Why Seats Are the New Weapons for Airlines

From economy to first class, seats are one of the main areas where carriers can make their mark on the airplanes they buy from Airbus and Boeing. But what makes the seats different? Photo/Video: Dipti Kapadia/The Wall Street Journal

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bestamerica says:

better plain chaircouchs seats with comfortables on the planes…
no need many TV screens on the planes…
TV screens are too heavy weight and more drinking fuels…
not worth it

The Fibler says:

Just make people stand and hang onto straps just like on a bus!

Bennyboy 10101010 says:

for me its leg room

Serena b says:

Don’t waste money to make the airlines more profitable, just turn all the cabins into a cargo and put all passengers in cages, alongside with their luggages. There is only way to differentiate classes from people is to be seen on the plane 🙁

PartyWolf says:

airplane wifi… biggest piece of crap in airline history!

jojo n n n n n n n n n n n says:

put plastic chairs and you will be succesful lol

Satyam Patel says:

I am not against standing seats for cheap short flights

色つきゲッソー says:

Not air Canada.

nightlightabcd says:

I am so glad that I do not need to fly these days!

Akios Eres says:

Someone needs to run an airline akin to how the military transports soldiers. Rock bottom prices and absolute minimum comforts for people don’t need, want or can’t afford luxury. Pretty much the only amenities are a bathroom and the assurance that the plane won’t break.

CombraStudios says:

Simpsons predicted that the quality of commercial flight transportation will once be comparable to today’s busy city subway. Dirty, overcrowded, people standing, some hobos spending their life on board and spaceflight will be the new luxury travel. Let’s see in 2030 how accurate they were

Bryan Wu says:

I actually thought it was a real weapon…

Ciaran 100 says:

This did not answer the question …

Maria Brown says:

I hope they get those in airplanes

pas d'idées de pseudo original says:

her voice is so annoying

AdstarAPAD says:

They should create a section of the cabin for perminent bunks.. People travel in a laydown position for the entire flight.. Similar to the bunks you see on a lot of military transport ships.. They could fit more people in..


Premium Economy, rode it, not worth it.

Kurafuto Mine says:

Airbus and Boeing (what about others are you stupid)

CY Chow says:

Come on, just stuff everyone like sardines, learn from the slave ships of the Atlantic slave trade. Arm everyone with diapers, and get rid of the toilets. Jeez.

The Interesting Nobody says:

The new weapon for the retard in front of you.

bace1000 says:

Why not use those capsule hotels from Japan

UpturnedLemur says:

Some nice lick smacking in the background.

KöhlerSAStudios says:

Black Frame at 01:29

Fred Ferd says:

There is something instinctively disturbing with the combination of the words “weapons” and “airlines” in the same sentence!

Marc Kuo says:

Before watching this I was like: Are seats going to drag people off a plane instead of people?

lonny contrary says:

They need to stop shrinking the seats and look at the market, many people are larger than Twiggy and a 16″wide seat will not work for them I have a 22″ seat on my wheelchair and even some first class seats are only 19″ widee

薛陳月美 says:

In 2049 first class seats will be economy class seat and everyone will complain how uncomfortable it is

NonCommentaryGamer says:

this was more of an adveratisement than an answer to a quesiton


Recaro Seats?
Time to Tokyo drift into the runway

ravioli ravioli says:

this was click bait by terminology

[GD] Dj4dasher says:

Well I’m kinda on both sides when it comes to smaller seats, when airlines make smaller seats they can make ticket prices cheaper because there is more room for more seats, but if they had a donkey class seats with 34 or 34 inch pitches, they will have to bump the prices way high, you should than I airlines for making air travel, more, and more affordable for more and more people

Bob Outélama says:

Lately, economy is becoming more and more a joke. The seats and rooming is becoming so tight that you shouldn’t really pay for that anymore. It’s becoming a joke. In some company, I can’t even use the normal economy for long flights. Because of a lack of room for my legs. If this goes on, I will not be able to fly outside of first class. This is a nightmare.

Escobar Manchulo says:

I like 0:21 it’s like the start of a big Star Trek battle.

Bob Sled says:

Control music volume

ekoms108 says:

What was their weapon before? What does that even mean?

x50 says:

0:20 They look like the ships from Star Wars when they’re stopping after lightspeed travel

Richard Kung says:

What’s the use of 11 abreast when you can’t sell all the seats…

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