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What’s the black triumph model, the street scrambler one called???

PS Legion says:

I really hope you gave that phone to your dad

ownedweezybaby says:

I hope you gave that phone to your Dad

Wesley Nielsen says:

NYC born and raised, and I never thought of the Brooklyn Bridge as a tourist attraction.

ConstantCOD says:


Luke Fortnite videos says:

You might see spider man

到處尤伯杯 says:

It was a suburban but it’s cool

Sam Wilson says:

I honestly believe this is my Favorite Vlog.

james dunning says:

Keep it plzzzzz omg it’s better then the iPhone plzzzz

_NotLucas says:

he was literally in my neighborhood the whole time.he probably passed by my house a few times.

Alex Fenwick says:

Life Of Ken?????

Joe Bynoth says:

You should give Jordan the gimble

KainerPro says:

Never missed a vlog before but I’m like a month behind on them. Really enjoyed this one off you and your dad. You two are brilliant!!!!

ownedweezybaby says:

Don’t you love how Tom gets this whole phone set up when he will not use it due to being an iPhone person… I’m just over here like my phone sucks. The rich get richer?

Zalker 984 says:

He ain’t gettin no sleep till Brooklyn

Snow boys says:

Tom are you going to use the gimbal for vlogs or no?

KennyMan101 ! says:

You should make a collection of plane gifts. Like the lip balm ect.

George Markham says:

What is that jumper ur wearing on the plane? I need it, hope it’s not an older limited edition or I’m gonna be cheesed

Richard Thomas says:

What happened to the street scrambler

Pro XxX Gamer says:

I would pick the triumph street scrambler over the red triumph for sure I much prefer the old school style of bike.

Blake 799 says:

Tom fun fact Michael Jackson had a meeting in one of the twin towers on 9 11 but he over slept and missed his meeting

CHW_Games says:

My dad has a 1000CC triumph

Charlie Churchill says:

Awesome vlog New York looks beautiful

JP JB says:

Anyone else do mx? Braaapp

NovaNinja64 says:

So cool 🙂

Mayhem-Null says:

You and your dad reacts the exact same way its adorable

mge 2002 says:

Plz do motorvlogging!!!

George Markham says:

No way

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