Flying the Presidential VIP Boeing 727 Private Jet

Join me for a flight onboard the luxury VIP Boeing 727 (Super 27) used by celebrities and head of state.

As a group, we chartered this jet to enjoy several low flying passes and a touch N go inside the Boeing 727!

YOU can also be the lucky one to fly on this and other VIP aircraft, keep an eye on my regular aviation tour on my website:

This airplane is also the last 727 to roll off the Boeing production line which has been upgraded to a Boeing Super 27!

For full story and more information, go to

Flying the Presidential VIP Boeing 727 Private Jet!


Theuniverse Isaniceplace says:

3:02 lmaooo

Zainab Haladu says:

Nice Sam chui

Felly says:


Karl Aiken says:

Sam, how do you get to do this? lol

Da Braddah says:

Op Op Op Op Oppa Gangnam Style

Jorge Godinez says:

Hey Sam I really like your videos, but I think you can improve your audio recording

Anil Kumar says:

I need to meet you sir one time

mackay4740 says:

Stunning jet. The727 is my all time favourite plane. It’s beautifully balanced and designed and had so many advanced features compared to the 707. Much quieter too. I envy your hobby Sam!!

Chihan Lee says:

Indeed water is coming. “Cut” water stops.

alex633333 says:

Wow Sam! Your lifestyle really inspires me, absolutely AMAZING videos!!

geta shiferaw says:

what do you commenters think of this?

Cashrock 800 says:

Jet ikr

Supes Me says:

Love your Videos Sam, Maybe you should see if you can set up a contest with one of these Airlines to fly some poor Shmoe like me someplace VIP like this 🙂

pranav vlogs in india says:

I love VIP planes

Love You says:

Sam don’t forget say “thank u to God” coz God verry love you.

Yu-Hsing Lee says:

It’s really awkward and unnecessary to shoot him in bed with four attendants!

Joseph Yu says:

哥们 你真有钱!

sudha sakthivel says:

It’s very bad airlines sam

Joy SImpson says:

It’s pretty loud in there lol

George Mulligan says:

That is what we call a near crash and go

b Mitchell says:

I will see if i can get the first flight attendant on my plane, she will say 200-150-100-50-touchdown

Captain Smiley The Dog says:

“Good afternoon welcome aboard.” replies with “Hello, welcome.”

Steven Douglas says:

very noisy Sam?

Rod Munch says:

I wonder how many people can still fly non-glass cockpits this like one?

Jaahda Jinnah says:

I want to live on it!!! And put in the middle of an Australian paddock.

台灣統一大中華中國共產黨遲早滅亡 says:

I am so happy seeing your videos

robert morrow says:

South African company, black flight attendants. White pilots and engineer.

Cashrock 800 says:

At 3:11 I see the flight attendant in the right by the open door

Denis Sulovic says:

Why do you have a $1 Microphone?!

aayush patel says:

What is your job i want to do this job for money and want to see this private class and private jet experience

Ryan Smith says:

Sam Great content as always..please have a try on Qatar Executive G600/650ER planes..

Wadu Hek says:

00:05 gang bang?

Dwight Looi says:

Donald Trump had one before he upgraded to the 757. Can you bail out in the tail from the central boarding stair/ramp?

Atilla Lachinsky says:

ya i ride this plane i spend money only for this and it was about $1B OMG

Suryan Isaac says:


Таня Рясина says:

Собственное производство летающих тарелок и элексира вечной молодости, НИOKР, без шуток

Zakk Gardner says:

… jeez

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