Excellent Air France B777-200ER Business Class | TPE – CDG | 台北飞往巴黎(法国)

Second leg of a 30+ hour return flight from Sydney-Kingsford Smith to Paris-Charles de Gaulle via Taipei-Taoyuan. Flight AF 557. Landing at TPE Airport Terminal 2 – Gates D, China Airlines Business Class lounge. Air France Boeing 777-200ER Business Class cabin, taxi and take-off from runway 05R at TPE, 1h30 detour via the Hong-Kong route in order to “avoid” Mainland China, lunch, amenity kit, IFE, full flat bed, late afternoon snack, sun set, view of Paris in the dusk and the Eiffel Tower, approach and landing on runway 08R at CDG airport in Roissy.
Aircraft registration: F-GSPV. Seat 12A. (& 10A at takeoff). Flight on November 2nd, 2018.


Pritam Koli says:

Five star coverage

Arm Slides says:

Next time you are in TPE you need to try the CI lounge in T1. T2 lounge is adequate but T1 lounge is amazing design with a cool noodle bar.

Yannis Moutafis says:

Hello Pit.I see you had a great time in this flight my friend.I wish I could say that and for their economy class.It is really the day and the night.I flew with them from Panama city to Paris in a 772 of AF and it was a torture.The seats were awfully discomfort and the legroom dissapointing.I hope that they will have improvements in their new planes for all passengers.Cheers

DLRS1 says:

wow hiya never been the first to any vid before

Pierre Turrat says:

Excellente vidéo, beaucoup de travail pour nous offrir un très bon moment.. Merci même si je ne suis pas un grand fan d Air France.

huynh hong van Tran says:

Air France food service in TPE route looks quite nice, Love your trip review, Thanks sharing.

yvr2002rtw says:

Air France needs to get rid of those trays used in their business class meal service. They should instead place each item directly on the table like in a restaurant.

annecy49 says:

Hello, I have commented before on previous videos you make and I do enjoy your reviews — the music playing a good part. My only improvement I can make is to leave the subtitles a bit longer when they are on two lines… I had to rewind every time to read them in full. Oh, and I would have liked to see the Champagne list 🙂 Other than that, it’s better than watching TV! Thanks and fly safely 🙂

Acacia Bloom says:

I really like how you reported on the trip. Concise information and none of that jabber jabber some of the other well known YT flight reporters do. I maybe would have liked to see the menu a bit longer. For a country that is home to the most prestigious cuisine in the world, the food and presentation looked distinctly uninspired. I think it is essential that the flagship airline of a country should mirror the country’s cooking traditions on board. I am sure it all tasted adequate though.

bruce klassen says:

Just took this from cdg to lax. AOK except the food could really use an upgrade in business

Yochi Yochi says:

Hello, as you were filming, it was obvious that you had the best service. You paid to have this excellent comfort. I worked with AF, I can tell you that is tremendously different on the other side of the Company.
Personally, I love flying BRITISH AIRWAYS.

Steven Johnson says:

good video but all subtitles in English but you show the menus in French not English ,why not show both

Robin Mitchell says:

Nineteen minutes of pure pleasure… Merci beaucoup, Pit Spielmann!

iFlyTheWorld says:

The food service looks great. I have yet to fly on Air France.

Louis Chiu says:

The dejeuner was beautifully executed, With all the restaurant equivalent style and presentation. The FA seemed very attentive and professional. Another exceptional report. Bravo.

Daniel Hammond says:

Thank you for the video. Air France often receives a bad press here on YouTube. I have never traveled with them, but this video certainly shows them in a positive light. The food looked delicious!

Félix Maltchinski says:

Ça sera où et quand vôtre prochain vol?

Rex Oper says:

Long flight time bcoz they can’t overfly the mainland?

Ian Hamilton says:

Shower scene directly from a Hitchcock movie ))))))))
Great video/editing/review !

Flip Boerrigter says:

Great coverage! Captured all aspects! Much appreciated!

Alexander Trumm says:

Excellent video, i especially enjoyed the insertions during taxi, nice Touch which i have not seen at any others videos. Chappeau mon ami :’)

dcjimr1 says:

Another fabulous video! It makes me tired thinking of travelling for 30 hours.

tony tung says:

Pit, your are very thoughtful in chronicalling your flight experiences down to excellent selection of background music making watching that much more enjoyable. Keep up with the good work.

Egor Velichko says:

Another nice video )) thx a lot)!

D W says:

I always wonder can u get second if u r still hungry? Small bathroom and no one made your bed…. and if you get back on Saturday you can catch the Riot! JK

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