A tour inside Emirates’ new first class cabin

A tour inside Emirates’ new first class cabin. From First Class to Economy Class cabins, new Emirates 777 aircraft boasts multi-million dollar upgrade.

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Philip Mahoney-Berg says:

I’d much rather have real windows – apart from anything else from a safety aspect.

Joejo Weber says:


Vishal Kavitha says:

Did u see that fail when he tried to open the shades of the window

Joanna 861 says:


Mulisa Museri says:

the camera view windows in the middle aisle are insane although the cabin kinda gives me claustrophobic vibes luxurious as it is the fact that its totally closed is something else

Adnan Ahmad says:

I love Emirates

prya mewa says:

i have a question is there wifi on board? and does it work well the intire flight?

MrHogame says:

0:59 Sam Chui yelling “amazing” xD

Zihangmaik Li says:

The first class cabin is inspired by Mercedes Benz S Class interior.

Noor Deboub says:

If I was there I would bring an empty bag and put everything that came loose and put in the bag

RAFA GAMING 913 says:

So nice

Suzanne Dampier says:

I would think extroverts wouldn’t care to be cloistered all by themselves in a little room for hours on end. As an introvert, however, this would be my DREAM airline accommodation! (Unfortunately I’m not a rich introvert!)

Dastan says:

Those windows looked so damn real

paul carr says:

i cant believe the inside windows that is insane.

Luis Gerstner says:

Having a binocular in there doesn’t make sense when your windows are actually screens… Do you wanna look closer into the pixels or what?

MelinaS Sasha says:

Wow just wow ! This will go on my bucket list !

Ahmed The best bro says:

Is this a airbus or B

Shay Shay says:

I hate the new style

RC CGC says:

The sliding door should be remote controlled also how about if you want to travel with a friend ?

Galaxy Grace says:

Wow! In fact my family and I went to Dubai before the new cabins…… so sad…however we did go in 1st class. (As a family vacation that was BIG!) and I pretty much cried when my parents told us….(meh and mah sis :p)

Pascal Delisse says:

If I paid all that money, not sure I would want to go to sleep, however wonderful the accomodations.
Just my funny humor.

Jonas Rosendal Andersen says:

Could be a nice video, if it wasn´t filmed with a nokia….

jonybeam says:

Still 3-4-3 in economy on the 777 unlike Singapore’s 3-3-3 which makes a huge massive difference on a long haul flight.

pennybaxter4 says:

Loving emirates new first class suite

holymolydamn says:

no folding out table in first class?

Sultana Punjabi says:

Those who like emirates hit the like button

Karen Jordan says:


Yesmin Nilufa says:

how they would change seat

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