How Airlines Prepare Food! Singapore Airlines SUITES – FIRST CLASS – BUSINESS CLASS FOOD REVIEW!

I was invited to get an inside look at how food is prepared and chosen for Singapore Airlines. I was able to see the foods laid out from Suits to First Class to Business Class and witness the process the team goes through in determining what meals to serve in flight.

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barbj672000 says:

Hey, Mike…. Eff the Food Network….. Get hooked up with The Travel Channel!! 🙂

Effe araia says:

What a voice the communications guy had :O

NaNg Ng says:

What’s the difference between this channel and all other channel? Mike’s gonna have to give me some instructions lol

ailison kelland says:

flew with SQ last week. they ran out of butter chicken. the remainder was not as good as I have had before on SQ…..

enviivne says:

*”that cake might be cheesier than I am”* hahahaha

Cristoffer Cedergren says:

Did you show any cooking? No.

Gabi Drake says:

When did this channel start??

Kiet Vo says:

the resemblence with jackie chan is sick… nice video’s tho.

tempesttube says:

LOL I was wondering if it was Flying Food. I used to do IT consulting for them. If if wasn’t them, I was going to suggest that you contact them.

Garlic City says:

The title of this video is rather misleading, it should’ve been entitled “how did I eat Singapore airlines food”, no preparation shown

Sage Lee says:

I have a lot of respect for you — you never seem shy or the least bit ashamed to express your feelings and honest opinions! I’d be way too awkward to applaud a chef in public no matter how good a dish is, heh.. Thank you for all the videos you make! I like to live vicariously through them, ‘experiencing’ such a huge variety of food without having to actually travel anywhere (although it gets pretty torturous sometimes). Your passion for what you do passes over so well. c:

Fallacy says:

I guess those tasting efforts are only primarily focused on business class duhh thats how the world works

TacticalPanda says:

Did you just eat rare pork? Is that even a thing?

Ashley Simmons says:

he should have his own show

seven henson says:

What’s the economics of having multiple YouTube channels with average subscribers vs just one with a huge number of subscribers?

Alicia Ellis says:

Great video!

No one. says:

lol ur applause are always so funny

Macabre says:

Medium rare pork? Pork stoisk always be cooked well done

Deadzio says:

to many channels :/ but money counts…

EddyGurge says:

I don’t really have a reason to go on Singapore Airlines for travel, but now I want to fly just for the food!

Raven Wrath says:

This is super interesting. Thanks for getting this opportunity =D

dark echo says:

I fly SQ premium class so many times and unfortunately they never cook the steak that medium, always well done.

thedoneeye says:

The outfit you were wearing looked like you were going behind the scenes of “Westworld”

aadish 99 says:

Hi mikey

Ruben Potter says:

He looks like a Doctor sitting in some medical review board towards the end of the video 🙂

Elizabeth Lau says:

Mike, this might sound weird but maybe you should create your own company that reviews food from around the world and publish a magazine/book that details where you can get the best of the best meals, according to different budgets, how accessible it is from tourist spots/airports/points of interests. If its Mike Chen’s recommendation, the magazine would be like a treasure map to me. Also, if you’re hiring people to eat with you, i’ll gladly send in my resume.

Steven Ward says:

I wanna be Mike Chen when I grow up

Madison Taylor says:

I only eat steak when it is pepper crusted. If done right you can still taste the steak. It is so yummy.

Garlic City says:

The title of this video is rather misleading, it should’ve been entitled “how did I eat Singapore airlines food”, no preparation shown , am disappointed

Liche Christ says:

In all my traveling experiences by airline, I’ve never been disappointed or dissatisfied with meal service, ever!

Mike Custer says:

I always feel like when we get a inside look of a restaurant kitchen or something its just that time because they’re being filmed. Who knows whats actually going on when there isn’t camera there.

AzraelThanatos says:

Mikey, the one thing that you aren’t going to experience the way you’re tasting it is the pressure and altitude shift to taste buds. One article on it is here

Douglas Murcia says:

my dude was waiting for more food at the the end

Sam Bhattacharya says:

Chicken and pork must be fully cooked all the time .

Wilson Wong says:

I like your idea of a buffet flight. But if there’s any airsickness, that dude would throw up a bucket load of puke!

哇洗淋老杯 says:

Avoid airplane food whenever possible, have a drink or two and sleep instead. Frequent flyers all know this!

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