Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 Business Class Brussels to New York

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Plane Sense says:

I dont get why people like the Delta One seats,even the new ones, they are soooo ugly

alaksandra1979 says:

Oh, this wasn’t you. Could explain why “you” were late. You forgot to tell your stand-in that you don’t drink alcohol while flying. He did an admirable job though. Hope you are feeling well if you weren’t.

Martin Doe says:

Worst businesses class I’ve ever seen

David H says:

Lovely video. I grew up on Long Island, and used to watch the planes coming in to JFK, Runway 13R which is where you just landed. I had no idea that you were medical. I went to school in Italy, and it was always sheer bliss returning home, usually on KLM 641, down that same runway. And now I live in Atlanta – married to Delta. I was back in New York for the first time in many years last month. The view approaching the Island from the South, identifying the old landmarks brought a big smile. Had you been sitting in 3A, you would have seen my high school, the local water tower, Belmont racetrack if you knew where to look. Unfortunately, the area is not what it was when I grew up there. But thank you for this little tad of nostalgia. And for the record, the Delta 767 Business class product has got to be one of the worst, and most expensive out there. The food and wine is very good, but that seat is cramped as hell, with absolutely no stowage space. But hey, any chance to cross the ocean is a good one, and for the future, you do a lot of flying over the continental shelf. The water isn’t as deep there. Hope this helps for next time.

Avery Liu says:

Why you late to come at the airport?

Jim G says:

I flew Delta One in a similar 767 from Orlando to Amsterdam a few months ago. The lay flat seat is too narrow, a very uncomfortable bed for this class of travel. Delta’s entertainment system in the 767 is substandard, very few choices of movies and other entertainment. The 777 and Airbus flights are far better.

Willie Hannon says:

Nice flight. Your path took you right over my home in Kildare Ireland. Love your videos ,wonderful

Peter Pritzl says:

Congrats, that’s exactly what I expect from a flight review. No constant ego trip blah blah, just the info I appreciate. Seat configuration, menu, meals, flat bed, and I really like how the music was tastefully interjected. I never understand why folks make flight review videos, that show 90% the view out of the window, and 10% of the service etc.

Les Amis de la cuisine provençale says:

The “400ER” is bigger ! I know it i took it from Nice Côte d’Azur last year to LAX via NYC….
It’s bigger, newer and more comfortable !

Stuart Lee says:

And they fly into a REAL NEW YORK AIRPORT, not that mosquito-infested dump way over in Noo Joizy!

Michele Inishi says:


Helena Doyle says:

I am so relieved that I am not the only one with this fear! x

g ghhamila says:

what is the background music? Thanks.

Jeremiah Carlos says:

I will say I miss the delta 747-400 business class configuration it was super comfy I had the privilege of flying the last one in 2012

John Calder says:

Just one error in your video. JFK does not offer service to all 6 continents. You cannot fly from JFK to Australia direct. There are no US based airports that have flights to all 6 continents.

Gianluca Badejo says:

Dealta just lost a whole lot of (potential) customers. What a shabby Business Class that was !

Ines Etemesi says:

Hey sir I always wanted to know the title of the song that starts at 11:48. I love that song….could you please tell me where I can listen to it. Thanks.

Omari Joseph says:

Hi are you doing? Good to see another video. I love the info tags that tell you little things about the airline and your channel…i’m not really impressed with Delta’s look in business class..looks a bit clunky..i still think Asian Airlines are the ones with the best business product in the market..that dessert i think was the best thing… did superb here in this video.. (BIG BRO HUG)

B.M. says:

I wonder if there’s any of your videos that are without subtitles. Sometimes I just don’t want to read and just want to watch. It can be a distraction.

Live Your Life Like It’s Chocolate says:

I have an irrational fear of flying period. This is due to a bad day of flying back in 2000. I haven’t been on a plane since. I miss flying too. I’m a new subscriber and love your videos.

Stuart Lee says:

Do you get pajamas?

Ani H says:

I have a fear of flying over water too

Parimal , says:

Nice vid. But I wonder why US carriers use such an old aircraft ? 20 years old is vintage aircraft for airline standards. Emirates review would be an interesting one.

Nithilan u says:

At 10:32 it reminds me of the movie castaway!! But it is happening on top of the Pacific.

Sey ley says:

Never ceases to amaze me how Delta uses the smallest planes to make the longest flights. My family are in Georgia so I have to fly into Atlanta from Heathrow and I hate that I have to go on itsy bitsy, teeny, weeny little planes, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! But I do like how Delta supports the ‘Silver economy’ by using some of the oldest stewards in the business.. it’s sort of reassuring. Must also be good for those in the industry that you aren’t washed up as a Air Steward at 70 as far as Delta are concerned.

antonio bezerra says:

I hate flying over the sea

jhy2kmoney says:

I hate to be in the middle . Even business class.

X-Spot Aviation says:

Looks quite good the Delta C class. Thanks for sharing!

sang tran says:

Good video, Delta is my favorite domestic airline

Celebrity Memes says:

What camera did you use for your MALDIVES trip?????? Plz respond

claus stimpfig says:

first of all thank you. VERY VERY AVERAGE MEAL SERVICE. Well, no luxury at all.
Black Forest ham tried to get an explaination and here it is. Meat looked clearly like Black Forest HAM. Being from Germany this might have been the reason for this Appetizers Name.
No please not Delta

xudyline says:

Damn son that was a hard landing i felt in my spine…
I have a “thing” with americans airlines and their services in general…. is lackluster

Mo Mo says:

Métro Boa

Félix Maltchinski says:

How is Delta compare to American and United?

David Sebastian says:

What was up with the curtain @ 3:37 ?

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