PURE LUXURY: Emirates’ Airbus A380 FIRST CLASS SEAT REVIEW! (Including bathroom w/ shower!)

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Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Registration: A6-EUB
Date: June 22nd, 2016

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sean doyle says:

can you talk in your business videos please stop putting the words up

Jacob Buenafe says:

Hey if u r in first class, is all the food free?

Dau Dang Nhan says:

Is all the food free

Donald Trump says:

WOW is all i can say. Would love the chance to experience that one day

Roxanne Henare says:

The showers are great!!!  I must admit when you fly this class we love to play with all the buttons and the amenties that are on hand lol  I tried every thing out!   The second and thrird time I flew this class, I still played with all the buttons heheheh.

Charlizard Dude says:

I’m excited to be in first class soon

avioncamper says:

The world’s best.
Nothing like that here in the US.

cathy Tuttle says:

funny how you pressing to see if a spot opens up.. LOL

Mrs. Phyllis Stephens says:

This Clod Hopper has no clue about First Class. Idiot.

Ong Ian says:

Is this the $21.000 seat

Yaya003 Yaya says:

very good

Joshua Fleming says:

Flown Emirates first class a few time this year, but had to Etihad first class last week and I’m now converting to Etihad , Emirates not a scratch on Etihad …

Carolyn Bouley says:

Boring, I rather have someone talking about what they are experiencing.

adi jaya says:

I forgot to read the title.. There’s no (real)food in this vid

Cherry95687 says:

they say if you put it out in the universe 1 day it’ll happen .. ive never flown before and id like to fly this plane, 1st class to dubai in 2020 #makeitso

Ifra Khurl says:

I want to go on first class but i cant cos bugets 🙁

Nermin Ertan says:

Uçan Malikâne


One word to explain: PARADISE.

ItzStriker says:

Wow this is complaining about everything being automatic

Airplane Flying says:

Will there be a flight report from your first class flight?

Muhammad Thaqif says:

love ur vids

Mark Colabella says:


DG 1407 says:

When your broke AF and can’t even afford economy class(me)

Dreadly says:

Damn, your own privacy partition, so you can jack off from the comfort of your own seat.

Mihir Chinai says:

even Lachlan was sitting in the same plane

Michi4748 says:

Let’s wait for somebody to purchase it and rent it out on air b n b after this aircraft gets retired! I love your videos 😀

Edward Elric says:

Was the mini bar refrigerated

Keiji John Libadisos says:

etihad is better

Valexique RBLX says:

It’s still a plane, Idk why I tried business class one time but I can’t get comfortable

Daniel Thompson says:

4:10 haha

John McLachlan says:

First class. Noob

Dallan Walsh says:

Do you pay for all of your flights, or is it your job also what age did you start blogging your flights?

Brendan Miller says:

Great video i will definitely subscribe

Tom Mitchell :D says:

Do you get all food and drink included with the ticket or at an extra price?

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