Your Airline Coach Seat Is Shrinking, Here’s Why

No, you aren’t imagining it. The size of economy airline seating keeps getting smaller as airlines push for an expansion of higher-fare seating. Here’s a look at how coach seating is evolving. Illustration: Heather Seidel/The Wall Street Journal

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Tyler Kilarski says:

Hey at 0:20 that plane is not going the correct direction

vista202 says:

They deregulated, merged, and killed the competitive marketplace. It’s a trend that has been going on in every industry (with great fanfare from publications like WSJ) since the Reagan “revolution.” Clinton let the media companies merge, Obama let the telcos/cable companies/media companies merge, and God knows what Trump is bound to do. Whatever it is though, I’m sure it will be greeted with great applause by the WSJ.

Thank you business press. Thank you WSJ. Thank you Newscorp.

James Kirk says:

Don’t like it , don’t fly and do not say well I have to fly, no you dont

Little Burgundy says:

this should be illegal

nepali hercules says:

soon they’ll make us stand

Apple Biggest fan says:

its not Virgin America is Virgin Australia

Jay Quintana says:

It’s not just seats getting smaller, people are getting bigger/fatter.

Miss Amanda's world says:

United is funny as they do economy, economy plus, coach, business and first class. Most airlines would use economy and coach more interchangeably.

Watrmeln gaming And More says:

I go JetBlue

Gordon Armstrong says:

What about JAL (Japan Airlines)

Elitedevil says:

Smaller leg space = Safer travel

john smith says:

this is exactly what capitalism unrestrained by laws and restrictions does. they will keep pushing down the quality and pushing up the costs until someone tells them to stop.

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