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Puppy lover 101 says:

Arw u in first class?

Maria Dimas says:

U are in first class

Raed Kashif says:

I am in lahore

Felix M says:

I hate this channel and I hate the boy he is so annoying

stefos Gialamas says:

I am greek I live at athens

Dancers World Jj says:

That hotel is sampler than my house

Ghozlan Jordan says:

I will never go on a cruise ship because I watched the titanic

Rosey Ford says:

I’ve never been out in england

Amy Cachero says:

I am in London and I’m going to Greece

coolkillerforthewin says:

I am from Greece 😛

Zombie Killa says:

they simply promote products and services and get payed, this flogs are like aids

TheKidGamers YT says:

Omg I go to Athens!

PurpleIceDragon1 YT says:

“In case you need to call customer service in case you need help getting up from the toilet”
Me:In Case you need more toilet paper
*Likes her own comment*

BossBoy 59 says:

I’m English and that’s a perfect English acent love you guys have a great time in our city


3:51 I got that backpack thing too

TheKidGamers YT says:

I live in London and my country is Greece!

Roisintheawsomeness Awsome says:

What part of grece did u go to

Mr. Joeffrey says:

This family is so dum but reallly

_Lambii_ says:

Daym guys, london AND GREECE (wait I’m from London-ish and I’m going to Greece on holiday)

Anthony Pucci says:


West Formula says:

Pause at 2:59 mr monkey dabbed

Sherry Goodwin-Hill says:

I fallen and I can’t get up it’s just a joke

Aske Skjøt Møller says:

Kom til danmark

JazzyQuack Quack says:

They are basically making fun of my whole family because that is how all of my family including me speak!!!

Kaylum Jack says:

Guys Thomas sanders is better than u at vine

Rebecca Sciberras says:

that like mine when i went to london

Legend Beast says:

Stop at 4:30 you can see IKEA

Creeper Gaming says:

hey im from greece insaw you from veeeery far behind and i coundr go near you 🙁

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