Qatar Airways A380 First Class Doha to Paris (+Al Safwa lounge)

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HVideos says:

The meals are so tiny! wtf

AD M says:

2. Emirates
3. Qatar
These are my top 3 airlines

question about bff says:

what is chapagne

Read the Quran says:

I don’t believe that Qatar Airways provide wine.

King Loki says:

I Was on a 8 hour flight in coach

Abe Coulter says:

You should have had the new Zealand wine…my wife is from malbourgh

Fire Shadow2116 says:

I went in this once

bie-ann tabing says:

I like the ambiance, hoping that i could experience this Qatar Airways A380..

Zahra Shameez says:

is it just me or is qatars’ business class better than its first class….

Rishi Rishi says:

I wish to go paris. But I dont have much money.

김원석 says:

the window glass is not so clean in firstclass..someone must be fired..

Abhijit Trancer says:

Food looks Disgusting! Yuck!

AA — says:


Paichooblogs says:

I really want to fly QR and visit #Qatar

Tinashe Ndlovu says:

This is exactly how I will be travelling 12 months from today!!!!

Rejuan Hasan says:


abhishek papaya says:

I think etihad is better

Kxng Kash says:

Man I wanna be rich like you so I can fly in these first classes

Joannes Berkshire Scenes says:

40.000 feet? You would be in space the normal flying hwight is 35000 feet

J says:

Díky za videa – v pohodlí domova se na to krásně dívá. Já sice nikdy toto nezažiju, ale přeji lidem mnoho krásných zážitků nejen v oblacích. Práce na letišti by mi stačila, líbí se mi to prostředí 🙂

CAMELIA4568 says:

so class

AA — says:

I don’t know why Saudia arabia wanna ban it. Really why Saudi why

Dynamic Duo says:

If i hade a million dollars I would give some you poor people and the a other part I would by first class tickets for my whole family on emerits

Mohamed Almuhairi says:

nothing like Etihad 380 1st Class

Ulix A says:


مسترقيمر- Mr gamer uae says:

flyEmirates is the best airline in the world

boo doo says:

what a shitty first class

ums4491 says:

This is a very noisy flight

Mohammed Ali says:

The best in the world

United Computers says:

It is indeed unfortunate that many videos of this type…yours included…are being copied. Many of the offenders are kids whose other videos are cartoons or game-type uploads. I wish Youtube had some way of taking these copies down. Would appreciate your comments. Perhaps we should consider watermarking our uploads…..

question about bff says:


IJust Record says:

Ugh i need to end my flight review marathon here ive seen almost every video.

Marcelline Kezia says:

Qatar Airways rank #1 in the world

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