Our $30,000 First Class Airplane Seats

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X_xStriderx_X says:

first class more like first to die in emergency landing

Malthe Ankersen says:

It’s not $30,000

MrClutchIM says:

I got an air transit ad lmao

Tominger says:

Just fyi, this what I got in AA for business class

Max Yishahau says:

Lol that seat is about 2k MAX

ρναγυ κροκοδειλε says:

You victims 30 k for tickets

Oscar Ravn says:

using the same music as caseyneistat very nice

X_xStriderx_X says:

Snakes on a plane?

more like steaks on a plane

michael ibrahim says:

I dont like Shea

Alex E says:

take a shot everytime Ryan says “what is this”

Rajat Prakhar says:

This was actually an awesome quality vlog! The video quality was great, the audio was great and the content and music and presentation were very enjoyable. Loved it!

elliot stanley-james says:

Rip big chungus


2 mins of the video is he flexing on us falls bad for me

InvizibleNinjaX says:

Those Airplane seats cost more than my life…

Wiezo says:

where do you get $30,000 just for a plane ticket?!? How rich are you?

Zanthe says:

*Steaks on a plane*

Erik Vdovic says:

Dood what the f is thet rabbit i have rabits at home and they are nothing like thet shit and rabbits at my home are freaking tasty a f

TheDragonINFINITE says:

Weird flex but k
Also you should learn how to hold a fork

Trap page says:

Can you try to post some more videos more often cuz your videos are so fun

Long Tran says:

did u tell the flight attendant that the rabbit was tasted shit?

Tobias Hansen says:

Casey Neistat wannabe :=)))))))))))

Iggy Harmsen says:

Haha I’m that guy sitting behind you, didn’t know you were taping that LOL

Samuel Norsander says:


LoLBobo17 says:

look at 0.15 bucks u are in 2018?

Delta says:

Please tell me you made an Avios account? You get points when you fly British Airways. I flew first class once this December and got enough points to basically fly a short haul flight in business class for free

Gym S says:

One way fares are always more expensive

No Content says:

Spent so much money,and slept half the time.what a genius

emil0asp says:

STOP MESSN’ AROUND!! ..apply some audio compression to yer sound, ya bastard.

Vano Urjumelashvili says:

Your hands have the wrong position for the forks and knives

Zankel says:

Has 30k dollar airplane tickets – still hasn’t learned to use a fork. What a time to be alive!

Dan The Lion says:

What version of ‘baby you got it’ is this? Help a brother out.

Mikael Adris says:

Nice video bro!

xXLeo200004Xx says:

Not gonna lie one of your mates kinda looks like Sidney Crosby. Or is it just me? Around like 4:30

Laloglez105 says:

You should try Qatar Airways business class (Qsuit) or Singapore Airlines first or business class. Also Emirates NEW first class is amazing. THOSE, my friend, are the BEST AIRLINES offering the BEST PRODUCT.

Dan The Lion says:

Title of the background music please?

RagingDeagle YT says:

Casey neistat 2.0

hiddeN says:

6:24 he’s jerkin xDD

Patricio Chazarreta says:

Casey Neistat

Noah Daugherty says:

Your turing into a douchetuber more and more everyday… only reason im still subbed id cause i have faith you will go back to your old ways

Koa 47 says:

Tell me how a muggle eating in a first class airplane seats

Delta says:

YO WTF, you were in the British Airways first class lounge on December first?! So was I…what time where you there?

goat live says:


DeCryptedMemes says:

Oh hello Casey Neistat!

Orixe Nauwelaers says:

There are 13 fake fans here

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