Full Flight on a Private Jet! | Cessna Citation CJ4 | Luxembourg to Dusseldorf (with ATC)

A full length full flight video in real time, from Luxembourg to Dusseldorf, onboard Hahn Air Cessna Citation CJ4 D-CHRB operating flight HR311 on July 29 2016.

**Every moment of the flight included from airport to airport. ATC for full flight.**

BOOK THIS FLIGHT: https://goo.gl/QjBwq4

Our journey begins outside the terminal at Luxembourg International Airport, before we enter the terminal to check in at the Luxair desks. From there it’s an easy transition through security to the departure lounge, which is pretty quiet. We make our way to the gate for today’s flight, where the passenger service agent soon arrives and informs me that I’m the only passenger on today’s flight!

The very quick boarding is completed and I make my way down to the bus, on which I’m the only passenger, to be driven out to today’s ride, Cessna Citation CJ4 D-CHRB. The captain is waiting to welcome me onboard, and I climb aboard the luxurious private jet to take my pick of the aircraft’s 6 seats!

The captain shuts the door behind me and welcomes me aboard, giving me information about the aircraft’s route, and a brief safety briefing showing the position of the exits, and how to operate the seat and seatbelt.

He then takes his place in the flight deck and fires up the engines to take us on our short flight to Dusseldorf. We taxi out to runway 24, holding short for a couple of arrivals, before we line up on the runway. After our take off clearance, the pilots push the throttles open, and we power down the runway like a rocket, getting airborne after only a few seconds. Within a couple of minutes we’re at 10,000ft and the seatbelt sign is switched off as we climb away to our cruising altitude of 23,000ft.

The captain pops his head back into the cabin and asks if I’d like to go and watch them on the flight deck for a bit, of course I said yes!

We then get a good chance to have a look around the cabin, trying out various features such as the tables, seat positions, and the very cool electric window blinds!

We soon begin our descent into Dusseldorf, contacting Dusseldorf Approach to get our vectors for an ILS approach onto runway 23R. We get a fantastic view of the approach through the flight deck, and touch down smoothly on runway 23R before getting instructions to taxi to the GAT (General Aviation Terminal) at Dusseldorf. We taxi to the GAT, eventually pulling up alongside a number of other private jets. The captain opens the door to let me off, introducing me to the bus, which again I have all to myself!

The bus takes me in to the terminal, where I walk through to the street outside the terminal.

Airline: Hahn Air
Flight: HR331
Aircraft: Cessna Citation CJ4 D-CHRB
From: Luxembourg (LUX)
To: Dusseldorf (DUS)
Departure: 15:52
Arrival: 16:19
Flight Time: 00:27
Seat: All of them!
Flight Path: http://goo.gl/kirzff

✈ ✈
Equipment used:

Camera: GoPro Hero4 Silver http://goo.gl/Wz7Uxt
Mount: Generic suction mount http://goo.gl/E2vRBs
Swivel Mount: http://goo.gl/vWQVne
Boya Frame Case for GoPro: http://goo.gl/tqM3H1
Battery: Anker E7 25600mAh http://goo.gl/ZXfxOy
MicroSD cards: Sandisk 128GB http://goo.gl/KDjm4Y


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Bret Hammett says:

Inflight hello hi how are you? I am fine doing good nice. I remember you will someone is Boeing 4 jet Aircraft small your seat window by the wing. Then will very pretty to Clouds cool. From Düsseldorf to Orlando Florida Boeing 747, and your new Seat 38 or 41 window by the WingView great lucky. If you try want to Your Go Pro Hero Video Record ALL and want to new Hours 9 Hours 55 Minutes Done. I remember you will take are people,s of Enjoy to World Wrestling Entertainment to Raw and Smackdown WWE Done. Thank you 🙂 . Bye

poimoi12 says:

Un Flight Report Magnifique !! Franchement du bon boulot !! A quand la prochaine vidéo?

James Herrera says:

maybe a dumb question but does it have a bathroom in it

бумажное море says:

ты большой молодец Мне очень понравился этот полет

Markus Schult says:

Thank you so kindly for posting. Have you booked this trip together with “airevents”? This is a very detailed and gorgeous full-flight video from LUXEMBOURG-FINDEL to my home-airport of DÜSSELDORF-INTERNATIONAL. THUMBS UP for YOU!!

Max Field Chaves Feu says:

alguém pode informar o valor pago num voo comercial e nesse jato particular??

Sean Wolfe says:

Subscribe if you like planes or a clown will kill you

Roberto Ataro says:

that’s not what I heard.

бумажное море says:

А скоко стоит билет на самалет


the best secne is to showing airport.

Huskywelpe says:

*Start bei **36:26**!*

jaypek43 says:

Holy shit…fast off the ground! Nice vid!

Clive Sinclair says:

Interesting that the aircraft is park with commercial ones. Most private aircraft park away from commercials- so they can allow their customers to drive straight up to them – without going through the main terminal area.

Sam Harper says:

I missed this one in my subs list. Automatic thumbs up crew signing in and watching the video now… 😀

Nathan G says:

how do you mount the camera to the window?

Wembler2 Hopscotch™ says:


My son rly wants to be a pilot when he’s older and own his own private jet

I wish him the best of luck on his future dream job

Pythonbites says:

I never knew jets were strong enough to go above the clouds

lee hill says:

how’d you get a private jet there pleasure vids like a lot of us you must be paid for it whats your secret lol

Bret Hammett says:

Good for jet aircraft is very nice. Then will looking a clouds beautiful cool. Thank you:) .

Altenholz says:

Insanely good quality. Thanks for sharing! It’s like to be on board 🙂

Thomas 18 says:


MaxTheAussie says:

This is so cool! Love to sit through all your videos <3

Nathan Blease says:

I am not sure if I missed it from other questions- but how much was the flight? (Cost in gbp or euro) please was it a empty leg?

CaptainArt777 says:

The camera was so shaky in the beginning that we almost stop watching. Then came that old looking at the wing bs. I like to ask you, why do you focus on the wing when you have all that beautiful scenery outside?


STOP THE LIGHTS!! A private jet??? How can you afford to spend over $1,000-$10,000 on a private jet??? (I wish I could) (Tthe reason I put in a $ sign is because I’m using a MacBook) Thanks, Ruiari

dossard15 says:

I hope you liked our little airport in Luxembourg. It’s always my start-off point for vacation.

Gubx2 says:

Arabic man

David Schaap says:

Where did you get the ATC from??

★ Copypasterino Kripperino ★ says:

Is it mandatory to have 2 pilots even on such small aircrafts?

Also, what career do I have to partake in to be able to be jetted across Europe? 🙂 You must be very important 😉

Max McIntyre says:

Ear rape 36:10

Joe Rafferty says:

Great video, mind me asking how you managed to get on the flight? – Joe

jay bee says:

How did you book this flight?

jaypek43 says:

Interesting. ..no slats!

TheMusicLover says:

I wish I had one

Weather filter and Vlogger says:

Hi I felt I was on the flight with you

Skye Douglas says:

I doubt many cJ4 passengers use a bus

French Pilot says:

What an amazing airplane ! I lové your chanel 🙂

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