Inside Singapore Airlines’ New Hotel-Style Suites

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This plane suite is like a hotel room in the sky. Singapore Airlines has brand-new A380 first-class suites. Zach Honig, editor at The Points Guy, was one of the first people to experience it. To get to the suites, you go up a grand staircase. There’s a sliding door for privacy, and each suite has a bed and a chair. Some suites can be combined to make a double bed.

Honig found the suites to be very roomy. You can fold the bed up to make more space. You get a 32-inch touch screen display, and there are storage bins and a closet. These first-class suites don’t come with access to a shower, but the bathrooms are double in size. All Singapore-owned A380s are expected to have the new cabins by the end of 2020. Would you ever go back to economy?


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Harris Choudhry says:

New? I thought first class on Singapore A380 was always a bedroom like this.

shook says:

Me, please.

Park Seung Hee says:

That lag on the touchscreen interface gave me cancer

KNO says:

Actually this is how it should be. Maybe a lil bit cheaper. It shouldn’t be first class vs economy. It should be hotel vs just people hitching a ride.

Arfah Kammelar-Aripin says:

I am not rich but being in Singapore airlines economy is already luxury for me.

kingtoyab69 says:

“would you ever go back to economy?” no idea rather pay £10,000’s for a seat that costs more than the holiday I’m going to.

PlasticRevolver Bee says:

Someone please feed those poor kids in Africa before they’re eaten by vultures. Shame.!

Ayman Zaidan says:

we can finally have sex comfortably in the sky !!!!1

VikingOnSofa says:

Proud to be a singaporean tbh

Alexandria School of Science says:

Buy your own jet better

Vikram Singha says:

Good for having sex in privacy and also makes it easier to join the mile high club 😉

김진영 says:

not feeling any turbulence here?

Atom Baxter says:

No shower access? Only one touch screen display?

BlueTaurianBull says:

Sound proof also
‘ will be good for MOANING sounds of women…

Suppamomoyolo Esso says:


Lipo says:

New Emirates rival…

holoholo haole no ka oi says:

what’s the price?

[ KowToo] says:

Can you join yhe mile high club in it

TweFoji says:

WOULD I EVER GO BACK TO ECONOMY? BITCH PLEASE, i am 31 years old and the best seat i ever had in SQ was the Premium Economy and i thought it was fuckin amazing, i can’t even afford a Business class, let alone First Class Suites! ( well i could afford a business class if i wanted to, but i’d rather save that budget for extra awesome days for the holiday food spending )

chench says:

Does it come with that girl for fucking?

Ryan Murray says:

Best way to join the mile high club

Laventador Alindog says:

NICe!! is it posible to have SEX while at 35,000 feet above the earth?

Random Hentai says:

*wakes up in the middle of the night*
*hears someone moaning*
Me: wtf

thebahooplamaster says:

Wow! Hope the plane doesn’t crash while you’re in bed!

[07-14] Job K. says:

damn i wonder what business must be ?!

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