The Most Expensive First Class Airplane Seat

In this video we take a look at the top 5 most expensive and most luxurious first class plane seats money can buy.

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The Most Expensive First Class Airplane Seat


Jayant Thakur says:

Etihad Airways, New York to Mumbai.
1:07, i believe you meant 2.5 million Rupees and not 25 million Rupees.

Zaheer Bhyat says:

Done done done with 5 kids using miles never cash! —-> traveloyalty

Ulrich Lehnhardt says:

the Lufthansa and Korean first class look poor compared to the other ones.

Kazi Morshed says:


Colton Vayda says:

The Singapore to New York flight is on a airbus a350 and the classes are premium economy and business

7x34hj says:

Why did I watch this?

Planet C.S.A says:

6:52 don’t say seven seventy seven just say triple seven

Malzycan says:

40K For a day trip? I would want a first class ticket on a ship and enjoy the amenities longer. Slow boat style!

zwarst says:

Just ask for 1st class when arriving, it sometimes works and for cheap too..!

Juan Soriano says:

new york to Mumbai not served by Etihad.. probably NYC to Abu Dhabi

Wayne Brady says:

Lost interest in vid because of sudden crappy ads so i leave

Justin Mahida says:

6:27 That isn’t Emirates seat. That’s Singapore’s older suite – you can even see the KrisFlyer magazine in place.

Corey Morrell says:

A fool and his money are soon parted.

eddy eel says:

I would never be able to fly like that. I snore brutally loud. I’d get the boot and they would send me back to ride with the peasants in roach class.

Kurien Samuel says:

Clip at 10:02 is shown within an Emirates segment. The magazine rack says its Singapore Airlines.

Mark Youneva says:

ok we get it, there are people who will literlaly lick your butth0le if you pay them enough. i personally always buy the half-fare basic-economy-peasant-class tickets, where you stow yourself under the seat, and should a passenger need extra leg room midflight, I am ejected out the plane mid-air (hence the half-fare class). Don’t worry, I always pack a double parachute. you pay 38k for a flight, suckers!

fwin says:

6:14 might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard haha.

Leroi Grizzly says:

Took the business class from Jeddah/Saudi Arabia to Bali via Garuda (the national Indonesian carrier) and it was pure heaven .. a 14 hours flight of comfort and pampering with luxury-restaurant-class food and drinks and unlimited snacks and incredibly polite and super-friendly crew .. not to mention the luxurious lounges in the airports we stopped at .. with open buffets of oriental seafood and cold beverages .. the real fun began when we arrived to Bali .. the tropical paradise

baraxor says:

How to get this kind of service free?

Get elected President of the United States. The plane comes with the job.

Scrap Tech Tips says:

5 second reveal mad into 10 mins

CIO Zimbabwe says:

One day i will travel in a luxurios manner like this !

Airwipe says:

I think calling this a seat is a bit of an, understatement.


3:09 It looks like the airplane in the left is peeing on on the plain.

Jesus’s new name says:

That is why they call it *Crazy Rich Asians*

Mohit Kapoor says:

Hate that smug Sam Chui !!!

Random Tandom says:

I really hope you asked and payed Sam for permission to use his clips and a lot of some of his information.

Rich G says:

I still like having my own plane…My crew doesn’t have to be told my name.

Simon Williams says:

Just flew to Cape Town for the weekend.Cost me £1150.00 return in Business class on BA! Cheap as chips.AMS-LHR-CPT-LHR-AMS.Excellent crew and service both ways.

tidusfantasy says:

What airlines is that at 0:35? I’ve never seen it before.

jo son says:

Survey said ” ON- Board Waxing Salon ” run by certified & Trained staff called EPILATORS , ultimate stress & relaxing service.

Kim DISSING says:

i hate flying.. doesn’t matter how.

Stefan says:

No mention of first class on Emirates A380 with their famous shower suites!?

Abhishek Bauskar says:

For Etihad you said it’s 25 million rupees ( it corresponds to 2.5 crores which is 362k US $)…Just correct it

Arne Van De Maele says:

It would be stupid if you’d be on an Emirates airplane and don’t have the feeling that you’re flying

yousaf qureshi says:

I feel poor watching this 🙁

Jon Hammer says:

To be rich for a week.

Jovii Mac says:

Subscribe to my channel I will subscribe back comment when done

Veer Shah says:

25 million rupees = 380,000 USD. It should be 2.5 million rupees

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