This is a comprehensive Flight Review of China Southern Airlines Boeing 787-8 CZ303 First Class Cabin from Guangzhou (CAN) to London Heathrow (LHR) featuring their First, Business and Economy Class cabin, Seat, Service and Food.

It was my first time flying on China Southern Airlines new Boeing 787 Dreamliner on First Class and I was surprised by their interesting product, the Question was though, is it really a First Class product?

► British Airways First Class Review:


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RationalPragmatist says:

Actually,​ China Southern fleet size is the 5th largest in the world and No. 1 in Asia.

kipaspusing2 says:

In this era..their 1 class bit outdated…just look like business class on other 5star business class

Marcus Fey says:

Very, very nice review!
No matter how much everybody likes the Dreamliner, in it’s current seat configuration it is well behind the “old” A330/340. 3-3-3 is just terrible for the folks on the window seats in anything above 7 hours.

peter petrr says:

Oh dear there’s just something about that Chinese food that makes me want to hurl except Cathay Pacific.
The color always looks sickly.
Did u fly business or first???

Paul Capel says:

Do you get to keep all the goodies that is there for you like slippers and head phones?

Aruna A says:

You speak mandarin?? I wonder what you do for living because you travel all around 🙂

Edward Chiang says:

Thanks Josh for the report. I can only see minimal difference compare to the domestic business class… i guess the big 3 Chinese airlines have a lot a lot to catch up on the hard product, not mentioning the mediocre soft product the crew deliver from time to time.

Kian Low says:

I like the mouse click at 3:13

Danish Sahal Zakaria says:

What about first class lounge!

Henry Chan says:

Wow I got the same noodle in economy class.

逯茂洋 says:

小哥哥你英语好好听啊,like a journalist

Fex Fexcelix says:

Was this pre-ordered?

Franco Mario says:

Your the best Airline Tip blogger here at the moment. Hope you get more followers soon! Regarding the report: Looks a Little bit like “Premium Business Class”…;-). Very interesting product.

BlurBoi says:

Just wondering. Do they allow you to use the mobile on flight mode? They were pretty rude and shouted at me to turn off my iPhone even thou it’s on flight mode. Obviously I can’t read my ebooks on my mobile. That’s why I won’t go on this airline anymore.

B N says:

Korean Air also has First Class on their 787 although the seat is almost identical to business.

Indra Hariadi says:

Surprisingly they served noodle in cup, unbelievable for first class!!!

Listen2Eyes Anat says:

Super. Danke !!!

Philip Robertson III says:

TV is way too small for first class

Maťo says:

I think bussines class has a bigger screen than the first class

hgjghj hgjghj says:

Sponsored (again) …

Tanzeen Rj says:


fastboy99 says:

Xiamen Airlines also have a First on the 787

david hartono S says:

Josh,Nice video as always! Did they still serve the duc the paris sparkling wine? I believe your experience is way better than ben schlappig experience on china southern… really great to see an airline that listen to customer feedback and improved their product.”

kladpapier says:

5th largest in terms of fleet size, still have a long way to go before catching up with the big US airlines 😉
(and that’s without counting the regional fleets)

Jelmer 106 says:

Its my dream to fly one time with Singapore airlines or airfrance firstclass.

Flyboys Aviation says:

Looks like first class is not really worth the extra money. Funny, the entire plane looks like it was delivered 15/20 years ago

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