How the Uber of Private Jets Is Winning Over Celebrities and CEOs

April 20 — Why fly first class when you can book your own private plane? XOJET, the private jet company backed by TPG Capital, can take you across the U.S. faster than a commercial flight and its service is on demand. The company keeps client names secret, but social media posts from Instagram and Twitter reveal a few of them, including celebrities The Rock and DJ Tiesto. Bloomberg’s Ramy Inocencio takes a private tour over Manhattan with XOJET CEO Brad Stewart.


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Achilleas Drakou says:

The actual uber of jets is called JetSmarter. This is BS

Rauhaan Inamdar says:

What kind of potato phone is he recording on :L

Hugo Papiernik says:

“their net worth is around 30 or 40 million, the top 10% of the 1 %”…. That is so so not accurate at all….

MazeAviation says:

0:27 “flashbacks intensify”

JD Punzalan says:

Want a trip to Saturn?
Call us
ALJET Company

Calvin Wong says:

Given the convenience and privacy of a private jet. $30K from NY to LA is not outrageously expensive when you can share it among 6 passengers. $10K per person round trip.

Supernova12034 says:

so rich enough to temporarily rent the plane but not rich enough to buy one? got it

iDIMi says:

Top 10% of the top 1%? Net worth 30 million or more? I dont think so..

Last chance says:

i was thinking of buying a jet but it looks much easier to just rent it when ever you need it.

Chewy says:

Uber jet 22 million, uber car $2200

lostchild2003 says:

Whoever pays $30,000 to fly from LA to NYC is a complete idiot.

Daniel Shaikhali says:

I rather get a private jet

Last chance says:

i was thinking of buying a jet but it looks much easier to just rent it when ever you need it.

mustafa karabiyik says:

Was that Saruman?

Mehnoor Dhillon says:

seems like a regular ass jet charter company

PP says:

In other words, this is business aviation and has been around for decades. Just because you put “Uber” in front of everything doesn’t mean it’s new.

Benjamin Ruiz says:

Pals care It is sicm# job# cup

Josh Pearce says:

pound severe life counseling ball accuse

Tegan Burns says:

30k my ass!! Anyone willing to pay that for a 6hr flight has their own jet

Airplanesnsuch says:

I thought of this idea when Uber first came out. Im a pilot on a couple corporate jets and most of the time they are 1 or 2 pax on board lol Could work to help lower operating costs for owners

Ramazan Shaqiri says:



i want you rich fuuuuuuucks to die

Simon Cheng says:

in 2:18 the relay satellites connection ( LSE: ISAT) or NYSE MKT: GSAT / NYSE: I and IRDM without using any password to connect? we thought their is 802.1x with EAP-SIM via Wireless Pre Shared Key second enterprise in AAA login via(CSCO/JNPR), also generate a invidical non copy certificate via global HQ in LDAP (light weight authorization protocol )also login server for traffic analysis and classification

in 2:32 the plane make by french corp or (NYSE:BA) or ?

also will the Uber PJ back end date operator /admin pro mist not using the customer details for marketing proposal ? not handle to jouristism , not giving it to authority / regional agency or national NGO? Nor recording and monitoring (blur) what the customer doing in their trip (which should protecting by the customer nationality(dual or multi-citizenship local law than the register company law >_< Finally our VC/PE grp who guess the customer who speaking (arabic/urdu/Farsi/hanJa , African language/ PYCCKNN /roumania /West-north mandarin/ bahasa / Teng Viet as their first language)

anes shaban says:

anyone know the name of the brand of the headphones the pilots wearing?

Don Baxley says:

Now that is living!

Bostin Aycock says:


Adolf Hitler says:

Don’t care.

HamTheKid says:

why he look like matt damon?

parijat chatterjee says:

the pilots at the end of the video are actually using bose headphones

Mountain Man says:

Wheel Up not even top 3 wtf?

poosnip says:

I will never pay 30k for Ny – LA. FUCK THAT. I might as well buy my own plane. That’s a totally extortionate price for anything that lasts less than a day and doesn’t have ownership of an asset attached. I feel insulted

Leggo My Ego says:

That was not at all informative. How is there service any different from the netjet marquis card and other similar programs?

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