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Good day everyone!

Welcome to this SWISS First Class experience! Glad you made it to one of my videos! First of all thank you for taking the time to watch it and I hope you like it!

I’ve been dreaming of flying first class for a long time now and after seeing a great deal from Amsterdam to Bangkok through Zurich onboard Swiss and their brand new product I couldn’t resist and book it! So now you already know why I’m inbound from Amsterdam. I started to record this review in Zurich and thats why there is no check-in scene.
I had booked this trip with a 6 hour layover to have enough time to check out and enjoy the two first class lounges in Zurich. There is an older one on top of terminal A with very nice amenities, great seating possibilities and a good food selection. They offer a la carte dining in both lounges which is awesome. The other lounge just opened this year and is state of the art! Located on top of terminal E it has the best lounge view ever and a huge terrace to chill, eat or just for spotting! They also offer lots of very expensive booze(champagne, whiskey etc). Those 6 hours went by way to fast!

I flew on a brand new boeing 777 which was recently delivered to SWISS. They updated their First Class product and it is awesome! But see for yourself. I especially loved the dividers(which turn your seat into a little suite) and the huge screen! Swiss says its the biggest on any aircraft!

I was warmly welcomed onboard by two very well trained and well motivated FA’s. Those two were responsible for the first class guests. Since there were only 4 pax on this flight in first I almost got one FA for myself. Once onboard the guys started to explain everything very well, showing around the seat and delivering pajamas. You could also feel how much they cared for you. I was walking in with my camera, he saw it and asked if this was a hobby or something. After telling him what I do he made sure I have a good shot of everything:)

After take-off the brilliant service started. Menus were delivered, orders were taken and tables were set. I got the meals covered pretty good in my review so there is nothing more to say. Everything was really fresh, well made and tasted amazing! I was already full after half way through the meal but had to try it all! This was the first time ever I felt sick because of eating too much haha!

The flight lasted only 10 hours, I was treated so good I wouldn’t have cared if it was a 20 hour flight! It was over so fast I feel like I didn’t even really enjoy it! I also slept for about 2 hours which was an amazing sleep. The bed was so comfortable and I had to set the alarm because I did not want to miss the whole flight 🙂

The entertainment is great too! The quality of the screen is outstanding and the IFE has improved a lot compared to the A330/340s. Only thing I did not like that much was the quantity of movies. They had almost the same selection for July and August. Since I flew on the 777 from LAX back to ZRH in July I have already seen most of the movies I wanted to watch. After the flight to Bangkok I have definitely seen every movie I liked and on my way back from Bangkok I was forced to watch some of the movies I didn’t want to see. I know I’m complaining on a very high level I just wished there was a little wider selection! (for example like emirates). I mean it would be possible why don’t do it?

All in all I was having the flight and time of my life! I was totally satisfied with this first class product. 5* like! Unfortunately the business/economy classes are not 5* standard otherwise SWISS would be a candidate for skytrax 5* airline. (IMO they have the best staff/crews).

Thank you very much for reading my little description, if there is any question or feedback just write a comment below!
Much appreciated!

Music used in this video:
Before I Sleep – Muciojad
Moldy Lotion – Light foot
Holiday Blues – Joakim Karud
Andrew Applepie – Nobody Knows

Much love,

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Future Gohan says:

What job do you have,i mean its so expensive right

Raymond d'Een says:

Great editing and music!

Max Jerome says:

LMAO A guy flying first class wants tips and donations from me who can barely afford coach!? You got balls.

David Hsu says:

Hi there, I enjoyed you videos. Although the text you have used, at time it hard to see it. Therefore would consider to use alternative font/ other colour font perhaps. Cheers

Elene Kasongo says:

how much did it cost? cuz i wanna go to cape town

John Iii says:

Swiss is my favorite airline to fly first class. Great refined product. Just wish the had a larger network

Semsem Eini says:

What camera do you use? Nice video. Looks great. However I don’t like Bangkok.

fly787 says:

Average at best first class

orikutis says:

you trips are so luxurious, but your nails and shoes are terrible! Time to make manicure and buy new posh shoes!

A C says:

That pilot sounded German

AReallyLingName You'reWastingYourTimeReading says:

I wish they get more b777-300er s

WorldwideRailfanTV says:

Make awesome video -> earn ad revenue -> buy another first class ticket -> then the cycle repeats

OR1G1N4L Aviation says:

Hey the window has a crack in it…

Wait that’s just my phone screen haha…

My sst !! says:

Everything was good accept the quality of the seats

xJaCkSlApx says:

Enjoy it myself?

Oritsedere Iyomere says:

Wow, so lovely. Hope to fly first class someday

E. Davis says:

Dumbest music I ever heard.

Dirk Felix Ramakers says:

10:05 isch äs än Bärner gsi? 🙂 13:30 äis Bädmümpfeli- Schwyz isch äbe Schwyz…

Michal Malys says:

Wachting CNN – idiot

Tranefine says:

The very best first class out there, imho!!

william nicholas says:

Great really enjoyed watching =)

Ryan Teoh says:

You can see how he looks like in the reflection at 0:55

Tanmay Vasane says:

were u watching civil war

Silvio Cunha Vasconcelos Filho says:



What are the tracks used throughout? Anyone?

kunal Mehta says:

I am your subscriber for a long time and have to say that this is my favourite video. Very well made, awesome music. Big thumbs up 😀

Ahmed Mageed says:

I loved i it want to go on it

Uranus Uranus says:

better then british airways and air france,but more like business class on emirates and etihad

Dylan Galaxy says:

You did not want to leave ? I have did that route and I also did not want to leave ! 😀

Bennett Vu says:

1:28 Love that S-class

jovian rumao says:

Bro ur Videography is awesome……..
Which camera do u use??

snuggles03 says:

Great video, loved it

Calendrier says:


Thomas Buehner says:

Thanks for the treat! I am sure it was costly but sounds like it was worth it. I am German and a airplane.airport enthusiast also. I am surprised how quiet it was at ZRH. I am used to FRA where it is so hectic like LAX. I miss Europe and Germany very much. It has been 15 years since I left. The only thing that I think would have made your trip better is to have someone to share it with. As your video was showing how quiet and intimate your surroundings were, my romantic mind was realizing how nice that would have been to share with someone you love. So don’t do another amazing trip alone and if one does come up, call me before you go alone! Thanks for sharing your experience…tom

dyunpee says:

Not close enough to etihad residence

Jim Roberts says:

Leaving Zurich for Bangkok?  Was your trip for drugs or sex with minors?

merc340sr says:

Nice! If money is no object…go for it!

Brentconanbab says:

El aeropuerto de Zurich es tan bello como silencioso.

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