$100 Million Boeing Business Jet – Royal Jet

Follow me for a tour onboard the MOST LUXURIOUS Boeing Business Jet (B737) own by Royal Jet.

Thanks to Royal Jet allowing me to make the video during Abu Dhabi Air Expo. I hope the video shows the luxury content to those who couldn’t see it personally.

The video content is not sponsored and my intention is to present everything I saw of this private jet to raise public and their brand awareness.

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Christine Calanday says:


Shahid Karim says:

All I want is A PS4 Pro Mama!

Husna Shaikh says:

owsam hm yaha ayegy

Mia RS says:

Lik vis du er norsk

Jags Aviation says:

Wait so does Sam own this or?

brandon king says:

no hand job then

Good Idea says:

*”$100 Million”* What a joke

Tarek Rastet Aus TV says:

Abonniert mich mal thx

Chiara Bonardi says:

this airplane is bigger than my house

Autumn Gutierrez says:

OMG so cool

Jacqueline Borges says:

Love it o my god

ronald 1111111111 says:


Nicola says:

I would bring i friend because I would be scared on my own what if you were sleeping in the bedroom and the plane crashed ✈

666666 666666 says:

This guy is so cringey lol

KZD QuiK says:

shes so creepy “your *VERY* private bedroom” and when she showed you the bathroom she was just standing behind the door and the way shes dressed makes her even creepyer

Mel lim says:

Waoh good life

Robbe Van esch says:

I think Its not 100 mili

Mateusz Pietrzak says:

sam chuj

duu it's georgia says:

Oh my gosh this is crazy.

IronSiren565654 Minecraft Gaming says:

I want to go on that plane, it would be more comfortable than it is at a hotel

Sebu Lon says:

Way to fancy for me

Eilish Mulcahy says:

Wow wee

André Batista says:

I want to die

Yuliaty Roro Mendut says:

enak bangen aku pengen ke jepang ahh tapi naik pesawat itu yeeeeeyyyyyyyyy besekkkkk

Mikela Agustin says:

He’s so rich

Tim Keating says:

So cool

Sebu Lon says:

I could just live in it

Princess Elle says:


itz. nxrin_ says:

If only i was rich

Msp Millie says:

Sure I’d love to follow you

Emma Brierley says:

OMG,I WISH I CAN GO ON THAT,but my parents possibly wouldnt have enough money,im guessing it is only in America,not in uk:(

Abhishek Padhi says:

I would rather play Fortnite.

Jason Marshall says:


Saim's pocket says:

I think I love to live my life in this jet …

sohyun kim says:

Millions of dollars for 1 ride what an idiot

LPGAMER 10199 says:

But its millions of cash and your going on that plane only for a few days??

Ffs Banana says:

I want a service too for meh lazy person well the plane is smarter than meh house

Rafiq Khan says:

No button facility

jasmin yabo says:

airplane crazy

Princess Elle says:

Bruv lemme live in that plain but I wouldn’t like them to be to mature bc I’m childish

graham gladstone says:

That is terrable

muhammad idrees says:

Very lovely video Sir I absolutely love these kinds of gorgeous and full of knowledge videos and I am really desirous to travel in such a luxurious aircraft thank so much Sir once again

Unicorn Obsessed says:

To everybody to thinks that he should’ve used that money for the poor, or homeless:

Think of the way *how* those people became poor and homeless.

DanielCube says:

I think it’s safe to say:

None of us are ever getting on this plane due to dat cost.

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