AeroMexico 643 (Los Angeles – Mexico City) Boeing 737-800

The end of one of the best journeys of all my life, one more time I bring you an Aeromexico experience, now aboard a Boeing 737-800(NG) including a lot of amenities… Due random circumstances I couldn’t record all take off and landing.

One more time I ask you to watch it, and please let me know in my social networks your comments/feedback or doubts.

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Parker Lefranc says:

Dude fucking shaking hand man!!!! please make sure that ur hand is not fucking shaking!!!

HeavyPlanes ™ says:

Nice Video Mate and so I subscribed to you as well! Maybe you can subscribe back? This is a Video by me

Mati-miliano says:

I didnt like Delta, I ask for something to it and they threw it to me lol

Ney. yung says:

im going on this plane on the 20th!!!

Amandeuce says:

hi mate. thanks for sharing your report. not that bad for the beginning 🙂 I liked that you show couple of scenes from the airport and how you get there, you show the whole trip, that’s just how I would to it! Unfortunately there is something missing at the end 🙂 Also I’m curious how food looked like aboard this flight! The cabin itself looks pretty nice! Thanks again and waiting for your next ones!

JC Baily says:

It sure would have been nice to see your pushback, taxi, takeoff and food/beverage service, but thanks for the video.

Luz Ramos says:

I have flown in both Delta and Aeromexico and I think that they are both great.I do highly reccomend Delta.

Vloggers Wisconsin Milwaukee says:

DL is good

Karlanguis Zamora says:


gvelazquez94 says:

what seat did u have? did it have a window?

De Jd says:

Hey I travel on this same aircraft only a different route do u know it’s age

Pedro Diaz says:


Rofi Teksound31 says:

Great flight report and Hey guys my second video of my flight report now is in youtube . You can click here ( ) . Dont forget to like and subscribe !

Peter Weise says:

Dl is the worst

Gérard Robins says:

If you wanna avoid the windowless seat next time go on seat guru and check the seat map. Any seats that are red or yellow are the seats you wanna avoid. Click on those seats to see the information about it. The seats on a Boeing 737 800 that misses a window are usually row 9 or 10. All the other seats that are not colored in yellow or red are the good seats.

paul carr says:

i have flown delta many times to mexico is a good airline i recommend it

olivera grkinic says:

mejico city

Pancake Fan says:

I’m flying from Chicago to Cozumel on the 737-800, pretty impressive that they have all these amenities

I Retro says:

Wow el avión está bien nuevo con IFE

Anita Ganzalez says:

Must of been suck not to have a window. That’s why I always select the backseats.

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