American Flagship Transcontinental Business Review

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Welcome onboard this American Airlines A321 (A32T)
Class: Flagship Business
Origin: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
Destination: New York John F. Kennedy International (JFK)
Flight Time: 4 hour 51 minutes
Takeoff time: 12:08 (23 minutes behind schedule)
Landing time: 7:58 (24 minutes before schedule)
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Registration: N110AN
Recorded with: iPhone X

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Disclaimer: At around 2:20, I stated that the flight time was 10 hours, please ignore that, no transcontinental flight would ever be that long, the actual flight time was 4 hours and 51 minutes wheels up to wheels down.

Welcome to iTripReport’s flight reviews, where we review everything from the service to the flight. We make sure to to put every single detail on each of our flights, from a first person real time perspective. We record everything from the cabin to the flight itself, this video will make sure to include everything you are looking for in a flight! Enjoy!


ItsDysania says:

Awesome! but around 2:20 you say the flight is 10 hours…

Herbert Carillo says:

Awsome video. How did you like the Trancon product ?

lukeGO says:

looks like one of these cheap, outdated airlines that is not among the top 50 in the world. Oh, wait …

Matthew Melton says:

Did you record this in 1080p60 or 4k60? I noticed that you noted in the comments that you recorded this on iPhone X.

BJ McKay says:

Great report. However the service looks cheap… Casper blanket, cheap amenity kit, nothing special meal. AA service has gone way downhill. This really is not impressive product and service for such a premium route, in my opinion

Chatta290 says:

Why is the quality so low?

Steve Hofmaster says:

Excellent service and the cabin is gorgeous, I should try this out sometime.Very great video!

seaduced says:

American uses FEBO for food orders/service.. Front Even Back Odd.. you were on flight # 4 (even number) in last row… If flight # was 5, you would have been asked first

alexw14615 says:

Asking for the headphones an hour before landing would’ve really irritated me. That’s stupid

Sirius Park says:

Nice video! Subscribed your channel

PoletMe Aviation Videos says:

Really great report! Thanks!

Zane Gregory says:

I love this plane. It’s configuration and design is quality compared to the other AA airbus designs.
The main cabin has more leg room than any other aircraft in the fleet on average. There is an extra lavatory for business class. Only 72 in Main Cabin. No one is overcrowded. There’s excess overhead bin space. There are a dozen lighting scenes available to play with on this aircraft. Slow motion sunrise/sunset, indigo, moonlight, and a fully dimmable basic white (0-100). Everyone in Main Cabin has their own IFE screen. Everyone in first class has a window and aisle seat, no sharing with other passengers. The lavatories have motion sensor faucets, I wasn’t expecting that. Most companies won’t spare the expense to purchase an aircraft like this. It only seats 102 while the others seat close to 200 on the same size aircraft but it offers an extremely comfortable ride for quite a few people. I’d say the one downside is, it’s the only aircraft still in the fleet that has business class seats that don’t have direct access to the aisle. If you have a business class window seat, you have to climb over your companion or complete stranger to get to the aisle.

Tripreportsbyjaccan says:

Great video! Love flying the A321T transcon!

Daniel says:

I think all airlines in Domestic First Class should have seats like this(:

Jon Brown says:

Thank you for the vlog. I think JetBlue is better. I also like Virgin America but they are going away in April.

amo aviónes y polinesios says:

i liked too much please fligt in magnicharters to cancun

bushyconn says:

Much improved AA.   BUT    What a waste of Wagyu beef; meatloaf, indeed!!

Jason Moors says:

Too bad you couldn’t connect with that Cathay Pacific Triple 7 to HKG upon arrival! Flying EB,your body clock probably got messed up–you leave LAX around 11am,fly for five hours,arriving at JFK at 8pm local time but your body would say “Hey,its only 4pm,yet its dark outside!” Can we expect another trip report flying WB back to California? Do you know if coach passengers get food/beverage freebies as you did? And if you belong to the AAdvantage program,probably got double mileage at least!

Leif Tufte says:

Much better intro!

Protocol Officer says:

I’m not being a creep but thought you should know that “anyways” is not a word. One can use “anyway.” Sorry if I offended you.

Brian Webb says:

Great trip report! Especially the camera you use – The microphone does not distort during the take off like many do. Loved it

FlightExpert96 says:

Love it!!! 7:42 you said a320 but I started dying of laughter when the plane barked!!!!!! great video please keep it up and love your content!!

Avery Lee says:


that guy says:

Great report! Keep up the good work proud of you!

girlsrockurboyz says:

an international airport in the middle of no where, sheep and cow land?

ExTReME says:

Nice! I love watching your videos, they entertain me especially if I get bored

Caleb Monge says:

1st comment

BJ McKay says:

I understand you dont have to eat the meal. However, this is a premium route, expensive fares (not some non rev upgrade), and it is a pathetic service. I think they sell “Casper” bedding at Target.

Herbert Carillo says:

I love the American Flagship Service

Marcus LeeP says:

I hoped  you like your Airbus 321 flight…Fly safe…

Marcus LeeP says:

Looking nice.

Builtfa says:

It’s a really nice product.

Herbert Carillo says:

How were u able to keep the video stable ?

Marcus LeeP says:

That is nice…. I always love taking off out of LAX and seeing the ocean as the pilot starts to make the first right hand turn over the ocean. Then for the second and third right turn and then flying over LA…Very nice….

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