Skycouch Economy Seat Review for Air New Zealand

We review the new technology in Air New Zealand’s Skycouch Economy seat.

With a bit of homework though it currently breaks down as follows for a return flight from Heathrow to Los Angeles (as described on Air New Zealand’s website).
1 solo traveller Skycouch = £530 + (£449* 2) = £1428
1 solo in Premium economy = £1056
1 solo in Economy = £530
2 passengers Skycouch = £530*2 + (£159*2) = £1378
2 passengers in Premium economy = £1056*2 = £2112
2 passengers in Economy = £1060
3 passengers (1 adult + 2 children/ 2 adults + child) Skycouch £530*3 + (£79*2) = £1748

With talk of Air New Zealand licensing the seat to other airlines I expect that more families will be taking advantage of this and with good reason.

Content assisted by Air New Zealand with some flight costs.


SK Gaming says:


FamilyGamerTV says:

Great idea, you should do it!

bluecaffeine says:

Very Nice!

Ben Schaeffer says:

Fiji Airways should consider putting these in their economy class — NAN-LAX in non-sky couch mode was TOTAL shit. Fiji’s business class is nice, but their economy class is NOT.

FamilyGamerTV says:

That’s good to hear. You certainly feel very safe flying and the relaxed Air New Zealand staff make the long haul flight really whiz by. Where would you fly do you think, if you could get up the courage?

noor37130 says:

for a guy who is 6’5 it is still not much better thu

SK Gaming says:


FamilyGamerTV says:

Thanks, do you fly Air New Zealand?

Kyle Rayner says:

Country lol

Steve Withers says:

My wife and I have been flying business class and very much enjoyed it, but it does make travelling several times a year to North America or Europe (from NZ) pretty expensive over all. This time, we’re trying the SkyCouch as the money saved compared to Business Class will pay for all the hotels and rentals cars on the entire trip. Even if we just end up stretching out on 3 seats for the two of us, that should be a win. Being able to actually lie down will be a bonus if we can manage it.

Randy Guthrie says:

You dont know what REM means. REM is not restful sleep!

Faspe says:

I would probably fly to italy.i have been there once on a train and it was very nice. The journey was long and i had to change train alot though. If i went on a plane the journey would be alot quicker and easier and i would get to spend much more time having fun.l

FamilyGamerTV says:

I thought when you have REM it means you are dreaming in a deep sleep?

Faspe says:

This plane looks really cool 😛 I have been scared of going on planes since i was a child but this looks like it would make me feel safer. Thanks for the review 😛

FamilyGamerTV says:


Charles Daluyon says:

China airlines gonna make it buisness class and name it family couch

Kyle Rayner says:

OH WOW. I live in New Zealand. thanks for coming to my

Ole Andreas Svendsen says:

There are 2 different types of sleep. REM, which stands for rapid movement and NREM standing for non rapid eye movement. In total there are 4 stages of sleep, 3 NREM stages and 1 REM stage.

REM sleep is the second type of sleep, often kicking in only after a full cycle of NREM sleep.
This is the stage where most dreaming occurs.

FamilyGamerTV says:

We watched the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (the food was good!).

Vivian Mina says:


Trollingtrolley22 says:

What movies did you watch and the food is a lot better lol

Everygoodnameistaken says:

We’re trying your approach to flying, and we’ll let you know if it works–when we get back! ;D

FamilyGamerTV says:

Why what well educated viewers we have. Thanks for clarifying.

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