That’s Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue

Have you ever noticed how airplane seats are almost always blue, and have you ever wondered if there’s a special reason for that? We’re going to answer this and other popular plane-related questions and also help you pick the best seat aboard as a bonus.
With the stress and apprehension that comes with traveling, especially by air, airlines understood that it’s important to calm passengers down and reassure them that everything’s gonna be alright. It turns out blue is the perfect color to send that message.
As for materials, the seats can be upholstered with either faux leather or fabric. As a rule, in aircrafts used for long-distance flights, like transatlantic ones, the seats are upholstered with fabric because it’s more breathable for the skin, so passengers won’t sweat, chafe, or experience any discomfort.
Tracks on the floor of the aircraft allow rows of seats to be organized at the airline’s discretion, so companies take advantage of this in order to install as many seats as they can physically cram into the space. That’s why plane windows don’t line up with the seats.
Most planes are painted white to save money on fuel. The heavier the plane is (and it gets heavier when painted), the more fuel it needs. The color white also reflects light better, which means the plane won’t overheat because of the sun’s rays. Plus, white makes it easier to notice cracks, leaks, and any other damage that needs to be fixed.
The temperature onboard is kept close to freezing for a reason. Many airplane passengers get hypoxia, which is when a person is more likely to faint at high altitudes than on the ground. It happens when bodily tissues don’t get enough oxygen. To minimize the risk of it, airlines keep the temperature low.

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Why are the seats blue? 0:50
Fabric or leather? 2:41
Why don’t plane windows line up with the seats? 3:53
Why are planes white? 4:53
Why is it so cold on planes? 6:07
Where do the pilots sleep? 7:27
Bonus: how to choose the best seat 8:40

-According to scientists, most people associate the color blue with reliability and safety, which is essential even for travelers who don’t suffer from aerophobia. Blue slows down your heart rate and relaxes tension.
-As a rule, in aircrafts used for long-distance flights, the seats are upholstered with fabric because it’s more breathable for the skin. Artificial leather works great for short flights. It’s extremely wearproof, and even spilled drinks don’t stain it.
-Plane windows don’t line up with the seats because airlines care about profits and try to install as many seats as they can physically cram into the space.
-Planes are white out of economy: paint can make a plane anywhere from 600-1,200 lbs heavier, and the heavier the aircraft is, the more fuel it needs.
-To minimize the risk of passengers fainting, airlines keep the temperature and air pressure in the cabin really low.
-On flights that are longer than 10½ hours, pilots take turns resting in private bunks for the crew. In case there’s no special rest area onboard or if the flight isn’t that long, pilots take a break in the seat rows within or near the cockpit or even in the passenger cabin.
-If you don’t want to listen to the hum of the engine throughout your whole flight, then choose a seat closer to the airplane’s nose. If you’re tall, be sure to sit next to the emergency exit.

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JacobDoesLife says:

I was fling in around 110 degree heat an I was basically stuck to the seat I was so sweaty

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The plural of aircraft is aircraft, not aircrafts.

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Cyber Auxi says:

You spelled aeroplane wrong

The Gaming Ledgends TM says:

8:27 under the wing it ses “HI” hello plane.

Ken Evanska says:

But blue is a colour I detest ! Its an evil colour ! Nothing good about it at all ! We gona crash ! Whaaaaa I hate blue !!!!

EMM'S videos :) says:

for the temperature your right its always cold then people turn on the fans and make the plane colder

joanna roy says:

I have never been on a plane before

banana pie says:

I really wanna experiance sitting at the back one day, I hear you tip back more than if you were at the front or middle which sounded super exciting when i was a child lol

Young King says:

Love watching this video I’m actually learning something about it keep it up

Xenomorph says:

Why am I here?

Lucia Poorter says:

nice vid

Geneva Mapping says:

Cold cabins aren’t a problem for me, I’m from the Somme, the Siberia of France.

Gendo ruwo says:

Is it true that in case of a planecrash, you’re more likely to survive if you are seated near the tail of the plane?

lollobackis says:

Wow! That’s amazing!

Mimster.12 says:

wow I guessed it before the video started this was pointless

Gamer Beast says:


Thomas Bascom says:

The actual best seats on an aircraft:

Back row of first class (underseat storage)
First row of economy plus (leg room)
Exit row of economy or first two rows of economy (leg room)

If your seat is anywhere else in the cabins, just ask the gate agents if these seats are open (exit rows are almost always available if you qualify for them because we have to verify you are capable of handling the responsibilities they include). If you’re nice enough and they’re open most of us will let you move within your cabin and generally waive the fees for preferred seating (though if you want to upgrade your cabin you won’t generally get it for free).

Every so often if we’re left with open seats in higher classes and an empty upgrade list, we’ll sometimes (though it’s very rare that we get the opportunity) randomly upgrade people to give them the experience of flying in the higher classes (as airlines don’t like to send out flights with empty seats in the forward cabins).

Sarah P says:

I was on a twelve hour flight and the pilot was sitting RIGHT behind me!!

Stellastar 0752 says:

What about grey seats?

Darren Hwang says:

non sense, i’m always hot on an airplane

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Lol that background music though

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Lol ive seen red what does that mean death

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Lol #5 isen’t true bc ifyou go to someplqce hot its burning it airplanes

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Blue is my favorite color.

Nur Syazleena says:

Thank u the tips

최선영 says:

Not mine!

Hayden Stuart says:

Air new zealand has their seats black

Snow Ballz says:

Why don’t Airlines out their seats facing the back of the plane? Wouldn’t that be safer then slamming into the seat in front of you?

Marvel taha says:

Thanks for ur help full tips i will try them in my day to day life

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Thx 4 these

xSugahx says:

Jet 2 use red and grey :3

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Awsome channel love it keep it up

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I flew AER LINGUS and all seats are green

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9:08 what would I do without you!!!

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there qatar airways with colour red

German Aviation says:

All false, I can prove that because I met 22 Pilots and they say it’s just the airlines color choice

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#1 Why am I watching this video?

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Southwests blue color?

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