My MOST LUXURIOUS FLIGHT – $20,000 Residence in the Sky

Join me onboard Etihad Airways inaugural A380 flight in The Residence from Abu Dhabi to Paris on 01 July 2017.

I was so impressed and blown away by my first Residence flight last December so I decided to do a much longer flight to Paris, with my favorite butler Leanne and other cabin crew.

Watch the video to experience the most exclusive and luxurious commercial flight in the world.

Thanks to Etihad Airways for filming my journey in The Residence. My flight and opinion is NOT sponsored by Etihad.

Blog review and more pictures can be found in the link below:

My Most Luxurious Flight – $20,000 Residence in the Sky!

In case you missed my first Residence flight, you can view it here:


James Doyle says:

Great Channel Sam. You really did cover everything. And you are a very humble guy. Well done. I enjoyed the flight vicariously though you lol.

Bradley Abel says:

I feel bad for the flight attendant feeling pressured to not mess up when he shoves and camera in there face

Hijaab love says:

Really impressed? Dude its 20k the amount of money u spend is impressive


Wow also people do suck your dick when you ate rich

Axelsmasher Lee says:

i feel like this is major acting….he is a very bad actor and this whole thing is probably set up as advertisement for the airline or something…no way he’d be the only one in that lounge and spa

Steve Rowell says:

Excellent very enjoyable to watch

Evan Valder says:

how does he get those shots outside the plane

Mehmet Adıyaman says:

At the risk of sounding like a party pooper, I didn’t see a single happy person in the video, looks like everybody is just overacting their roles with the fake smiles pasted on their faces where actually they are fed up to the back teeth with their lives.

Intra Vista says:

It’s amazing, looks just like Ryanair.

Meow Woof says:

I need to make friends with this guy!

Meadow stream says:

These get less cringy the more I watch them. He’s just too nice and enthusiastic about it and i think that’s what makes it cringy. But at least he’s really nice

bornface kambatika says:

Sam must be a very rich dude I guess….the treatment is more than that of a president

PS3paulio2000 says:

i love you and your channel

crim loard says:

the whole video make me feel rich :'(

BlackpinkFan1998 says:

Ok so because of the music this sounds like a bad soap opera..

eric eubank says:

how the rich feel like

Trixites says:

UAE has the best flying classes ever even if expensive the first class sucks in other countries not sucks but not as good as uaes

André Pereira says:

For 20k flight attendants are included in the right price? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Louis Perrin says:

It would be the saddest moment of my life when I land on that flight

Sōsuke Aizen says:

Bruh these flight attendants hot af

Darth Stewie says:

God. Damn. Rich. People.

Adopt me.

Indenhurst says:

The staff act like he owns the plane and the hotel lol. So polite and cringey

Niels E says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the song playing in the background?

Elijah Koontz says:

That lady will never leave him alone

United Computers says:

WHAT A VIDEO….your best yet !!!!…just one question…you obviously had a cameraman assisting?

Olivia jr. says:

He is such a nice guy for the F class passenger. Some passengers could be such an idiots even if u r behaving with them like they r kings.

Mario Rossi says:

the blonde

rshenster says:

Wait so what is Leanne going to do now? (I watched this just for her lmao)

Bradley Abel says:

I’m happy just sitting is the way back seat of coach

Joker says:

Why does she need to wear them Mickey Mouse gloves?

Raymond Ling says:

I must say, my hats off to you because you are NOT sponsored by an airline. It just makes the review and opinion much more valuable to me as a viewer….

Dandeny Muñoz Mosquera says:

it’s nice to know what things i’m never going to experience

Connor Jensen says:


Heather Beach says:

how rich is this guy?

Metoo LOCKED says:

It’s nice and all but air NEW ZEALAND premium Econo y is enough for me. it’s comfy,warm, solid sized screen and staff who love their job and meeting every one. One attendant sat down and had a full hour chat while everyone was sleeping as it was a 12 hour flight, NZ to lux. And the man remembered me after 2 weeks for when I flew back (I’m 16) and you get free food.

PS3paulio2000 says:

tbh i would steal everything

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