Emirates Boeing 777 new First Class Dubai to Brussels (AMAZING!)

Join me on this phenomenal trip onboard Emirates’ B777 new First Class suites from Dubai to Brussels. Read a review of this flight on my blog: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2018/12/19/review-emirates-b777-first-class/

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Cujo19760210 says:

The price of the ticket must be very expensive!!!

ducebigalow says:

maybe airlines should start thinking in other direction and focusing on service, making the flight an experience, and not just about how many people can they pack into a plane.  Maybe more people would want to fly?

Алексей Ксензов says:

Future Kaliningrad!!)))

D. Martin says:

Vulgar and exclusionary. Share the wealth.

Boris Kurtovich says:

I usually travel in a better way on my G5

Lulu says:

I would like to know which camera you used on this video

kev7161 says:

Well, I guess if you’ve got the money you might as well spend it!

Виталий Борисов says:

да вы ахуели

Marty Parsons says:

Very nice review. My wife and I really enjoyed your work. As I am on a project in Dubai at present, it was important for me to see this review. I haven’t flown First Class with Emirates, but have flown Economy in their B777-300 twice now. Plenty of room in the Economy Class as well as excellent service. We’ll be flying with Emirates from DBX to Perth soon as well. We may have to consider an upgrade to Business Class. Thanks for your video!

Maximus Carsonite says:

@24:28 NO FOX NEWS????


I am having problems with this video. Who can give me an access code to fix it?

mwoelfle says:

You can control the climate in your suite? Perfect. I’d have that thing an icebox when I had the bed turned down. I find that many airlines keep the cabin (coach, admittedly) far too warm for my comfort.

J CaaM says:

I would expect the hot towels to be much better than a five star hotel, not many five star hotels cost 20k dollars for a seven hour stay. It’s also very sad to see a 777 so empty.

Rolf Lückel says:

Wie bedauerlich, dass fliegen immer weniger lange dauert!? Was soll diese dekadente Scheiße???
Lass doch die armen Schlucker die Umwelt retten, das kleine bischen Dreck welches wir Reichen machen fällt doch gar nicht auf?
Sorry, aber wer so fliegt, ist ökologisch nicht tragbar!

Jonathan Perceval Maxwell says:

This ad or documentary is utterly boring…..

Mike Lee says:

People are starving in the world. Do you really need that much attention.

Susazeu says:

A sofa bed is not a bed, no matter how well they engeneer it.

Jogador15 says:

I didn’t think I’d be able to watch the entire 28min, but this was a very nice video.

Дмитрий Иванов says:

This video like in a hotel on a hotel-channel on TV )))

Nick Dawn says:

This felt like nothing more than an advertisement for Emirates first class, all the food is prepared before hand as well and is only plated/reheated on the plane. Empty economy does not really matter either becaus business and first is what pays for the flight.

Forge Training Centre says:

Do you put cost of the flights you take ?

alex741321 says:

For me this is not worth 10k dollars

Станислав Шишов says:

Супер!!! очень все достойно конечно.

Paul Leather says:

I’d keep the slippers the robe the binoculars and the headphones. The shave kit should also have sensitive shaving foam.

kasam hussain says:

PIA can learn alot from this

Paul Bushay says:

I’d never get off of the plane!!

John Smith says:

too much luxury!

CuteFox says:

No shower cabin??

Alejandra Silva says:

In October 2018, the United Nations warned that 13 million people face starvation in what could be “the worst famine in the world in 100 years.” The following month, a report by Save the Children estimated that 85,000 children under the age of five have died from starvation.

gangia2006 says:

Not impressed about lounge and food, they can do better, much better !

JψNIOR says:

It’s so elegant that I feel bad about all of this! Being a poor guy is terrific!

Vitality Massage says:

What does it mean if there are people living like spoiled pricks and others living in poverty with no food? Please help me! I’m confused….

OLEG SL says:

Добрый день! Очень интересное видео! Подписался на ваш канал. Сколько стоит билет на этот рейс? Спасибо и удачи!

Shin Diggio says:

Superb camera work.

Ben Ford says:

Lynx in first class! The irony.

Hank Roedell says:

Wow…. look at that. I could sleep on the floor there, and never mind at all.


Hope they dont mind , 3 hour sleepovers , due to comfortable leather couches;

raju haldar says:

Why am I watching this!!?

demetrio Lopez Blanco says:

very impressive…but the plane was empty…no passengers….so much luxury for nobody…

whoopdiddydo says:

Fun fact: you die in a crash like the people in coach.

katkat33 says:

Beautiful suite. Do you use any special technique for filming out the window? It looks very clear without reflection.

Titus Muchiri says:

Free WiFi? I have to try it.

Albert Walter says:

First class isn’t that expensive…unless you’re a business man

Adam says:

how much does a cop of coffee cost in that class?

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