How Budget Airlines Work

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Flying is an expensive endeavor, but somehow certain budget airline are able to sell tickets for less than 10 euros. This is how they work.


Thanks to Reddit users Phynub and Joey23art for their contributions and fact-checking.

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active285 says:

There are some issues you forgot to mention. They try to spoil labor rights as best as possible: Pilots mostly earn less than half of their respected competitors, are normally all self-employed (with all risks). Similar problems hold for the flight attendants and ground staff. They pay less or nothing in the social security and pension system, can be easily fired as it pleases RyanAir etc. etc. So indirect they ruin the social protection systems. Pilots are compelled to fuel less, because “remains” are normally deducted from their vages. Maybe from an American perspective this is ok, not from the civilised world in Europa.

Menno says:

This was the most interesting of your videos I binge watched. Made so much sense and since i’m from Europe and use Ryan air a lot I recognised a lot of things

Eric L says:

It sounds like I need to move to Europe so I can get cheap plane tickets

the.abhiram.r says:

Why do some airlines own budget airlines?

Nicolai Bratsberg says:

Oslo Rygge Airport in Norway had to shut down because Ryanair left

Jean Colley says:

I regularly fly with a budget airline in North America (shout out to Porter) and it continues to be the best experience I have flying.

LAD Fan says:

Is Fly Emirates and Qatar Airways a budget arline?


south west also make the first come first serve because they don’t want people to miss their flights or delay because they cost money

Wong anonymous says:

what about Qantas and jetstar

mark donegan says:

Ryanair in the past few months do now recoginse unions so it might affect the cost of flying

Gaming Edge says:

I only fly first class

Emir Tunalı says:

whats the name of the song that is playing on the background

Ugandan Knuckles says:

id say false, cuz im pretty sure they stick a picture of the sky to the window and actually drive u there instead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

sagarboss2004 says:

Nicely explained

Morte Parla says:

RIP Ryanair.

United Webs Deals says:

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Tom S. says:

Not all discount airlines use the point-to-point model. WOW Airline and Icelandair route all their flights through Keflavik International Airport near Reykjavik, Iceland, and Frontier operates most of their flights through Denver. Southwest doesn’t have many transcontinental flights, either. They route cross-country passengers through their many “focus cities”, most notably Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Nashville and Baltimore.

Scifi Games says:

You spelled employes not employees

reddragon6362 says:

Poor airlines don’t make that much boo hoo. Right, and that’s why they charge different prices for the same flights on different days of the week. Operating costs are the same but if you want the convenience of flying out on a Saturday you’re going to pay extra for it.

Luke Dawson says:

3:24 ouch, rough landing!

Hamez says:

Jetstar in Australia is owned by QANTAS and is one of the main budget airlines over here. But, the budget flight market isn’t as strong in Australia.

The Puppet says:

Spirit Airlines, fly with us!

… and we’ll see!!

-Rizky249- says:

RyanAir vs EasyJet? I’ll take Lufthansa.

Zeeshan Liaqat says:

excellent video

Manager Admin & Sales says:

for any issues related to air travel kindly visit

Snoopy says:

So is delta an expensive airline?

Miguel Pinto says:

Interesting article! Will they continue to work this way? Not sure if it’s sustainable. Great video

Bryce Maximum says:

Luton isn’t in London btw

DrDewott says:

Yeah I use Budget airlines all the time when I’m travelling. Our family are Norwegian Airlines Regulars (Sometimes we take SAS too but if Norwegian is available then we’ll take it!)

Chrismas Pug says:

Why cant rianair cant fly to london bcuz i was flying to london with rianair

Trevor Honeyman says:

We managed to bag a return flight from UK to Ireland for £2. You cant even get a bus to the town centre for that. So a day in Ireland it was – just because it was cheap and we could!

Daphne Riversong says:


Английский без ГМО says:


Maureen Kitty says:

Well of course the low budget Rayn Air would outbeat the low budget Eurowings. Why should I pay 60€ for a one way ticket with Eurowings if I can get a ticket with Lufthansa for 80€?! The service in Eurowings is on the same level of Rayn Air but way below the level of their superior – Lufthansa. And the difference is only 20€……   (for a trip for example Paris- Frankfurt).

Isaac Hoque says:

What’s a tarmac? Do you mean Gate, Apron, Taxiway, or Runway?

Abdulrahman Aqeel says:

Budget Airlines are a great way of traveling, but make no mistake in baggage weight or size or you’ll end up paying sometimes half the cost of your ticket to carry your bags onboard

Hann Gjermund says:

Norwegian is the best airline i would say.

iKnowz says:


Kyland719 says:

7:56 “employes”

Peter McCormick says:

Easy jet fly a319 all the time as well as the a320

SHiR8 says:

Air France didn’t create Transavia. Transavia has been a carrier since 1966 and was bought by KLM in 1991 and since has developed into a low cost carrier. Don’t think it’s failing either…

Pavlína Kohoutová says:

Just to let you know, Ryanair has 25 min turnaround. Also if you fail to print your boarding pass it’s around 15 €, 50€ is for failing online check in.

Cordell40 says:

Interesting, however Treviso, non Trevioso!

Howdy Hoo says:

Eliminate the use minimum fuel and make the aircraft glide far saves money lots of money

Tiersinski Ti Ferro says:


El P says:

interesting video, couldn’t finish it tho, I find the upspeak and vocal fry annoying but in a effeminate guy to me is unbearable, good luck next time.

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