Auckland to japan and back to Honolulu ? Any suggestions Mahalo brudda

Tom Fin says:

don’t forget to get your beauty sleep in 205cm bed !!

Hello Hi says:

I`m too poor for this video 🙂

Peter Garlinski says:

I’m not sure if I could eat something made with squid ink. Still…most of the food looks pretty good.

Puppy Tail says:

Britain, oh Britain, the mother of all sins in the world! UK is the least favorite country I would ever want to visit. Not because of their people whom their government has managed to keep in their silent misery, but because I do not want to give any of my money to this colonialist oppressive government that keeps its people in silent depression. Unlike the U.S. that people express their emotion at any chance, British people keep all their emotions to themselves. Because they were taught that way. Their happiness is simply kept at who in the Royal family fucks whom! Sad … Very Sad … 🙁 🙁 🙁

Jean-Paul Voets says:

21 inch wide chair ??? That is very small

Martha Lujano says:

Excellent video! Couldn’t be any better

gaae2000 says:

wow, very lonely.

xzysyndrome says:

And when it hits the ground…it burns up just as equally as the roaches in coach.

Jill Boone says:

Thank you for sharing the experience! 🙂

Puppy Tail says:

Well my friend, unfortunately you did not get the suite with a butler at hand!!! Maybe next time! he he he …

0rpheus2801 says:

elefants weigh far more than a ton 😉

hzhang1228 says:

pfft if im dreaming might as well be on a private jet, or better yet my very own star destroyer 🙂

Ron Wylie says:

Some people on here are bitterly complaining that there was no shower!, it greatly angers me!!!!! when people are treated to incredible luxury compared to the rest of the herd but want something more. Yes the passengers who fly these tickets pay a lot but the space they take up with their luxury here could give everyone more leg room for their incredibly long flight. IT just shows us we are not important enough to get the leg room while these spoiled children bitch about not being able to take a shower mid flight

David says:

No on-flight in suite massage?

Laura Buda says:

Absolutely amazing♥️

Mathgasm says:

Business class peasants.

Google User says:


243WW says:

The clicking in the music just tore my brain apart!!!

Roger Waters says:

always the asian middle east countries treat u with respect forget us of a plus at the end of ur flight everyone is guaranteed a happy ending

vishal chand jain says:

Xcellent filming and xplanation…
Will definitely fly one day in FIRST CLASS OF SQ…

Thanks for the video… have a nyc tym..

john papple says:

I have never flown before and I’ve always been absolutely terrified of flying so this supreme quality of this video really made me feel like I was there. I’d probably feel better about flying if I was in a nice booth like that instead of crammed in with a bunch of random people.

mneisbaar says:

575 elephants way more than 575 tons. An adult weighs much more than a ton.

Tom Fin says:

ooooh poopsie booboo! such luxury … just sit back and pamper yourself little snowflake ❄️ then steam your sensitive little face with hot towel in luxury class steam steam steeem my dear snowflake. and relax for the first class poopsie booboo !!!

Mill Maroon says:

Very mute and dull looks, doesn’t give u a kick-start or a freshness as u enter the cabin.. Odd greyish looks as compared to others Emirates or Qatar

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