The BEST and BIGGEST FIRST CLASS SUITE – Singapore Airlines A380

Join me on this video to discover why Singapore Airlines A380 has the BEST and BIGGEST First Class Suite.


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Review: Singapore Airlines New First Class Suite


Scootchie and Boo says:


ahmad ramdani says:


Savana says:

How much did that cost??

Dimas Embot says:

Jadi lapes,tapi saya puasa

Richard Romero says:

Is this video for the 1%ers ?

Akhilesh Prasad says:

I love your videos and Singapore Airlines is awesome. BUT. If this isn’t a sponsored piece, I don’t know what is.

Fadly Lubis says:

The only awkward moment when the stewardess looking at him really close

J R says:

“Just enjoy the hair” -Sam Chui 2018

Ausintune says:

what is that? peasants class…. for a few of these flights i can buy a private prop plane and hire a pilot!

Ziaur Khan says:

I have been following your trip reports for a long time, probably 6+ years, since your TR days. I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, yet this is my first comment. As one of your earliest viewers, here are a few recommendations:
1. Your recent videos have excessive LED flicker from the cabin lights, like in this video. Action cameras like GoPros tend to be set at a higher frame rate by default, to capture fast moving scenes. I suggest using a lower frame rate in your cameras, preferably 48 fps.
2. If you’re being comp’ed or sponsored on a trip, please make that clear in the video, so, our expectations on the same airline/route is limited.
3. There is still a major lack of reports on intra-African and intra-Latin American flights. More of those would be appreciated.
4. Still photos of menus and amenity kits inserted into the videos would be great.
5. Detailed videos, including your tips, of airline lounges in major airports would be very helpful for passengers traveling through on short connections.
6. On your travel hacks series, make an episode dedicated to various airline/hotel mileage/FF programs, including some of the lesser known or secret benefits/privileges for their members. Share some of your own experiences with various alliances, plus non-alliance partner airlines of Emirates, Etihad, etc.
All in all, keep flying and making great trip reports!

Mindong Wang says:

good choice. looking forward to next film!!

German Aviation says:

Too much luxury, I’ll stick with business

Justin Liang says:

Hello, I didn’t know you spoke Cantonese, Nice to know

James Alberto says:

how much do you spent sam ?

Darielle J.T 2803 says:

This is why I like Sam’s channel

Mert Özkul says:

Sam what is your job how u re very rich

cvro says:

Did you at least get the flight attendant’s whatsapp or number? Cmon Sam…spill the beans

Jaskiran Kaur says:

Fukri marda

Notbigsoapy man says:

If ever given the chance, I’d show up 24 hours early for my flight lol

Loris Bernard says:

camp implement anxious resident life disability bury mortgage human stomach audience admire side.

Vito Harris says:

Nice First Class !!

Ramaique Tota says:

Making American Airlines look like shit.

undecked says:

3:14 she’s putting up the middle finger

Aska Gamer says:

Wish i was born rich 🙁

AVS Knowledge World says:

I am not going to Spend more than $10.000

Mayank Ahlawat says:

Dude ur not worthy to follow because u never tell bad points . Always praise. Always. In exchange of free tickets? I ve seen some honest reviews of flights n they tell all the good points and bad. I never saw u telling any flaw in flight. Be more honest

josapaster says:

You come across like a really nice guy. Enjoyed your video and just subscribed. Regards from Portugal

自由が一番 says:


Ausintune says:

i hate when im rich enough to travel alot but then i feel like a peasant compared to business an first class nibbas

Rachith Telukunta says:

Tickets are booked after watching this video

Nick Li says:

#Hong Kong

Douglas Booth says:

Awesome! Thanks Sam

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