787-9 DREAMLINER! | Scoot | Singapore – Perth | Flight Review

Today we fly on my first budget airline… SCOOT! (save loot, haha) I had not been looking forward to this flight after getting off Qantas, but my thoughts had changed once I got on the lovely Dreamliner and sat in my seat… what a lovely plane this is!

I hope you enjoy this flight review, and hello to all the new subscribers! We always celebrate when we get one, also leave a comment since I love reading comments and even replying to them! Any questions about Scoot? Please ask!

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Jaegiar Moses says:

Should I go on scoot business class from per to sin or Singapore airlines economy

Jacob's Aviation Planespotting says:

please make sure to subscribe to my channel

Heera Mydin says:

waste not entertainment in flight more time travel

Samuel Tan says:

the legroom is baddddddd… I almost died during my PER-SIN flight haha

zeds dead says:


FakeCaptainGabriel Pilot says:

I’m a scoot pilot 787
I fly usually to Perth 2x a week

Jacob's Aviation Planespotting says:

+TooTechnical Oh ok your welcome, I enjoy watching your vids. Do u have fb?

Balaji Balasubramanian says:

Can I have details about the wifi in the plane?

Joshua Page says:

What time does the flight depart

Reaper Predator says:

Whatever the plane, SCOOT is S H I T. They rescheduled flights after your booking of 3 hours. DISGUSTING! We’ll arrive in Singapore now at 2.30 am. I’LL NEVER BOOK THAT COMPANY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charleston Felimon says:

great trip report! 🙂

Dody Febriarto says:

nice plane … good video…

Tasmania Aviation says:

Great flight review as always

Jacob's Aviation Planespotting says:

What was the flight time?? And did the have IFE??

SNSD Sunny says:

Boeing planes are quieter as compared to Airbus.

Joe Smith says:

That is a very quite plane.

Tech & Gaming says:

Sorry I meant scootbiz

Wee Tiong Seah says:

Great review! Much thanks!

Positive Rate Aviation says:

i flew that route a few weeks before this on OJE, great aircraft, very quiet but on flight 8 to SIN it took 4.5 hours to get served, great video



Shuhao Lu says:

i would jump out and catch that jetstar

Jaegiar Moses says:

Was the flight boring because you didn’t have any screens

NerdCat says:

I like your videos!

Tech & Gaming says:

This is an amazing review! Recommended for everyone! Liked! I’m deciding whether to fly on scoot but no body gives me good info! Subbed 100% mate Legend!

tnt racer says:

Are you are kid

Tech & Gaming says:

Is scoot good?

TravelFlow says:

I’m First Again!! I’m good at this!

Ashton Williams says:

Did you get the choice to have the onboard wifi or was it not available on this flight?

FlyWithLuke says:

Good job! Definitely did enjoy!

Perth Aviation says:

Awesome video mate! Very interesting that you got off at the Virgin Australia Terminal! LIKED 😀

D3CO says:

Ooo rainbows

Matthew Waltham says:

my kahoot quiz is 340 questions long

Inflight Aviation says:

NO TV AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Have done the trip from Syd to sin but never without to how was it???

Declan P says:

Great video, you reviewed the experience well. Don’t worry about people saying bad things you did great! Liked and subbed.

regblade1 says:

you sound like you have speach impediment

tnt racer says:

When cause I’m going to Melbourne on virgin in may 25 in the morning

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