Air France La Premiere First Class Paris to Tokyo Flight Experience

My finest inflight experience with Air France La Premiere First Class.

Stylish, elegant and amazing gastronomy onboard from Paris to Tokyo

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Ryushi Nozawa says:


HKA says:

Would never fly French airline in first class. Far too snooty and have a tendency to look down on you, like they are somehow superior because of the accent.

mackay4740 says:

never seen anyone eat so fast.

Emraan hossain says:


Ertur Temirbaev says:

How do you manage to get visas?

Olivier Peyron says:

normaly the “tartare salmon” is forbiden on a plane so i think its a smoked salmon!

Naman Jain says:

What is the price of the traveling?

Maik Peters says:

this was by far the best first class experience video that i watched 😀 an i’ve seen a lot. haha

Tony Jones says:

single bed, obviously 🙂
This looks rubbish!
Looks like one of those cheap beds in a cheap caravan park holiday!
Just cheap!

Barking Spider says:

No passenger should ever be allowed in the cockpit. Wtf?

Pushpa Gupta says:


yankee doodle says:

oh man, how much I have suffered travelling in economy… time to fly business now.

Kxng Kash says:

lol they can’t fly over North Korea

sqd 49 says:

the airlines should knight him

Nomvuyo Ndwandwe says:

what is the background music title? its refreshing

TheOriginalSchohni says:

they have given access to the cockpit????

Thats not my airline!

Keoni Mendiola says:

I’m pretty sure it was 11:52 Because I heard it at that time.

fabulouspinay23 says:

Hi Sam – I love watching your travel vlogs coz everytime I travel I only go for the economy….too poor. ^_^

Nico Cuevas says:

4:45 are you a sim? lol

Shivshankar Gundale says:

kya jindagi hai aapki aalishan

Gonzalo Parisi says:

Damn russia is infinite

Francisco Betancourth says:

11:50 lit fart

Infinite Pilot & Racing Driver says:

i love this video and recommend you to fly the a380 of airfrance

Common Sense says:

The stewardesses didn’t seem very welcoming at the door of the plane, unlike the stewardesses on Emirates who seemed much more attentive.

John Major 2pac says:

What’s the name of the background music ?

mohnabulsi says:


norbert gonzalez says:

Thanks for sharing Sam

mirak026 says:

not worth putting on YT if you compare it with real luxury flights of Etihad or Emirates

Just Wondering says:

sweet ride

Epic gamer guy Troll says:

At 7:38 i heard some say Kim Jong un

EBSIGUE sigur says:

in comment they bully you

Jairo Espin says:

Luisito comunica debería ver esto¡¡ jajaja

The Good Good Fine Fine player says:

6:15 The pilots were talking about how rich Kim Jun Un is. wtf.

Ali Le Chimique says:

Quelle acceuil bas de gamme, tfouuuu

Riwen' s says:

Hi, inbthe copkit the pilot say:” I will wie are not on the web” x)

Minix says:

I’m sorry, but your name on youtube means “only a penis” in polish… xdddd

saygın saraçoğlu says:

How they can let him access to the cockpit? Maybe he is a terrorist?

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