Diamond DA62 Flight Trial

Diamond Aircraft has been touring with its new luxe twin, the DA62. Avweb’s Paul Bertorelli recently flew with the airplane and shot this flight trail video.


MerryfaceAviation says:

I did my training in the Da42, and absolutely loved it. I can’t imagine how much fun flying this thing must be!

Black Screen says:

Are you maybe planning to show the DA40NG? Because I would love to get closer information on single-engine planes at its price.

Fang Tao says:

look cool:)

135th Darksword says:

Yes! I was hoping you’d do one on this.

sharigan1988 says:

why is he moving the ailerons for the check if there is explicit a sign you shouldnt do that

Rhys Hogan says:

This aircraft is the future of twin flight training.

otto mondo says:

PC-12 for $1.3??? If one were to find one at that price it might be a bit rough and end-up costing quite a bit more than $1.3 in short order.

Aaron Thomas says:

It’s a nice plane but it’s not $1.3mil USD nice. They’re out of their minds trying to sell it at that price. You’d be better off buying a used PC-12

Timmy Potter says:

Did I got it right that in case of an engine failure at take off the seven people onboard are flown on one 180 HP (the power of an average 172) engine pulling sideways? Sorry, I’m too young to fly planes like these 😉

Aviation and Simulation by Bermuda425 says:

What a gangbusters aircraft!

Carm N says:

Curious as to why Diamond chose the joystick instead of the yoke. Anyone?

Romy Kim says:

What does that 2 minute limit mean at 6:45 ?

White Lion says:

Thats what aviation needs, another piston twin that won’t fly on one engine.


Dear Santa…


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jian wei says:

good plane

catchrow says:

Very very nice plane- would be better with the Technify/Thielert engines in it

Paul Taylor says:

Over priced massively

Jon Netbotic says:

$1M and couldn’t splurge on SVT?

Nigel Mac says:

Fuel cap on backwards?

glishskiii says:

1.1 million lol? Yea ok I’ll go get a king air instead

8literbeater says:

Sooo… A 1000 hour TBO on each engine and gearbox? That’s an engine and gearbox overhaul every 500 hours.

“The company hopes to increase TBO to as high as 2,400 hours eventually. Other required engine maintenance, meanwhile, includes inspection of the generators at 300 hours, and replacement of the high-pressure fuel pump and inspection of the two-mass flywheel at 600 hours.” http://www.flyingmag.com/we-fly-diamond-da62

hawkdsl says:

For myself, I’ve always thought the DA’s were kinda ugly. But ya know.. to each his or her own.

Peter Samson says:

If I paid $1.3M for this aircraft then I would want to keep it in a hanger. However, with that wingspan one will need to find a much larger (and more expensive) hanger.

joseph Berry says:

For that money I buy and used turbine duke and a cessna 182, just saying…

عبدالعزيز السويداء says:

Very good

Sam Jacks says:

It’s like the sexy minivan of the sky.

Francis Molloy says:

15 gallons per hour is not a lot of fuel, not sure what you’re comparing to… the other guy looks like he wants to disagree but then nods like, “it’s Paul Barterelli he must be right”
Great stuff this airplane, you need to think of total cost of ownership, despite’s the TBO which will get better folks, diamonds are soooo much cheaper to own than alternatives … cirrus, Cessna ttx, and don’t get me started on the comments about king air and Pilatus, I’ve owned and currently own diamonds and despite the poor cabin looks, the cost of ownership per mile and per year is always lower. I am tempted by that Baron though, need to do a little more homework on that one.
Hopefully trump doesn’t take away tax deductions for GA

Bill Roberts says:

Checked out on twins in the RCAF back around 1955. It was what we called an Expeditor which was a Beech 18, two Pratt and Whitneys at 550 HP each. Also spent some time instructing in them. Had a reserve squadrron converting to these, can’t remember from what. Also ran GCA approaches for the GCA school. My glory days.

MrCarGuy20 says:

Outstanding quality aircraft.

zap2002 says:

Nice airplane, great fuel efficiency 🙂
$1.08 milion 😐
TBO 1000hrs 🙁

Airplanesnsuch says:

fuck its sexy!!!

Nigel Mac says:

DA62… no squelch adjustment

Michael Barrett says:

I’m always amused by the discussions about how “If I had a wife and kids this would be the perfect plane for my family.” Like normal people spend over 1 million for stuff.
I’m pretty sure if I had a family I wouldn’t own any airplane! Nice plane either way though.

Joseph White says:

For that price they should make the cockpit look cool, currently it looks like it was put together by toddlers. Think cool like TTX.

cut abank says:

I want to ask the price of the DA62 aircraft for how much that send to Indonesia?

Austin Maness says:

I personally feel like Diamond’s Flight deck is a little weak compared to others. They’re really still using 10″ screens? The perfect plane .. ( DA62 with Cessna TTX flight deck including direct control side stick. ) Just my opinion : )

Rahul Govani says:

15 gallons per hour jet fuel combined for both sides is very little fuel

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