10 Luxurious First Class Flights For The Rich

top 10 most expensive and fancy first class airlines in the world
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Let’s face it; while flying is one of the fastest ways to travel around the world quickly, it is not necessarily everyone’s favorite way to travel. Coach seats are typically tight, you’re in a small space in close proximity to other people you barely know. However, if you’re willing to shell out a few extra hundred dollars, you always have the option of flying first class, which is considerably more comfortable and the hospitality is much more luxurious with complimentary alcoholic beverages and much better food. Most people might think, how can it get any better than this? Well, there are a few airlines out there that have created such luxurious first class experiences that your typical first class experience on a domestic flight will feel like coach.
In this video are some of the most luxurious first class airlines. If you decide to cash in your life savings or use pretty much all of your frequent flyer miles, then you might have a shot at enjoying one of these fine first class airlines. But if you have a great paying job that allows you to enjoy the finer things in life, then this video can serve as a guide for your flying adventures. This is good especially for longer plane rides where you might be in the air for over 10-12 hours. Ever wanted to sleep in a double bed while flying at over 32,000 feet in the air? You can with the airlines listed in the video! You’ll never want to fly coach again.

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Charlotte Hardy says:

I’m ten and have frequent flyer in united and every plane has those things but only on International flights. On a unrelated note in first class wifi is free

Queen Lindy says:

teleporting is faster

Fireluca says:

You can only afford this if you are a nuclear arms dealer or something…………. oorrrrrr you are CaseyNiestat

emily cheetham says:

What about air New Zealand?

Humza Mirza says:

Does it have a bumper to bumper warranty?

Kimicvyla Nokerano says:

$5,000 Is pretty reasonable to me.

Geary Family says:

I’ve been on the Cathay Pacific. it’s amazing.

Xx_DYNASTIC_xX 12 says:

I can’t afford any flights lulz

lisa1476 says:

I fly in first class

All Things Naruto says:

I boarded a first class airline, Its called ‘A room that your pretending a airlines airlines.’

Gaming WithLittle says:

I doubt that the people watching this video has enough to afford the #1 most luxurious 1st class flights…

yazan zidan says:

etihad airline is the most luxurious airline in the world

Ayesha Naseer says:

i want o go to all these rides SO BAD maybe i will who knows ;D

JustAnAverageCat says:

Do they get to keep the pajamas?? That’s all I’m wondering at this point

Dylan Nguyen says:

I would spend all my money in a private jet . Live in a private jet , can go anywhere

Joe Paterson says:


The Blake Show says:

Did anyone else get an airplane advertisement

Sreenivasula Reddy Poluka says:

I love all your vids. This was an awesome vid

Nedrah Qaseem says:


Vysi says:

Qatar airways?

Speed Stacks // Terry says:

THIS IS MAKING ME SO JEALOUS!!! at least i have been on first class twice

Kaito Nakajima says:

The down payment of a new house…… WTF!!!

Jeffjessica 123 says:

My dad once got offered 1st class on eithhad airlines he obusly said yes and it was for free

Lucas Friesen says:

I fly first class all the time to test out different airlines British airways is by far the worst

KYLETV says:

is it weird i hav efly all these airlines in girst class and im only 10 ??

Tima the Artifical Intelligence says:

Make them cheaper.

laith says:

Sometimes I really wish I’m BATMAN

Her Şey Dahil says:

Where are turkish airlines.

Ayesha Naseer says:


tyler court says:

I’ve been first class before to L.A it was beatiful

Dire Wolf says:

is first class worth it well!if it has WiFi then I say yes

Steezy Bois says:

*”For the rich”*

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