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Singapore Airlines A350 Business Class Review with Tom Otley, Editor of Business Traveller magazine.
Apologies for the sound – it is audible – you just have to turn it up!
(But I am buying a lapel microphone for the next flight check next week).
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– – Well, here we are. We’re in the second, of the rear cabin of Business Class. This has 20 seats, five rows of four, one-to-one configuration. I’m lucky tonight because on this flight from Houston, the second cabin is completely empty, well, apart from me. So, I can actually show you around for once. There are lots of impressive aspects about this Business Class, but a nice seat, just in terms of working. You’ve got this giant table that is very firm. You can work on the laptop all day on this thing. There’s enough room that you could have drinks around the side of it. You can have your papers spread out. You’ve got an ottoman that you’re not using, so you can put extra work or papers or books there. You’ve got power for the laptop. You’ve got a USB, that you can charge your phone or some other device, iPad. And you’ve got wonderful Wi-Fi, or as wonderful as it gets on a plane. It’s $25.95 for the entire flight, but it does at least allow you to keep in touch when it comes to emails. So it’s kind of a mobile office space. For day flights, that perhaps justifies the expense of flying Business Class. Then, of course, at night, when really it’s all about sleep, you’ve got a fully flat bed, so presumably you can get a good night’s sleep, and then you can be productive the next day. That’s the business case, if you have to make it to yourself or to your travel manager. But of course, the thing you don’t tell anyone, is that instead of getting a good night’s sleep, overnight, you actually spent the seven or eight hours being served fantastic food and wine, and watching the in-flight entertainment system. And the reason that you just couldn’t do anything when you got back in the office the next day was that you had a bad night’s sleep. You were on the red-eye. You’ve been working too hard, anyway. And really, you deserve a week off just to get over it. Maybe you’ll have some emails at home. Of course, no one’s going to feel sorry for anyone who’s flying Business Class, ever. But just to make it clear, I did fly over here on a nine-hour flight in Premium Economy. And then queue for an hour, to get through immigration in Houston, check back in for the flight, and now I’ve got a nine or ten hour flight back. So, in terms of how I feel physically, it’s pretty much how most business-trippers feel, nearly all the time, exhausted, wanting to go to sleep, but knowing I should stay awake to do something constructive. In my case, eat all the food, so that I can show it to you. Yeah, it is a tough life. There’s some pretty cool storage spaces here. There’s somewhere that you can store something and forget it when you leave the aircraft. Drinks obviously here. And this is a mirror. I’m not going to show you what’s in the mirror, because it’s just too horrible, but you get the idea. These are the controls for the seat, which on a nine-hour flight, should be enough to keep you occupied for nearly all of it. We’ve got a festive menu. To be honest, I think actually it’s just the decoration that’s festive. The meal itself, is great but not particularly Christmas-oriented, and thank goodness. This is the chicken biryani, main course, flying from Houston to Manchester. If we flip forward to, this is Singapore to Manchester, Manchester to Houston, and then we’re on the way back, Houston to Manchester, you’ve got the stuff about the various wines. Let’s see if I can do this propped up on a wine glass. The champagne, Charles Heidsieck, and then you’ve got the choice of champagnes, whites, and reds. Champagne, Charles Heidsieck, you’ve got a Riesling, the Chardonnay, which is from the USA…………..


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