Pegasus Airlines Flight Review: PC785 SAW-TLV

Flight Review of Pegasus Airlines, a Turkish low-cost carrier, from Istanbul (Sabiha Gökçen International Airport) to Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion International Airport).

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is a quaint and pleasant airport (with most flights here operated by Pegasus Airlines).

The 1 hour 32 minute flight on Pegasus Airlines was quite scenic with lovely bird’s-eye views of Turkey and Israel, which sort of compensated for the legroom (or lack of). The pre-ordered grilled meatballs “Izgara Köfte” was delicious and took my mind off the claustrophobic situation I was in.

Thank you very much for watching this Pegasus Airlines flight experience.

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nnn says:

They stole my luggage I hate them

Jomaah Acxdb says:

It is very bad company and very very very bad staff. I and my all friends will never travel with this fucking company!!!! if somebody is interested to know what happened with me I will be very happy to explain why it is really bad…..

Stevo Atkinson says:

Pegasus Airlines are a total ripp off. Don’t answer e.mails on changing flights. Flights always late.
Waited 12 hours on my flight from London Stansted to Kharkiv , via Sabiha gokcen. Flight landed in Germany for 12 hours due to emergency on board flight. Had to sleep on a bench. Typical pegasus
No compensation for hotel no show.
Warning to all..

Julia says:


smonkey957 says:

Was it on time?….Thanks for the video

Tulek Gaming says:


Mustafa Kose says:

I’m Turkish and I say that Pegasus is bad. Like really I went to 4 hours flight from London to turkey but I didn’t like it no free food even water. Leg room was so small. We had some backbacks not putted away over us because it was full so we tried to put it under the seat infront of me but didn’t fit so I had to put it to my leg space and my legs were hurting so bad. When I was in Turkish airlines I putted like 2 bags under my feet and I still had leg room

Rio Culey says:

i dont know what to should i g to dubal with pegasus

Edward Lin says:

And how many times you flew on Pegasus? You will not take it for a long time I think.

It'snotaplane 32 says:

5:26 Is that an aircraft graveyard?

Yunus Emre Soysal says:

09:05 aka buns

Josef Richter says:

Why people so often complain about legroom? Your legs are not touching the seat in front of you, there’s still good 3-5cm gap, so what is the problem?

Kaptan Derin says:

is this B737 or A320 neo

ProScaryCrafter says:

Best Plain in the world

Julia says:

Julia says:


Ashkan Keshavarz says:

I would not fly Pegasus again either. Delays, delays… Rude staff with no manners… No space whatsoever… Super long waiting time at transit desk

Kerem Akalın says:

Boeing 737

Aviation TV Global says:

If I would to rate this airline it would be a 4/10 because on my way back from holiday from Tehran – Gatwick flight attendances behaviour was atrocious how they treated me was very bad except I gave them my final word when we got to our stopover in Sabiha Gokcen (Istanbul). However going to Tehran from London it was ok but services were very expensive and it was not as comfy as any other airline i had travelled with so I hope that you guys out there don’t face what I faced literally ruined my journey home.

withoutmalicexo says:


Fathi Harir says:

awesome video

yusuf reiz says:

3 to open pegasus

İrfan TEMEL says:


Mert Küpeli says:

A great video

Toto Tishi says:

FlightTravels, im so glad your channel exists, i ll fly with pgs soon, thx for having a first glance before flying. Your quality of reviews are so high standard. It takes me wonder from which country your origin is?

Julia says:

deyryt rytgfbb yrhg

Edward Lin says:

Awesome video..everything looks good, but don’t think Pegasus Airline’s overall service n entertainment is very good right?

MrYafeufula says:

Plane not plain

Anas Moh says:

Where are you from ??

MrMintoni says:

I am 183 cm and when i travel with pgs 737 i stucked my seat, but they also have a320s and have more leg room

Temsson123 says:

pegasus is shit.. i know its cheap, they have no screen, not comfy at all.. 5 hour flight in pegasus is like torture.

HipHopBassBoost says:

I think they have better planes for international flights now, I flied in a Sky light interior plane a few weeks ago and the leg room was pretty good for me but i’m just 5’9

Yusuf Mesr says:

This plain is very good

fandikelly says:

A lot of money lost for pegasus error… For example ask a day to fly give me another one! very bad bad organization. I think impossibile to fly with. Not european company.

EFE ESER says:

I like Pegasus Airlines.Its  very good and beautiful  airline.I like this review 😀 Thank you so much.

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