Etihad A380 First Class Apartment London to Abu Dhabi: MY BEST FLIGHT EVER!

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United Computers says:

What a shame the aircrat was 3 hours late and you had to spend the extra time in the lounge..:-)


The biggest surprise for me is, wtf is a pre-dessert XD

Corvus Tang says:

The best airplane video I had ever saw!

Saadmaan Yeaseer says:

This cabins are enough big

T Greene says:

I earn miles too but with the Star Alliance group

Linde Carr says:

you can see they are being not opulent more modern such as e if find this not so in your face well done.. so simply extravagant so subtle

MsKestrela says:

Absolute luxury! Nice report, and I’ll bet you had a fabulous vacation.

Sandra Brownlie says:

Think I should inform you LTE that I’ve just seen this exact same video posted by someone claiming it to be their vid. So unless you have 2 accounts you must have an imposter.

Lamborghini Live says:

now the million dollar question is
how many of those luxuries did you actually even use during that flight? & how much was a can of coke $50? lol

Rory McNicol says:

were you traveling with a freind

helio747 says:


ukpianoman2015 says:

Etihad First Class truly is the king/queen of all flying experiences. Great video btw.

Rorzy O'Boyle says:

Try “The Residence”

Daniel Griffiths says:

So nice

Aziz show A says:

how much is the first class

Flip Nation says:

Not trying to nosey or anything but is all of this out of pocket or do you take advantage of miles and/or memebership perks??

Francis Bagbey says:

Did Etihad tell you the reason for the 3 hr delay? Just curious.

nicko tolentino says:

Why are you afraid to show your face we won’t judge!

Pennywise4 says:

I can’t believe they are offering up Line 39 a $10-$13 a bottle in first class, that is pathetic… fact not a single wine is more than $35-40 a bottle apart from the Champagne…Whilst I do think Etihad has the far superior first class suit, the drinks on Emirates are better ( Dom vs Bolli ..) I don’t really care for it but emirates also has caviar for it’s first class customers , Etihad offers some rather average looking raw vegetables…..

Yota Takeshima says:

3-hour delay means more time in the lounge with tarmac views? I’m fine with that

Mahammad Hamza says:

I like it

QueenE Jj says:

Your camera work is always flawless. A pleasure to watch.

Prathmesh Repal says:

best flight report i have ever saw

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