Emirates Boeing 777 new Business Class Brussels to Dubai

Read my review of this flight here: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2018/11/28/review-emirates-b777-business-class/

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Kim Rein says:

Great video. You must have changed Camera? Which one do you use?

Andrew D Turton says:

3 seats in the middle and they call it business class !!!!!

G Todd says:

2-3-2 biz class,.. LOL!

Randy Mac says:

Not sure if someone at EK ever reads the constructive criticism from it’s F and J class passengers or not…. Or if they sit back and think, Hey, it’s my plane, so it’s our way or the highway. Pick your poison. But I can say for me as a J class flyer the 2x2x2 is old school. And going back in time is really not for me…………… So I will do it my way, and not book that ride.

Joel Sng says:

a flight report from Brussels to Dubai however that screen still shows vice-versa! LOL , have flown with their A380 AMS-DXB-BKK return at BC and found the service was rather flat.

Felice Graziano says:

1:47 I would just take that whole tray of croissants with me

Pavel Adamek says:

You know what? I can imagine a COUPLE traveling together taking the aisle plus the centre/middle seat. The wife gets the aisle and the husband gets the less favorite middle seat, while still (almost) rubbing shoulders with the wife. Better than being in separate suites with fixed partitions.

Junho Lee says:

Is that B777-200er or 300er?

claus stimpfig says:

impeccable menu Service on this flight. Luxury all the way…how revolting the meal Service is on Delta or United in Businessclass.

have a look at the vintage champagne

. No U.S. carrier offers that in c/cl.

Cabin and seats look top notch.

5 star Airline.

Francis Kamwenje says:

Majestic travel. I love the whole setting. It looks fantastic.

FrankypankyV8 says:

Weird that the B777 is a new plane, but no winglets?

Dumbin O'Malley says:

Why does Brussels airport have the same sound as London Heathrow’s?

Christine Michele says:

I’m flying from the States to Dubai on Emirates soon. I’m going insist on an isle seat. That 2-3-2 layout
is ridiculous.

Arslan Mustafa says:

Loved ur review but I was unable to find the melodious music despite strenuous search. Share the link please! Obliged much

Farzana Tariq says:

Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz make a video in air india,air china and PIA These are my favourite airlines. You make emirates airline vlog currently. I like emirates and etihad airways toooo. I request you Plz Make PIA VLOG AND OTHER AIRLINES I TELL YOU ABOVE

Mark Caliboso says:

It is free the Chauffeur service or you will pay it?

Sharon Fauber says:

I would like one by the window

Adit Oke says:

2-3-2 seating is not business class standard, i will be dissapointed if i pay for business class and get this seating layout a specially if i got the one in the middle seat. it is like the same taste as premium economy class….

Ronaldy Ongky says:

Im flying business this exact plane next month. Im flying alone, in dilemma on choosing window or aisle seat. What do you think? Isnt it difficult to get out if i choose window?

istical 3stan says:

So much better than watching Sam Chui getting pampered and ass kissed for half the video. Thanks!

Noah Burquest says:

Great review best one I’ve seen on YouTube, I do prefer the 1-2-1 layout on other aircraft and airlines but all in all Emirates in my opinion are one of the best airlines and operate over 100 of my favourite aircraft the B777

Jonnie Bangkok says:

I thought EK was going to 2-2-2 seating in Biz on their new 777s…yet this was a very new plane and still features the 3 across middle seats. Disappointing for sure.

ants161984 says:

Beautifully put together – very nice and simple , unlike some of the boring walk through talk through vloggers.

Akshat gupta says:

Instead of Subtitles start to narrate it would make your video Interesting and will help in growing your channel fast

Francis Bagbey says:

Thanks for showing the full takeoff roll. Always like to time how long different aircraft take to get airborne.
Looking forward to your 777 first class report next month.
Given all the jets Emirates has on order, hope they have inexpensive rights to terminate contracts; seems that it has an unreasonable number of planes on order.

Luca. K says:

Do someone know if the plane from Brussels (Emirates) to Dubai also have a new economy class?

Avery Liu says:

Im wondering how many people operate this channel? One or two?

Matt Yamamoto says:

This new config is really aesthetically pleasing, but i think its a step back from the previous 121 configuration. But then again, profit.

Reda Geburtstag Abdel Hamid says:

2 -3 – 2 Configuration…. Absolutely No Go!!! If i fly to Asia. Never again with Emirates. Try China Airlines and safe 30% of the price

Michael Burke says:

Only 20Mb free WiFi? Yeah, that’ll go a long way fer sure, fer sure… NOT

cloud specs says:

Schiphol is better

AlhumdolillahHi RabilAalamin says:

People like me who mostly travel alone… need privacy rather then entertainment
So there should be doors for privacy along with the sign of (DND Donot disturb ) in business class too

Mike Garnham says:

2/3/2 – how very ’90’s?

kenjryker says:

That centre seat is a horror. Shameful installing this as a ‘new’ product in 2018. Take your business elsewhere or at least to their A380 !!

X-Spot Aviation says:

Nice video as always. I just reviewed LH and (old) EK Business Class and was not very convinced about LHs 2-3-2 config so it is rather dissapponting to see the same stuff at Emirates…

Iqbal Azhar says:

What is your camera you use?

Juancamilo Velazque says:

Hola gracias por estos Videos tan geniales son muy bonitos

Ian Pilkington says:

Absolutely love the sound of that thrust on take off

Lausi Meyer says:

Why should I spend money for 2-3-2 configuration in Business Class, when I can get Q-Suites or reverse heringbone seats for approx. the same price at the competition? Those seats in the center are not worth any money.

vicky pedia says:

How much you paid?

vse i obovsem, tochka says:

Ништяк самолет!

xGqt X says:

Shit when you can fly Qatar Qsuite

Riding Home says:

Nice and detailed video, very pleasant to watch. Thank you. The lounge at BRU is a disgrace, the food offering is of poor choice, and seems to come out of an industrial catering factory. One hot dish for lunch, that’s a joke. And what a dish – meat balls with rice! That’s what canteens serve to primary school kids. As a regular traveller who likes eating fruits, I notice that you can never find a peeler in business lounges. The lunch served on board looks good on the menu, but EK doesn’t deliver on promises – presentation of the appetizer was sub-standard, the main looks mushy, and the dessert, well, is always to small 😉

Michael Burke says:

67 mph on a taxiway? Either the Entertainment Computer suffers from situational awareness interruptus or the Pilot needs a ticket… lol

Viktor Tsoy says:

Which camera do you use for shooting?

Ryan Berrabah says:

Excellent review, as always 😉

Craig Willis says:

2-3-2 would put me off…shorter flights I can deal with but anything over 10 hours…no way so I would always want and aisle seat and probably in the middle…they are a great airline but for 1 x 2 x 1 would be the go! Wonderful review again !

Reg M says:

Donald Trump would approve of all the wood and gold trim.

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